Wings over A Very Pure Scotland

Stuart Campbell, lost his recent case for defamation against Kasia Dugdale earlier in the Week and I have never been so embarrassed by the nonsense that has been written regarding this case by people who should know better. The people I speak of are not the usual cabal of gleeful unionists that one would expect to react in support of one of their own , no the people I am talking about are supposed supporters of independence and indeed some politicians in the Scottish government. The comments made by Fiona Robertson were disgraceful.

Now ,let me be clear, using intemperate language to make points on public social media platforms is not something I would necessarily condone and I ,in my attempts to constructively criticize the SNP and in Particular ,Nicola Sturgeon for their ineffectual handling of the independence cause have received plenty of it from mostly SNP members. The politicians know it goes on but deliberately do nothing about it as they probably see it as a way of undermining descension.

Stuart Campbell has a very direct manner and is known for his forthright dialogue. Not everyone’s cup of tea but really, when you see the forces arranged against the independence cause do we really need people in responsible positions like Robertson acting in that grovelingly suppliant manner. Offering support to the opposition.

Let me tell you a story about the SNP and Wings Over Scotland. During the Referendum Campaign in 2014 I and others ran the Yes Bus Dragon For independence Team in Dundee. A loose group of politicaly diverse supporters of independence . We campaigned hard throughout the campaign in and around Dundee. We were never short of volunteers and we had a very effective system which consisted of a hub of better versed activists based around the bus and people out on the streets handing our leaflets ( when we could prize them from the SNP) they would bring people over to the bus where they could speak to someone who had in depth knowledge about their particular concern.

Now at that time the SNP had a problem ( one of many) with Wings over Scotland because he had called an a**e hole, an a**e hole and they were in one of their holier than thou modes. At that time Wings brought out The Wee Blue Book. It was a god send to us on the streets and we did everything to get our hands on copies and it so happened one of our team, Brian Doonthetoon was a wings member and managed to get his hands on a goodly amount of them , but we just couldn’t get enough. Now to start with the Dundee SNP shunned this publication because of the aforesaid holier than thou attitude, although under pressure from myself and others they eventually relented and brought in stocks of them, getting them to actually give us any was another matter as was any campaigning material especially the stock that was held in the Hub in St Andrews street, it was really awful.

Any way about this time it became apparent that we had several problems in getting certain massages out and explained, and one of the main problems was the monetary situation and the reluctance of Alex Salmond to put forward a plan B, although we had plan B,C and D . Now it would take me 20 minutes standing in the square to explain properly why we firstly had several alterative plans but wouldn’t need them any way as the UK government would have to accept monitory union as without it the UK economy would be at risk. This was very time consuming to explain the range of justifiable concerns that people had . Then came along a lifeline, the wee blue book, it was a God Send.

I had the idea to get a copy of this publication to every household in Dundee and I spoke , initially to John Gibson, a fellow member of Business For Scotland and asked if he would be interested in helping finance the postage. He immediately agreed, There were others in the team that I could have counted on to chip in as well. So the next problem was how to actually do it and I knew the SNP ( I was still a member at that time) had the facilities to produce the addressed and stamped envelopes. I had had loose estimated of up to £14,000 for the operation.

So I went up to the SNP headquarters at the top of Old Glamis Rd and fortunately ( as I thought at the time) there was a fair selection of the elected representatives there , so I put the proposal to them. I would arrange the finance and the people to stuff the Wee Blue Book into the envelopes and get them to the post office. They got together in a huddle and it took them all of two minutes to tell me they were not interested.

I walked out of their offices in a state of shock and frustration at their utter and sheer incompetence. That started me looking more closely at how they actually conducted the referendum campaign in Dundee and I will be writing about the whole campaign experience before long.

So, at the end of the day although I have been very disappointed with the general SNP reaction to the recent verdict Concerning Stuart Campbell, I am not that surprised and I feel the SNP must up their game in connection with what is after all their function in life ,independence. I await with interest the announcement Nicola Sturgeon is the make by Wednesday regarding the next independence campaign. I do not have much hopes that there will be an announcement of another campaign and firmly believe that any campaign in the near or distant future will be without the present first minister and Chief Executive. I also look forward to Stuart Campbell either appealing the judgement or suing the Daily record , as I cannot see any Sheriff holding that they defamed him, but were to stupid to understand the implications.


I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

7 thoughts on “Wings over A Very Pure Scotland”

    1. Hi Alfie, I honestly feel it is getting past the point of depending on Nicola. She has lost so many opportunities and has not even set in motion any preparation for a future referendum. I feel we need a change of leadership and a change of chief executive. Having the total control of a political party vested in one family is never a good idea

  1. Hi
    I must admit I haven’t been surprised by the reaction of the SNP to the court case involving Kezia Dugdale and WoS. The party has a habit of hanging people out to dry and playing it safe due to fear of the unionists and their media.
    I’m not surprised they didn’t want to use the Wee Blue Book either to be honest. I was once a member of the party and left after all women short lists and the consolidation of power with the executive when the new members joined. The party now is run by managers and while I think Nicola Sturgeon is an excellent First Minister she is not as leader. She wants to manage the process and that won’t work. The next campaign, if ever comes about, has to be let by the YES movement and the SNP should have their own campaign. They are too afraid to challenge the narrative and that will just be a hinder to the yes side. I must also say that people like Pete Wishart and my own MP Chris Law just disappoint now to be honest , we can’t win independence if we don’t actually fight for it and right now the party look like they want to kick it into the long grass. On a WoS note I hope he appeals, the decision was ridiculous.

    1. Yes the SNP seem stuck in a time warp and it has been that way since Nicola took over. I could hardly believe her comments the other day when she said , basically that we are not ready for a referendum. Well that is the fault of one person, her. Also agree that the MP’s are doing little or no good in Westminster, too comfy and well paid. I do not expect Nicola to do any thing but another kick into the long grass for a referendum when she makes her announcement in s couple of days, it really is awful.

  2. Hi Bob, just read your blog after wordpress suggested it.

    I’m pro Indy and up until recently would have described myself as pro Wings. There was much he said I didn’t agree with, but I’d say he can be an effective voice on calling out media bias and unionist hypocrisies.

    And then he said “Nicola Sturgeon was responsible for rape” and I felt sick. What was he doing attacking the leader of the Indy movement in those terms for. What a clown.

    I called him out on it and I now have my own blog about Wings Over Scotland.

    He’s become completely toxic and stopped being an asset. When the next referendum comes the unionist main stream media will be quoting his tweets and we’ll all have to cringe as they read the words he’s used aloud. He is not ally to our cause.

  3. Hi Willie, sorry to take so long in getting back to you as I am
    On a ship with awful WiFi. Yes Stuart can be abrasive and he has a very streight forward approach to his reporting. I personally don’t use expletives in my commenting but feel that overall , Wings, do a very needed analytical take on the independence cause, something that the SNP sadly lack and you can see a very blatant example of that in the blog you answered.
    He didn’t actually say that NS was responsible for rape but offered the situation that this legislation was being pushed through from the top of the SNP without any consultation meaning that the people at the top would be responsible for the consequences. It feel that is a reasonably position. The main point I feel he made was that this legislation would in all probability be implemented when NS was no longer leader. I have to agree with that and honestly feel that we will get nowhere in regard to independence until that happens.
    I feel that this illogical delay in going for another referendum whilst the opposition is all over the place is connected to the Alex Salmond case and the shortly to be released names of thee of the main complainants who are very
    close to both NS and her husband PM. This , I feel will mean the departure of NS and her husband as it has a direct bearing on statements already made be NS.
    Overall , if I were to put a score to the long term benefits of both NS and Stuart Campbell to the independence cause I would have to come down heavily in favour of Campbell.
    Would like to have your response to this and will look at your blog site as soon as I can get some stable wi fi

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