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So, another week in and the final day by which anyone could put their name forward in the SNP AW as election.

There are three candidates, Kate Forbes, Ash Regan and Humza Yousef.

Now it is patently obvious that Humza Yousef is the candidate most favoured by the Sturgeon cabal and mainstream unionist media. It is also very apparent that they will stop at nothing to foist their chosen candidate onto the SNP membership and in doing so, on the general electorate of Scotland as the chosen candidate will almost certainly become the first minister of the country.

Already there have been blatant attempts to influence polling in the National newspaper on behalf of Yousef. Closely followed by a smear campaign on Kate Forbes because of her religious beliefs.

The SNP leadership contest and the awful legacy of Sturgeon’s 8 wasted years

The ironic thing is that Kate is being criticized for being honest. Imagine a politician being honest? Wow, a revelation, and a marked difference between Kate and Nicola Sturgeon who found it difficult to put two words together without an “ I will have to get back to you” or “I can’t remember” or “ I cannot recall”.

Now Kate’s big sin was to state that she would probably not have voted for the same-sex marriage legislation in 2014. She was not even a politician then.

On the other hand, Humza Yousef was a politician then and deliberately asked his then boss Alex Salmond for permission to be absent from the vote because of pressure from his Mosque. So now you can see some rather disgusting double standards at play.

The gender reform bill that recently went through parliament saw Humza Yousef as a very staunch supporter, despite more than two-thirds of the Scottish population being against this awful piece of legislation. Whereas  Kate Forbs stated that she was against it, however, she was on maternity leave at the time and chose not to go into Holyrood to vote either way. That way she kept her job as a minister in the government.

So now, Ash Regan is the final contender for leader of the SNP and Ash is my choice for the leadership for the following reasons.

In the vote for the GRE bill, she voted against it and lost her job as a minister. Now that is standing by your principals. She made it very clear she thought the GR bill was an extremely bad piece of legislation and she was right.

In the launch of her leadership campaign today, she made it plain that she would ditch this pernicious legislation brought in by Nicola Sturgeon.

She also made it plain that if the greens did not agree with that then they were welcome to leave the government, which I hope they do.

The main thing she will campaign on believe it or not is independence, something the SNP under Sturgeon has not done in the last 8 years. Ash has a very clear route to independence.

Probably the most critical part of that is her willingness to involve the whole independence movement which marks a complete reversal of the awful vindictiveness of Sturgeon.

It is very obvious to me who the best candidate is, however, I am of the opinion that with Murrel, Sturgeon’s husband, (sort of) in charge of the voting procedure, there should be very close scrutiny of the process and I feel that the beneficiary of this very secret process which is open to abuse could be Humza Yousaf.

If I were any of the candidates ( except Yousaf) I would be putting out a warning of legal action and indeed the involvement of the police if voter fraud is suspected.

So, there we have it, the SNP in all their glory after Sturgeons wasted 8 years and a split in the independence movement caused by the actions of one woman.

This could be the opportunity we have all been waiting for, to see the yes movement come back together again.

Think about it, we are still all Jock Tamson’s bairns



I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

2 thoughts on “The World This Week From Mennies”

  1. Bob

    Someone certainly felt that HY needed help, well that has backfired. I don’t know of anyone who likes him at all. Family and friends, who vote SNP, have all said that if he wins then they will no longer vote SNP, says it all. Not sure about Forbes so hope Regan wins but either way we are back to square one due to Sturgeon’s ego and negligence over the last 8 years.

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