Predictable but disappointing 

So the long awaited SNP manifesto is out and to be honest, as far as independence goes ,they would have been better not to have bothered as they made the same mistakes as they did with the manifesto for the Westminster elections. They have not in any way prepared the ground for a future referendum. Let me be clear though the SNP have governed well and certainly compared to what went before with the Lab dem coalition, they have done very well but that as not difficult and let’s be very honest , you do not elect a government to make a mess of things ,you elect them to do their job and their job is to govern the country and that is what they have been doing . They have been doing the job we elected them to do and we pay them a lot of money for doing that. I wonder how many people would go into a shop , buy a box of corn flakes and then think the shop was great because when they opened the box they actually found corn flakes inside.
So back to the manifesto .I feared that this would be the case and expressed my concerns in advance, in several blogs within the last few weeks .

If there is one thing about the SNP ,it is their predictability and their inability or unwillingness to form a proper strategy and a road map to independence was very , very predictable, so in that respect they have not let anyone down. 
I could list here the things they should have done but to save me time you could look at the blogs I have done in the last few weeks, but the very basic inclusion in the manifesto should have been the intention to ” hold the British governments feet to the fire” ( now where have I heard that before) in respect of transferring the power to decide on when and in what manner the people of Scotland hold a referendum. That is the very basic requirement that should have been included in the manifesto for without that we do not have a mandate from the people to decide on the date or terms of any future referendum and we still have to go cap in hand in Oliver Twist-esc fashion to the British government with a request for them to please grant us the temporary right once more to attempt to decide our own fate. What a demeaning prospect.
Yes once again we have been mislead into believing ( or at least some people have) that there is a great master plan in prospect but we are just not quite up to being party to it so if we just stay in our box a little longer all will be revealed.
Now ,it would appear that AFTER the election ,there will be moves towards another possible referendum at some unspecified time in the future and the mistakes that were made in the first referendum will be addressed. Well a couple of points here, these mistakes , these uncertainties are well known and have been since even before the last vote was cast at the referendum. So a question here ( one that I have asked many times and had not a single answer) Why after 18 months are we just getting around to addressing these issues? Why was the suggestion ( made to the SNP 2 days after the referendum) to continue the campaign ,all be it on a lower level through the grass roots groups, to inform and put right the issues which lost us the referendum not taken up ? It was not rocket science. 

Why was there not provision made in the manifesto for the Westminster elections to wrest control of he ability to hold a referendum from the Westminster government instead of a demeaning and half hearted attempt during the Scotland bill, which was basically, ignominiously ignored, once again bringing home the failure to include meaningful strategy into the election manifesto.
I could go on and on but as I say if any one is interested then they can look back on the blogs I have done in the last few weeks because I am becoming fed up saying ” I told you so”
No doubt this blog will receive the usual criticism, some possibly well thought out and no doubt a lot of it from the Sheeple who do not have the ability to think for themself and seek support from any one who will think for them. 

 In expectation of some of this nonsense I wonder if any of these self appointed keepers of the SNP soul can have a wee think about any single thing that the SNP ( not the Scottish government) have done since the referendum to bring another referendum any nearer or prepare for one , should the situation arise ( such as a Brexit which could happen in a few weeks ). 
 Yes the SNP were swept along on the crest of the wave initiated by the disappointment of the last referendum . They were put there because there was no other alternative , they were seen as the best bet to gain independence. They have used is ardour to consolidate power but have done absolutely nothing to further the cause of independence, in fact it could be said that they have acutely in some ways held back the prospects of independence . 
 It is a fact that the SNP are where they are , not because of what they are but despite what they are.
They need to wake up or change their constitution.

In any democracy the sanction the people have is at the ballot box . I do not feel that the SNP have complied with their constitution in either the Westminster or this forthcoming Holyrood election manifesto as regards their main propose in life, independence of Scotland , as such they have not earned my vote and they will not on this occasion be receiving it either in the first or second option.
We will still be on our road to independence with or without the SNP 


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