Pete’s Conundrum

I refer to the article in the National on the 15th February by Pete Wishart.  Pete appears to be one of the hopefuls in the contest for the deputy leadership of the SNP. Now, for the benefit of those who have forgotten. SNP stands for Scottish National Party and their second paragraph in their constitution states: Aims 2. The aims of the Party shall be: (a) Independence for Scotland; that is the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty by restoration of full powers to the Scottish Parliament, so that its authority is limited only by the sovereign power of the Scottish People to bind it with a written constitution and by such agreements as it may freely enter into with other nations or states or international organisations for the purpose of furthering international cooperation, world peace and the protection of the environment.

You might note that there is no mention of governing Scotland under a devolved administration. Therefore, it is reasonable to extrapolate from this that the day job of the SNP is the attainment of independence for Scotland and any other activities embarked upon are incidental and by their nature must have a direct consequence of achieving the main aim of the party, which is independence.
Now, Pete is obviously trying to prepare the ground for a go at the deputy party leader and therefore has tried to walk a fine line between encouraging the party faithful by invoking the Braveheart factor and at the same time cautioning along party lines that we should not necessarily rush into another referendum. It is what is called keeping your options open, or another way of putting it is, being a politician by trying to get your own way without actually saying anything of consequence.

So let’s analyze what Pete has been saying and this is his own words.

“My favorite part is when the Scots are assembled at Stirling Bridge itching to get into battle, and William ‘Mel’ Wallace instructs them to “hold … hold … hold …” before unleashing the weaponry that would lead to victory”

Right, so this is Pete invoking William Wallace for the faithful. The only problem is that the analogy does not quite match the situation for the simple reason that the Scottish army who flocked to the SNP after the 2014 referendum have not been issued with any “weaponry that would lead to victory” So if they were led to battle, at the moment, by Pete or anyone else they would be slaughtered. The fact is that since the last referendum the SNP have done not a thing by way of addressing the issues we lost that referendum on. Therefore we are in no way prepared for another referendum.

He kind of hits on it when he says:- “Most importantly it needs to be sufficiently persuasive to win over that section of our population that have hitherto been unconvinced” Yes Pete and we will never do that unless the SNP answer the questions left over from the last referendum. It is not rocket science

Another Jem from Pete:- “How do we then get over the line and win? Well, I don’t believe that it is in simply offering the same perspective that lost us the last referendum.”

Errr, that is exactly what some of us have been saying since the last referendum and you have almost answered that question in your last statement but not quite.

He then goes on to say:-  Three and a half years on from the last referendum support for independence remains defiantly at 45 percent for with 55 percent against.” Hmm, that is why you should have been telling the no voters the reasons they should be voting yes such as the what the monetary situation will be in an independent Scotland and perhaps that 45% would be going up.

Possibly the classic display of Pete’s muddled thinking is:- NICOLA Sturgeon has been urged not to rush into holding a new independence referendum – and only to hold it when she is “certain of victory”.The intervention has come from SNP MP Pete Wishart.

Well “just what do you do to make sure of victory. I would suggest that is impossible, but what you don’t do is refuse to prepare your troops for battle. You do not retreat to a bunker as the SNP have done since the last independence referendum. You do not run away from the press at every opportunity. You do not march your troops up to the top of the hill and back again that many times that it would make the Grand old Duke of York dizzy. You don’t wait, in the hope that the enemy will destroy themselves, that is plain stupidity.

No, if you are serious about independence and if you wish to have a reasonable chance to achieve your stated goal, you prepare your troops, you make sure they have the ammunition to fight with, you carry out foraging missions picking at the enemies strength and confidence and whittling down their numbers. Then you bring the enemy on to the field of battle, a field of your choice and you destroy them,

The ammunition you give your troops is the policy on currency, the policy on pensions, the policy on whether we take on responsibility for part of the UK debt and what we expect in return. You produce a set of projected profit and loss figures for an independent Scotland instead of these discredited GERS figures. You define the extent of our oil fields and the potential of the West coast of Scotland once trident is removed. You give people something to campaign with, and you produce printed material on a common theme to allow campaigning to proceed. You then hand this to the many individual grassroots organizations and SNP activists, to allow them to go out on the campaign trail and take on the misinformation of the unionist politicians and the misreporting of the media. You give them a credible Road Map to Independence.

Oh, and another thing, you stop the online abuse from some of the less able to think SNP members who immediately attack anyone who dares to offer constructive criticism of the SNP and this stupid name calling of people, who for their own reasons voted no in the referendum., They voted no because we failed to convince them if the advantages of an independent Scotland and they are the people we need to get our numbers from 45% to over 50%.
So, Pete, this article had told us three things about you. As far as a Roadmap to Independence goes, you do not have a plan, you do not want to rock Nicola’s boat, and you like watching Braveheart.

One more thing Pete, if fear of defeat stops you trying, then you have already lost.

How many times do I have to say it

It gets boring after a while, the continual harping on about the same basic mistakes of the SNP/Scottish government, and that is what seems now as the deliberate policy of non-preparation for a future referendum.

I attach a link to a blog I did a year ago which was just one in a litany of warnings, none of which have been heeded.

We are at a stage in the Brexit negotiation the lays bare the total inadequacy and incompetency of the British government (not that it wasn’t there before ) but Nicola Sturgeon continues with the policy of appeasement of the British establishment, I wrote another blog on the same subject named “A road map to unionism “ which I copy below ,on the same theme .

The whole point of these and many more blogs is to highlight the lack of preparation of the SNP for any future referendum by neglecting to put in place the basic building blocks for another go at independence.

Ok there is the Growth commission headed by Andrew Wilson which has been lost in the long grass so long that I believe they are sending Hendry Stanley to look for him. He has been tasked with, ( among other things ) deciding on a currency for a new Scotland.

Right I will tell you what that will be. It will be a Scottish pound and for the sake of clarity I will tell you what plan B will be. We will in fact have a choice of plan B’s, they will be (not necessarily in this order) The Euro, A Scottish pound linked to the euro, A Scottish pound linked to Sterling or even a Scottish pound linked to the Dollar. You might not realise it but it was only in 1992 that the British pound ( Sterling ) became a freely floating currency after many years of links to the Dollar ,the German Mark and the Euro exchange rate .
So the growth commission will adjudicate, and about three and a half years to late, come to the very same conclusion I came to around two o’clock in the morning on the 19th of September 2014 when I saw the results coming in and started planning for the next stage of the road to independence.
Honestly , the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon and her Husband , the chief executive of the SNP Peter Murrel have been abysmal in their preparations for a future referendum . They are the main impediment to independence and they both have to go, it is as simple as that.

If they are not replaced, we will end up with a dogs breakfast of Brexit with “an attachment to the single market and EEA which will leave the SNP with nowhere to go on the road to independence.

So Nicola, my message to you is ,either get your act together or get out, it is as simple as that


A letter to Alex


It was nice meeting you again today at the remembrance to Jeff Duncan. Your eulogy was first class. I had prepared a few words to say but decided it might be too political, considering Jeff’s family were there.

It was good chatting about your latest ventures in connection to your chat show on RT and your possible chairmanship of Johnstone News. This will give you access to a huge amount of readership and viewers hopefully leading to a more balanced coverage of independence related matters.

I feel that the comments made yesterday by the first minister in connection with your forthcoming chat show on RT were ill-advised and was pleased to hear that RT are to offer no form of show editing whatsoever, I look forward to seeing the show. It was also interesting to have you point out that there has been over 100 UK politicians interviewed on RT and not a word of criticism from the BBC ITV or any of the UK newspapers.

I first got to know Jeff during the marches he and others organised during 2012 and 2013 I run a family bus and Coach Company and we laid on coaches to take people from Dundee and other towns to both rallies, both for Jeff and the SNP.

Jeff was an articulate and staunch supporter of independence for Scotland and we talked often, both brought up in the Kirkton area of Dundee we had seen first-hand the results of successive Tory and Labour governments and it was not a pretty sight.
We kept in touch throughout the referendum campaign and were both devastated when the results came out on the 19th September. It broke my heart and I am sure it had the same effect on Jeff.

We both felt however that it was only a battle lost and not the war. Both having been soldiers our natural instinct in the event of a setback in battle was to withdraw to a defensive position, set up all round defence, issue ammunition and consider a counter attack.

None of this happened, I, myself went to the SNP in Dundee, two days after the result and asked “what is the plan “My question was met with a blank look, that blank look is still there more than three years after the referendum and instead of withdrawing to a defensive position, the SNP retreated to a bunker and they are still in it. On the anniversary of Armistice day it might be worthwhile remembering the Maginot line where the French thought they were impregnable inside a line of bunkers that stretched all along the border between France and Germany . All the Germans did was to go through Belgium and come around the back of the bunkers.

Wars are never won in bunkers. It is quite simple, you bring your enemy out onto a field of your choosing and utterly destroy them and that is what we must do to get out of this awful rut the independence movement is in at the moment.
The SNP have allowed themselves to be convinced that they lost seats in every election since the 2015 general election because they have been speaking about independence too much, when in fact it is because they have not been speaking about it enough. We had the situation in 2015 where we were prevailed upon by the Dundee SNP to postpone a rally in Dundee City Square, because, in the words of a prominent Dundee politician, “we can’t have Saltires and yes signs being waved in the City Square the week before an election”

If you want to find out where your enemy is weakest and fears an Attack ,look at where their defences are the strongest and that is the independence question, they never stopped speaking about it during the last election campaign because they realise they would probably lose another referendum.

To make matters worse the SNP are back on the old tired theme of “ people want to see the SNP are able to govern then they will be more prepared to vote for independence. Well they have been governing well since the referendum and they have just lost 21 seats  and half a million votes at the general election.

Their supposition  is wrong on two counts , firstly, because of the fact that through the Smith commission giving the SNP just enough rope to hang themselves with, it will become very much more difficult to be seen to govern well and this will become apparent very shortly with the impending tax raises that seem to be in the pipeline.

Secondly, just supposing things do actually start getting better under the SNP then this will be perceived to be because we are still part of the Union.

I honestly feel that it is this muddled thinking that has got us where we are on the road to independence and that is at the side of the road with a flat tyre.

Both Jeff and I became disillusioned with the way the SNP seemed to have withdrawn from the fight and both of us found it necessary to resign our membership.

That was where our politics diverged, Jeff joined Solidarity and I remained party less but we both always had independence indelibly stamped on our hearts.

Through the independence rallies we in the yes bus team organised, I continually came up against the local SNP cabal mixture of politicians and sycophantic activists who made their feelings known through social media. Rallies were almost impossible to organise, through the efforts of SNP politicians. I coined a phrase at the time, I called them “the Sheeple” They couldn’t see the criticisms I made as being constructive and could only repeat ad nausium , “Nicola Has a cleaver plan”. Throughout this period Jeff continually supported my position and it would appear now that there was never any credible plan and that is why we find ourselves in the position we have at present.

Ok so what would we have done, well actually it is quite simple. We hand out the ammunition make sure the troops are well trained and prepare to attack at the most opportune moment. The troops are the wonderful grass roots groups together with the many SNP activists.

What is the ammunition, well that is answers to the issues we lost the last referendum on such as the monetary situation in an independent Scotland pensions, borders etc .

We need a projected set of profit and loss accounts including a balance sheet which will show the assets that we will inherit. This instead of the silly GERS figures which show absolutely nothing.  A promise to, not only set up an oil fund but one which is partly connected to every working persons bank account as a trust fund which can be accessed on say a ten yearly basis. A promise of a Universal wage and an intention to double pensions within 10 years. Give the grass roots groups these answers, give them campaigning material on a common theme. Do this and watch the independence argument grow from a hope, to an unanswerable inevitability.

The next step is easy, wait for the opportunity then strike. If we had done this from just after the referendum we would have been more than ready at any time.

Oh and one more thing, we need a change at the top to facilitate any of this. Both Nicola and her husband should go.

Alex , I remember when you resigned after the referendum , you quoted a line from “ The bonnets of Bonnie Dundee” you said “ you have not seen the last of my bonnets and me” well I would like to finish up with a few more lines to you  from the same song.

Come saddle your horses and call out your men.

Come doon the West Port and let us gang free.

For your bonnets of Dundee are ready to go once again.


Jeff Duncan a Scottish patriot

It is with much regret and sadness that I have discovered that Jeff Duncan passed away on his beloved Island of Sanday in July of this year. He had asked that his passing was not to be widely publicised.
Jeff was one of the unsung heroes of the independence movement. There is to be a remembrance, in the Black Watch club Artherstone Terrace Dundee on the 11 November at 12 o’clock midday until three in the afternoon the occasion will be led by Alex Salmond. There will be refreshments and the bar will be open
Allan Hendry & Anne McMillan who were great friends of Jeffs’ are organising the event and I am hoping that many independence supporters will attend.
Jeff was a Dundee lad, brought up in Kirkton and Ardler . He first came to prominence in the early 2000’s when he led the fight to save the Scottish regiments. This fight was taken up by the SNP and it is thought that this propelled them to the election successes which followed on from that campaign. Jeff served in the Black Watch.
Jeff an avowed socialist was brought up in the Dundee where anyone who had a Labour label would be elected. He did however always espouse the vision of an independent Scotland and joined the SNP.
It was Jeff and Anne who organised the hugely successful Rallies in Edinburgh in 2012 and 2013. The 2013 one being the largest independence rally ever with over 30,000 attendees.
It was during the arrangements for these rallies that I got to know Jeff, as my family donated coaches to take people through to Edinburgh from Dundee. I found Jeff to be an honest up front sort of guy, whose only goal was to, in some way assist the fight for independence.
He like me left the SNP because of differences of opinions as to how they were addressing the independence question, but he, again like me, always looked upon them as being the most viable conduit to independence, although having lost their way on that particular road.
Eventually Jeff joined Solidarity which was where his and my political opinions diverged, but we always kept in touch and he was a constant ally in the fight to have a true road map to independence laid out by the SNP. He was also a constant means of support in the many exchanges I have had on the subject of SNP strategy on the independence question.
He will be sadly missed as will his intellect, in the fight for independence.
Please come along to the Black Watch club and join Anne, Allan and Alex to remember an unsung hero of the independence movement Jeff Duncan.
The Yes Bus team together with our piper Ian will be there to remember a Dundee laddie.


A very simple request, a road map To Independence.


Well here we are at another SNP conference and let me predict what will be contained in Nicola Sturgeons speech.
She will move another few degrees to the left to counter act the Jeremy Corbin effect.
She will reassert that the SNP stands for independence and she will receive a standing ovation for this.
Now where will this put us on the road to independence?
Nowhere, and that is exactly where we have been for the last three years since the last independence referendum.

Now let me tell you what she won’t say.
She won’t give a date for another referendum, and she can’t. She can’t because the SNP are in a mess as far as their main purpose in life goes. They have constantly missed prime opportunities to call a referendum and they have been guilty of the most basic mistakes any politician can make., They have misread the feelings of the people of Scotland and in particular the tens of thousands of new members they gained on the back of the referendum result in 2014.
They have neglected their main purpose in life, supposedly because they saw their duty as governing for all the people in Scotland. Well governing for all is a myth and an intrinsic impossibility. You can’t govern for all, you can however consider all, and in doing this you must take into consideration the manner you were chosen in the first place. Now it is safe to say that there is hardly a single person in Scotland who does not know that the main purpose of the SNP is to gain independence for Scotland. It is therefore logical to assume that everyone who voted for the SNP would have realised that their vote could result in independence, therefore on the back of the surge in membership and the vote in 2015 for the Westminster parliament that returned 56 out of a possible 59 seats., It is reasonable to assume that this was because of a willingness to go for independence. Instead, the SNP firstly failed to realise the extent of feeling towards independence and they utterly failed to capitalise on it. This amazing result was gained, not because of the SNP, but despite them, because they ran that campaign on the basis of it not being about independence, when in fact the people saw it very much as being about independence together with the fact that the Tories and Labour colluded to deprive Scotland of their right of self-determination. I won’t go into all the details of arriving at this conclusion because I have written about them in detail in previous blogs, but suffice it to say that in the run up to that election we had the demeaning situation of a prominent Dundee politician making the statement that “we can’t have Saltires and yes signs being waved around the City Square during a Westminster election campaign.” At the time I was advocating that the campaign should be run on a single manifesto commitment, that of independence. Had that happened, we would, in all probability have been independent now.

This was only one of the many missed opportunities the SNP have been guilty of, and since then their popularity had tumbled. This because they put independence on a back burner at every election since and the consequences of this failed policy is now there to see.

Now the next thing she won’t say is anything to do with preparation for a future referendum. I know this because they have done not a single thing to address the issues we had during the last referendum, for the last three years. We still have no idea what the currency will be in an independent Scotland. Pensioners still believe that their pensions could be at risk in an independent Scotland. People are still unsure of what the border arrangement will be on the Scottish English border and of course the EU. That would take pages and pages to enumerate the missed opportunities surrounding that issue.

Ok, we are where we are, on the independence road and that is no further than we were on the 19th September 2014. I put it down to mismanagement by the SNP, some people might disagree with that position, although going by the drop in volume of disparaging comments I have been receiving of late, I feel that less and less people are disagreeing with this position. However the one comment I expect is “ok so what would you do about it “so I will tell you (although I have done so many times before, the first time being two days after the referendum).

It is actually quite simple, we need a road map to independence and here it is.
Firstly, the SNP must make it a priority to wrest control of the right to hold a referendum from Westminster to Holyrood. They have failed miserably to include this into any of their election manifestoes and apart from a half-hearted attempt to include it in the Scotland bill have never mentioned this vitally important issue meanwhile read below.
A basic principal of business is that when you make a mistake, you sort it as soon as possible and not wait three years, so we need a definite policy on the monetary situation and that boils down to either using the Euro ( in which case we do not need a central bank) or a Scottish pound ( in which case we do need a central bank, this not to be confused with the investment bank ,now envisaged by the SNP).There is a commission led by Andrew Wilson looking into this which was to have reported by the end of 2016 but he seems to have went missing in the long grass somewhere.
We need a definite policy on pensions I think our pensions are about the 5th lowest in the EU and I suggest an intention to double them within 10 years in an independent Scotland (dependent of some of the suggestions to follow)
It needs to be very clear what the border situation would be both in and out of the EU.
As for the EU, we should commit initially to being members of the European Economic area only, and not a full member. This would give us the advantages of the single market without the unnecessary dispute among some Yes voters about full membership. There should also be a commitment to hold a referendum on full membership in about a year after independence.

There should be produced, a full set of projected financial accounts for an independent Scotland together with a balance sheet which would show likely assets we would fall heir to. This in place of these silly GERS figures which in fact show why Scotland should be independent and not as they are intended, to fool people into believing that we have a deficit., ( you can’t have a deficit if you are not independent) This “black hole “ is a construction showing a falsely allocated part of the UK deficit.
Following on from the projected financial accounts there should be a commitment to institute the much talked about Oil Fund. Now I believe this Oil Fund should not only be administered and invested by the treasury but should have an element of payments going direct to every individual in the country in the form of an interest bearing trust fund which could be accessed at say 10 year intervals.

Now to the most important element of our road to independence and that is the input of the various grass roots organisations who have been virtually abandoned since the referendum in 2014. It is the Grass roots groups who are the key to independence.
Firstly there has been much talk about various groups and commentators falling out and this leading to a bean fest by the media. Well this is not in fact the case as the media get plenty to keep them occupied direct from the SNP and what they don’t have they make up, but on this point the SNP must confront the press and take them to task at every opportunity as at present they are pathetic on this score. No, you will find that once a proper campaign gets under way all these enmities will be put to one side and we will work together in a common cause as we did during the last referendum.

So the grass roots should be encouraged to get back out on the streets doing what they did very well in the last campaign, but to be able to do this properly they must have the ammunition to do their job and what I have outlined above should form the basis of a centrally produced set of campaigning material on a common theme. Now either the SNP could produce the leaflets posters etc. or they can at the very least make available the proofs for them and the grass roots groups can raise funds to have them printed. Business for Scotland can have a big impute into this whole process especially in the formation of the financial aspect of the road map.
If the grass roots groups are to campaign they must have the answers or they are wasting their time.

Now there is no need to actually set a date for a referendum but simply be prepared to either take advantage of a given situation (many of which have already been missed) or,what is more likely there would come a time when the case for independence and the opinion polls make a referendum a natural next step and hopefully ,by that time as I proposed earlier we would have control of when we decided to hold a referendum.

This is of course not an exhaustive list of requirements but it is something that the SNP, if they are to remain a conduit towards independence, must take seriously or they will be consigned to the dustbin of history before very long.

We are still on our road to independence, it would be nice to see the SNP there as well.

EU Fallacy and the SNP

This is for those among you who seem to think we are better off outside the EU. I find that most of the misgiving regarding the E U and the UK both as unions, for some strange reason seems to come from the far left, even among yes voters. I wish I had a pound for every time I have heard the simply daft statement of “I am not coming out of one Union just to be shackled to another union in the EU”.

The fact is that no one is shackled to the EU, and the very fact that the UK is leaving proves this conclusively. The other quite bazar statement I have heard is “I do not want to be ruled over by unelected officials” well that is good because no one in the EU is ruled over by any unelected officials, in fact it is the UK who are partially ruled over by un elected people and that is the people who buy their places in the house of Lords.

In the EU there are commissioners who are like heads of committees, they are given a remit, for instance to look into a perceived injustice and to offer suggestions as to how this can be righted. They then report back to the EU parliament who then pass it on to the parliaments of the 28 members. If there is not a majority for this motion, it goes nowhere. If there is a majority in favor, it then goes in front of the EU parliament and it is only at that stage, after going in front of 29 parliaments that is becomes law. Now where in heavens name do some people get the idea that the EU is not democratic?
Now the SNP seem to be making noises about Scotland having a say in the negotiations for exit from the EU on the basis that there should be an attachment to the single market. Well not a single person in Scotland voted to be part of the single market, in fact they voted by a very large majority to remain as a full member of the EU, in the full knowledge that if we were dragged out against our will , there could be a referendum on independence. It’s that democracy thing again. The SNP chose to put a twisted interpretation to the vote and try to convince the people that they voted only for inclusion in the single market and not the social and economic advantages of full membership.

It is time the SNP started to act like the party of independence instead of the establishment party they have morphed into, a morphing that actually started during the independence campaign and has now been firmly established.

I feel personally that it is time for another leader, quite possibly Alex Salmond again, as Nicola Sturgeon has presided over the SNP’s slide towards mediocracy and irrelevance as far as the independence question is concerned. I think also that as the SNP failed miserably to take advantage of the very large majority to remain in the EU and to a point the impetus has been lost, any future referendum campaign must now be on the basis that once independence has been settled there will be another referendum on membership of the EU. This would take away the threat of the, mainly left wing of the yes movement with their “I don’t want to come out of one union just to be tied to another union” misapprehension.

So have a look at the advantages of being in the EU below and please think about it.
There is a major difference between Brussels and Westminster.
Apart from the FACT the EU doesn’t drag Scotland into illegal wars, the EU doesn’t impose deep austerity on Scotland, the EU doesn’t sanction the most vulnerable in our society, the EU doesn’t pay our pensioners the second-lowest social security amount in the developed world, the EU doesn’t use Scotland as a lab-rat for new taxes, the EU doesn’t dump nuclear waste in Scotland’s waters, the EU didn’t annex Scottish waters to undermine the strength of the Scottish economy, the EU didn’t negotiate Scotland to the very bottom of the fisheries and farming table, the EU doesn’t control the pocket money earmarked for Scotland? (CAP), the EU doesn’t regulate our broadcasters leaving Scotland the only Country in the world without a broadcasting service, the EU doesn’t say “you are not allowed a referendum” Westminster causes those problems.
Apart from the FACT the EU doesn’t control “Income tax”, VAT, National Insurance Contributions, North Sea oil and gas revenue (geographical share), Corporation tax, Fuel duties, Capital gains tax, Inheritance tax, Tobacco duties, Interest and dividends, Alcohol duties, Other taxes and royalties, Vehicle excise duty, Rent and other current transfers, Export Duties, Other taxes on income and wealth, Insurance premium tax, Betting and gaming duties, Climate change levy, Aggregates levy and “Air passenger duty”. Westminster controls them.
Apart from the FACT that the EU only costs Scotland £275 million a year membership fee, however, EU membership benefit to GDP is 4.5 per cent of GDP. This means the EU contribution to Scotland’s GDP could be approximately £7bn once filtered down for Scotland that makes approx £2.2 billion that helps our economy. Try getting that shortfall from Westminster..
It wasn’t the EU that privatized British Gas, British Telecom, British Rail, Royal Mail, Water Industry, England’s NHS or Police Force.
It wasn’t the EU that sold off the Power Stations, British Steel or the Gold Reserves.
It wasn’t the EU that shut down the Coal Industry or smashed the Trade Unions.
It wasn’t the EU that depleted Social Housing Stocks or introduced Tuition Fees for England.
Here’s the BIGGIE if it wasn’t for the European Council Scotland wouldn’t have a Parliament. Westminster was dead against and the government (Tony Blair) was forced to offer us a vote, even though they fiddled the first vote eventually we got our wish and because we have a Parliament we get Free NHS, the best in the UK, Free Elderly Health Care, Free Further Education, Free Concessionary Bus Travel, Free Bridge Tolls, Frozen Council Tax for a considerable time. Historic Poll Tax debts written off, Free Prescriptions, Free children’s school meals until they are eight, and Free Child Care. Business rates rebate for small businesses  Don’t forget no BEDROOM TAX either.

As I say, please think about it

Time to face reality


Here is a Facebook memory from the 1st September 2014. 17 days before the independence referendum. We had fought hard and well throughout the campaign. We had put up with the onslaught from the unionist press and the BBC. We had put up with people like Allister Darling on his way to the House of Lords but we kept our heads high and we plowed on never loosing hope.


The result was not what we hoped for but the people of Scotland did not give up, we had come from 27% in the polls at the start of the campaign to 45% and we were not about to give up.
In their tens of thousands they joined the SNP as at that time they saw them as still being the best chance of moving towards another referendum. Unfortunately the SNP did not understand the true feelings of the Scottish people and instead of laying out a roadmap to independence, starting with addressing the mistakes of the referendum campaign, they put independence to one side. They convinced themselves that their interests would be best served by leaving the new army they had to wilt and rot through inaction.


The SNP are guilty of the worst strategic thinking in the history of politics. They convinced themselves that people joined them because they were doing well in government and not because they wished another chance at independence. They were wrong in that assumption.
Since the referendum they have missed so many chances that looking back I am at a loss as to their basic logic and as for doing well in government, well that is what we pay them for and we pay them well for it too. I have a coach company and I employ coach drivers, I don’t thing they are doing exceptionally well if they can actually drive a coach, for goodness sake because that is what I pay them for.

Well they have paid for this mismanagement of the remit handed to them by the Scottish people, as shown in the three elections since the 2015 General Election.
Have they learned anything? no ,I doubt it and I have a feeling they are about to push the party further to the left in order to counter the Jeremy Corbin factor. That will be another in the long line of mistakes they have made.


In general ,the people of Scotland could not care less what the party of independence is, regarding left ,right or center because they are politically mature enough to realize that after we achieve independence then that is when we will chose the political party that will govern us.
The SNP have let the people of Scotland down and they should be ashamed of that, it is as simple as that.


No doubt this will be met with the usual tirade of abuse and statements like “Nicola has a plan but she is not telling us what it is “and “the SNP are keeping their cards close to their chest” Well, I for one am heartily sick of all this sycophantic mind numbing nonsense. As far as I am concerned, the SNP are in the last chance saloon and the bar is running dry. There urgently needs to be a change at the top and I mean Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrel, they are responsible for the mess both the SNP and the independence movement are in at the moment, I am sorry if this does not sit well with some folk but I personally have put too much into the fight for independence to see it wasted by sheer and utter incompetence.


It is way past time for a change, and a new road to independence.


Bob Costello
1 September 2014 at 22:49 ·


Well only 17 days to go before the most important date ever in the history of Scotland , yes it is by far the most important date because the last time Scotland decided to cease being an independent country in 1707 , it was not the people of Scotland who decided this ,it was the nobility and they made this decision for selfish reasons. So what has changed? well I will tell you what has changed . This time the ordinary people of Scotland have a voice and they intend to use it but we are still battling against the vested interests of the Westminster government who are battling to keep the vast wealth which Scotland possesses, and why are they doing this? they are doing this because they are waging a fight for survival. Throughout the years Westminster have exploited and wasted the wealth of Scotland for their own selfish ends and now they see the gravy train grinding to a halt because the people of Scotland are standing on the line in front of it and it has reached the end of the line.
Since the 15 October 2012 when Alex Salmond dragged David Cameron, screaming and shouting to the table and signed the Edinburgh agreement, Scotland has changed there is a new engagement, people are now more politically aware than they have ever been. Pandora’s box has been opened and the spirits of independence can never more be put back in that box. We are on the march and we have 17 days till we reach our objective.
Every destination starts with a dream and then there is the journey my Journey has been fascinating. I have met such wonderful and committed people, all on their particular Journey but we all have one thing in common and that is the destination, an independent Scotland where we will be able to hold our heads up high in the community of nations, where we will hold out our hand in friendship to anyone who wishes to take it , where we will look after our poor ,our elderly and the less fortunate in society, just the same as any close family. As we approach that destination , please take some time to consider the journey because regardless, and in the unlikely event of the vote not going our way we, all of us will always have the journey and that is something to be proud of and something they can never take away. So everyone of you out there who have manned the stalls ,have trudged around doors dropping leaflets ,who have had to put up with abuse and unpleasantness ,who have debated with and convinced no voters to vote yes, you do not have long to go so keep your humour and that smile on your face because the other side are becoming more desperate by the day . So walk lightly, talk softly and take time to look over your shoulder, there you will see a small footprint in the sands of history be proud, be very proud that you put it there.