Time To Think The Unthinkable?

Ok, so politics in the UK and indeed in Scotland are all over the place. Theresa May is in deep trouble because of her disastrous decision to try to take advantage of a perceived weakness in the Labour leader. This was only matched by her awful campaign where she hid from the public

She is about to compound this disaster by forming an alliance with a bunch of knuckle draggers who amongst them are anti women’s rights, anti-gay marriage and believers in creationism. They are a party with distinct links to terrorism.

I somehow do not think that is going to come out too well, and when you add to that the fact that this motley crew will not even be able to vote on England only, legislation along with the newly elected Scottish contingent of Tory MPs so in any English only legislation they will start off with a 20-seat handicap. Add to this the impending Brexit negotiation and I cannot foresee this government lasting any more than 6 months possibly a lot less.

Now as to Scotland, I am sure the SNP are having wee huddles and deciding that it was anyone’s fault except them and I have already had a comment from one of their less able to think ,Dundee West constituency office embedded acolytes, actually trying to apportion blame to me   for some of their misfortune. If they think one insignificant blogger of constructive criticism can affect an election result to this extent then they must feel very insecure indeed.

The facts are as I have been saying for quite some time and that is the SNP have veered away from their day job which is the attainment of independence for Scotland, and the Jeremy Corbin campaign shows just that . He nailed his colours to the mast and went for it, as opposed to the SNP’s disastrous campaign with yet again keeping independence in a locked cupboard. This was displayed in the awful manifesto they produced.

OK so where do we go from here? Well there is a couple of options both of which will bring a storm of criticism from some of the less able to think SNP worshipers, and before I go any further I would like to make it plain that I did in fact vote SNP as being the only way to keep the Tories out, not because I thought it would take us any nearer independence because the manifesto actually put another referendum further away than it was a few weeks ago.

So here goes. I feel that if we are to continue to allow the SNP to pursue independence I think it should be under new leadership as the Man and Wife team there at present have presided over a steady diminution of support since the 2015 General election.

Another option is to start a new party named something along the lines of “The Scottish Independence Party” whose sole purpose would be to attain independence for Scotland.

So now to the more controversial option and at this point I must pass on some of the responsibility for this to Rudy Cajka who is a politician from Texas deeply involved in the Republican movement and a guy I have had some very intense debates with regarding their daft president and also my views on Israel. He does however closely follow our fight for independence and corresponds ;, and criticises my efforts regularly.

The SNP form an alliance with the Tories, (yes you heard right ) and this is the reasoning and strategy behind this.

From Scotland position and indeed the independence movement 

We have a hand in the Brexit negotiations.

The Tories would agree to a referendum in two years.

The Tories would agree not to campaign against independence ( a requirement any way from the UN)

The Tories agree that we can use the pound until a separate currency is decided on ( not that they can stop it any way but that was one of the main problems the last time.)

Tories guarantee a smooth transition to independence if it is carried in the referendum.

Tories agree on a program for removal of Trident from Scotland ( which would happen anyway if we were independent)

There is a clear cut definition of any effect on pensions in an independent Scotland.

There would be pre-independence negotiations on sharing of assets, share of the national debt etc.

SNP would get a number of cabinet positions thus protecting Scotland from any prospective harmful legislation.

We can pull out at any time triggering a General Election.


Benefits to the Tories

354 members of Parliament = a stable government.

A guaranteed 5 year term.

A strong hand in the Brexit negotiations

The Tories could consolidate their hold on power for a longer time

Tories could negotiate an extended period to remove trident from Scotland

An arrangement like this would remove the possibility of restarting the troubles in Ireland.

If the Tories are forced to have another election they will lose it.


So just a few thoughts from the point of view of Scotland becoming an independent country which is supposed to be what the SNP are all about.


SNP, The Manifesto And The Day Job

Day jobOK so now that the euphoria over the SNP manifesto has died down, I would like to get my two bits worth in. Firstly, let me say that a standing ovation before people had even heard what was contained in the manifesto is not healthy as it gives the impression that these people were about to accept whatever was contained in the manifesto unquestioningly.

As to the manifesto itself, it was abysmal, the document and introduction was detailed only in as much as it was a regurgitation of existing policies mixed in with a good sprinkling of devolved issues together with un-costed policies.

None of the main Westminster related issues are ever likely to be implemented because the SNP will not form a Westminster government. Now I qualify that statement by saying that at the time this manifesto was formed, the polls were not reflecting the Tory melt down that is apparent now together with the rise in popularity of Jeremy corbin, so there is now a slim possibility that the SNP could act as king maker in a hung parliament.

As to the manifesto and the sole purpose of the SNP, (which is to gain independence for Scotland) the manifesto puts independence actualy further away as it now seems the policy of the SNP to wait until Brexit negotiations have been completed and not within the period, Autumn 2018 to Spring 2019, which was the latest SNP policy until the release of the manifesto. Anyone who believes that Brexit negotiations will be completed within two years is delusional.

The SNP have a problem in as much as they are trying to be all things to all people and it is not working. They say they (as the Scottish government) are governing for all. Well that is an intrinsic impossibility. You cannot govern for all. You govern according to your party constitution (which is there for everyone to see) together with the manifesto you produce in the run up to the election you gain power in. You have a duty to CONSIDER everyone but that is completely different from governing for everyone.

The SNP have been the beneficiaries of the actions ( or inaction’s) of other parties in the independence equation and they have ridden the crest of the wave generated by the people of Scotland who were disappointed by the result in the independence referendum in 2014. I think it is fair to say that not a single person who voted for them in all the elections since 2014 would not have realised that their vote could result in independence for Scotland. The SNP chose to ignore this obvious fact and instead of getting on with their day job, which was attaining independence for Scotland they decided to try to be all things to all people and it has not worked because in all elections since the 2015 Westminster election they have lost ground.

There has been an awful neglect of the addressing of the issues we lost the last independence referendum on. There has been a succession of promises and half promises of a start to another independence campaign and a continual marching of the troops up to the top of the hill, only to be marched down again. There has been a succession of missed opportunities for independence , the main one being the day after the EU referendum when Theresa May hot footed it up to Scotland and persuaded Nicola Sturgeon that she would have a veto in EU negotiations. At that point Nicola was responsible for throwing away the best opportunity ever for a promised few pieces of silver.

We have had the will of the Scottish people who voted for full inclusion in the EU diluted to some tenuous attachment to the single market or worse still to the European economic area. Nicola Sturgeon has absolutely no mandate for this position as the people of Scotland voted for full membership of the EU with all the social and legal advantages that this confers upon us.

This manifesto is in the same category as the paper presented to the British government as a compromise document towards the end of last year. Both are road maps to unionism and can you imagine, even if there was to be some sort of attachment to the single market, and under a Tory government how this would benefit Scotland?  Anyone who thinks it would is simply delusional.

Ok now let me address where we are in the independence cause in relation to the SNP. That is quite easy, “nowhere” The basic principal of conflict is that you attack the enemy when they are weakest and never hope for a better opportunity to present itself if it means giving up a god sent situation because one thing is sure and that is that circumstance change and that is exactly what is happening now.

The Tories are in melt down and the SNP have not prepared the ground to take advantage of it. Jeremy Corbin is reaping the benefits of the present Tory difficulties and the reason he is doing this is that he has a simple strategy. He is a socialist and he has a socialist agenda. He has nailed his colours to the mast. People know what they are voting for as opposed to the SNP who are trying to all things to all people. So, Jeremy has two means of gaining votes. People know what they are voting for and the Tories are in melt down whereas the SNP can only depend on the Tory melt down as they have once again done everything to hide the word independence in their manifesto, to the point that some people are probably being confused that the referendum they mention a few times without the prefix of independence is possible another EU referendum.

My preference (as I have said in the past) would have been to go for independence on the back of a simple majority in this election. As predicted this is not going to happen, neither is the inclusion of an intention to wrest control of section 30 powers from Westminster, which would legitimise any future referendum. People are under the misapprehension that we need Westminster’s permission to hold a referendum, we don’t, we only need the agreement that the result would be accepted by the British Government.

So, where are we? well more or less where we have been since the independence referendum. We are no nearer independence than we were on the 19th September 2014 and the reason is that the SNP have absolutely no strategic abilities. Depending on the extent of Tory meltdown I predict that once again the SNP will lose support and they will do so because of the failure to get on with their day job as I have explained. Their job is to attain independence not cower away from the press every time independence is mentioned. The governess of Scotland is a by-product of their main purpose in life. If their main purpose has changed they will have to either change their constitution or form a new party.

I for one am heartily sick of the prevarication of the SNP and I suspect I am not alone in this. The vote next Thursday will tell a tale.

Having said that , In order to keep the Tories out in Scotland and in fact in the whole of the UK. The only logical strategy according to the present and prospective seats situation is to vote SNP in Scotland and Labour in England. Any one whose main hope is eventual independence is deluding themselves by thinking of voting Labour in Scotland except in perhaps a couple of seats. In  the case of Dundee that thinking is simply delusional. In general, voting Labour in Scotland  will mean a split in the voting and that could conceivably allow Tories into seats.

The manifesto! cards on the table

I have constantly put forward a solution and included it in several letters I have sent to Nicola Sturgeon. It is in two parts. My first option would be for all the pro-independence parties to simply offer a manifesto giving independence as a first option. Then if there is a simple majority in the forthcoming […]

I have constantly put forward a solution and included it in several letters I have sent to Nicola Sturgeon.

It is in two parts. My first option would be for all the pro-independence parties to simply offer a manifesto giving independence as a first option. Then if there is a simple majority in the forthcoming elections then in effect we are independent and can then carry out a general election for Scotland and negotiate a settlement of assets with the rump UK.

That is not going to happen because of the SNP’s mistaken position of having to govern for all. So that brings me to my second choice of a solution. The SNP put an intention to wrest control of the powers contained in section 30 from Westminster to Hollyrood. Now if there is a majority for this then Westminster should concede to the democratic will of the Scottish people, but they won’t. We can then hold a referendum. Now because of the fact that Westminster would attempt to say that it was only advisory, they would hardly be in a position to attempt to mount a campaign for a no vote (which according to the UN is exactly how it should be with the host country not participating or trying to influence a campaign for independence,unlike the last time). We would win that referendum and could then either simply declare independence or we could go to the UN and the EU for support.

I await sight of the SNP manifesto on Tuesday but I am sure there will be nothing all along these lines in it and we will be once more be in the process of being marched back down the hill. Furthermore I expect a dilution of the promise to hold a referendum during the period from the Autumn 2018 to the Spring of 2019 to something like a referendum should be held when Britex negotiations have been completed.

There is absolutely no logical reason for this stance from a party whose sole function is to achieve independence. If the SNP hold this line then they will have to either change their constitution to one that states that in the event of them forming a devolved government of Scotland they will put the governess of the people before independence, or they will have to form a new party which does not have independence at the heart of its constitution.

We need a proper road map to independence with a progressive but constant movement towards independence, with a serious grappling with the issues that are still outstanding since the last one and I predict that the voting results in this General Election will reflect the absence of such a road map since the last independence referendum in 2014.

The Suitability of a Dundee Councilor


On May 4th the people of Dundee will go to the polls to vote for councillors to represent their wards. Now there are many reasons why one particular candidate might be more suitable than others.
For long, the dead hand of Labour controlled the politics in Dundee, but recently, things seem to have changed and I would say, in the main for the better, now there are a myriad of reasons why councillors will be voted for. Some if these reasons will be local, in otherwards how they have performed or how they promise to perform if elected.

There is also, of course the issue of which party they are members of and in Scotland today this can be a very important consideration, with the possibility of another attempt at independence and also with a general election to be held in six weeks there had been great stock put into the theory that the council elections might give an indication of voting intentions in that forthcoming General election.
Now I live in Angus and my intention is to give my votes to the SNP councillors who, I believe will both give their very best on a local level but just as important are committed to the cause of independence.

As far as Dundee is concerned, I have a business there and most of my day to day activities are centred in Dundee. Some of you will know that I was heavily involved in the independence movement through the Yes Bus and we campaigned throughout Angus Fife, but mainly Dundee where I came in contact with the local politicians on a regular basis. We also depended on their good offices regarding permissions to campaign in and around the City centre.

We found that regrettably we did not perhaps get as much direct cooperation that we could have from the SNP politicians as far as helping out on the manning of the yes bus whilst in and around the City Square and found that unfortunately they were inclined to show up when the cameras and press were there, and they would leave around the same time as the press.

However, we had a good campaign and I feel contributed hugely to the fact that Dundee turned in the highest Yes vote in the whole country and this brings me to my point. We in the yes bus team urged the SNP to continue the campaign in a lesser manner, utilising the grass roots groups to address the issues we lost the referendum on. We knew it was not going to be a short campaign but we thought that it would be best to be prepared for a campaign proper, should the opportunity present itself and two days after the referendum I approached the SNP with this suggestion but was turned down. This is why we find ourselves in the position we are now and that is we have had multiple opportunities to go for another referendum but we still are not prepared as we have not addressed a single issue we lost the last referendum on .

Ok, so what has all of this to do with the local elections? Right, I will tell you and it is all about getting the best people into power to progress our ambitions regarding independence.
So after the referendum defeat and realising that the SNP were cool on further attempts to progress towards another attempt, we decided to keep the flame burning by having various events centred around independence and we organised various rallies on the theme of “A road map to independence”. Unfortunately we had some pretty fierce resistance from Dundee council, which was surprising seeing it was an SNP controlled council.
Now there is too much to go into here although I do intend writing about the whole fiasco in the not too distant future but I thought that seeing there are council elections shortly, I felt that perhaps some of this which relates to the willingness of certain SNP councillors to promote the cause of independence should be known.

Now the main person responsible for allowing the elements of the rallies I am writing about is a councillor called Stewart Hunter who is the convener of the licensing board/ committee and as such has discretionary powers to accept late applications he is standing in the Stathmartine Ward.

Now again without going into too much detail we had to depend on this councillor to authorise a couple of late applications one for a parade and one for a rally which was only two hours late out of the 28 days requested. Now there is a very well used procedure for this and it is only in the most unusual circumstances that a late application is refused, however on these occasions Stewart Hunter did refuse them. Not only that, but there was an orchestrated campaign by members in the Dundee West SNP office to discredit the organisers of one of the rallies’. Stewart Hunter actually used a Unionist newspaper to further his aim to cast a shadow on the event which, despite the best efforts of the SNP turned out to be a great day.

So the point of this article is to say this, I do not know what Stewart Hunter has done for the people in his ward, he may very well be a good councillor in that respect, but as an SNP representative and the SNP’s reason to exist being the attainment of independence, he, in my opinion, is not a suitable person and if he was a councillor in my ward I would not under any circumstances vote for him.

If Councillor Hunter wishes to dispute any of this I will willingly meet with him in public, prior to the election, to debate the issues raised here and possible a few more.


I shake my head and wonder

OK so once again the SNP are running scared of mention of the word independence in connection with an election. This is really becoming tiresome. So just in case there is any SNP politicians or, for that matter members of the SNP political party not actually aware of their reason to exist, then I copy the second chapter of the SNP constitution here.

2. The aims of the Party shall be:

(a) Independence for Scotland; that is the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty by restoration of full powers to the Scottish Parliament, so that its authority is limited only by the sovereign power of the Scottish People to bind it with a written constitution and by such agreements as it may freely enter into with other nations or states or international organisations for the purpose of furthering international cooperation, world peace and the protection of the environment.

OK so is there anything about that statement that any one does not understand?

Fine so why is it that every time we get near an election there is concern as to whether there will be any mention of independence in the Manifesto.

Here is a few facts to think about .
In the manifesto for the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election there was a definite intention to hold a referendum and the SNP were given a previously thought impossible overall majority in the Scottish parliament . The increase in their vote over the previous election was in the region of 12.75%

As a result of this they progressed to a referendum campaign and at that time independence was standing at 27% in the opinion polls.

During the referendum campaign we pushed that 27% to %45%.

In last years Scottish elections there was scant mention of independence and certainly no commitment to go for another referendum. The result of that election was that the SNP lost 6 seats and their increase in voters was 1.5% and that was with the inclusion of young voters that had not been possible in the previous election. There was also a doubling of Tory representation at Hollyrood

Now lets look at the Westminster elections
The 2015 Westminster election came hard on the heels of the disappointment of the referendum campaign and at a point where the popularity of the SNP was at an all time high ,as they were seen to be the best possible bet for a future referendum.

I believe this was the point where the SNP made one of their most fundamental tactical errors because they decided that they would set aside their reason to exist and put independence on a back burner. The reasoning behind this was that they felt that they should be seen to be governing for everyone and not just independence supporters.
Firstly that is impossible, you cant govern for everyone . You can consider everyone but you cant govern for everyone. A political party governs as per its manifesto and according to that parties constitution. It is as simple as that and as you can see above the parties constitution quite clearly makes it the party of independence.

Now the SNP had a historically significant mandate from the people of Scotland through the previous Scottish elections , an increase from 27% to 45% in the referendum campaign, an unheard of increase in membership from around 15.000 to 110,000 and opinion polls indicating that they were on course for a wipe out of Labour and an unheard of return of MP’s to Westminster. So what did they do ? they ignored all of these indicators and put their reason to exist to one side and they actively discouraged any mention of independence during the Westminster campaign.

Here in Dundee , the City that returned the largest percentage of yes votes they actively discouraged any expression of independence. I was involved in agreeing to supply the Yes Bus for an independence rally in the City Square the weekend before the 2015 general election which was cancelled at the last minute because of representations by the SNP to the organisers to reschedule the event to the week following the General Election. When I took this up with an SNP politician , his very words were ” we cant have Saltires and Yes signs being displayed in the City Square in Dundee the week before a general Election”. Yes ,that was his actual words.

The fact of the matter is that there was not a single person who voted for the SNP in either a Scottish Parliamentary election or a Westminster election who did not understand the whole propose of the SNP and therefore were well aware that their vote could lead to an independent Scotland. Therefore the SNP have ,either by design or simply incompetence, consistently steered away from their propose in life and that is independence, and they are about to do the exact same again with this upcoming General election.

Nicola Sturgeon’s first reaction to the announcement of the general election ( once she had managed to get out of the way of the car whose headlights she had been caught in ) was to announce that this election would give them a mandate for the mandate she had already said she had. A totally incoherent response. Her next announcement was to make clear that this General Election would not be anything to do with independence , which begs the question ,” what is the propose then of the SNP”.

I have advocated making this General Election everything to do with independence by all the pro independence parties agreeing to make their manifestoes a one subject manifesto and that is independence then if we return a majority of MP’s that would be the basis of commencing negotiations on independence . If there was more than 50% of voters between all the pro independence parties who voted for independence then we would in effect be independent, and arrangements could be made for a Scottish General election to form a Scottish government along with ongoing negotiations for a split of assets .

I have no doubt that the SNP will not take this option and will as usual try to do every thing to convince voters that for this period in the run up to the GE they are not the party of independence.

However, if they are to retain any credibility at all, there is one thing they must include in their manifesto and I have advocated this in both the last Westminster election and last years Scottish parliamentary election.
They must include an intention to wrest control of the ability to hold referendums from Westminster and place this power where it belongs and that is at Hollyrood. If they once again fail to do at least that, then as I say ,they can no longer call themselves the party of independence.


Last letter to Nicola

Dear Nicola

I have written to you twice, never received a reply , but didn’t really expect to, so was therefore not disappointed  I wrote you just before the Scottish elections last May and again last December when you were attempting to offer the Westminster Government advice on how to keep the union together and indeed deciding that although the Scottish people had voted to retain full membership of the EU , you had decided that you would negotiate with the Westminster government on the basis of membership of the single market or attachment to the European Economic Area, None of these options were included in the ballot paper ,therefore not a single person in Scotland voted for any of these options.

You decided to write a paper giving your (not Scotland’s) opinion of how to keep the UK together in a 64-page jumble of subservient meaningless rhetoric most of which was repeated several times in the paper. The point of it all seemed to be that if the UK retained a position of inclusion in the single market or the EEA this would be jolly good and Scotland would happily forget all these nasty ideas of self-determination and just get back in our box, both you and Angus Robertson did allude to this position in speeches made around the time of the party conference and that was what made me initially suspicious that all was not well with your intentions.

So, in the event of Theresa May just declaring a general election, how did all that go for you? Not very well, I would suggest. No, the Tories have simply done what they have done all through this parliament and that is ignored Scotland and its elected government.

Now during the two years and seven months since the last referendum I and others have offered constructive criticism regarding your lack of preparation for any future referendum, and any circumstances which could present themselves. You have not listened and instead ploughed on with your own narrow agenda which has gotten us nowhere on the road to independence. You have led your men up to the top of the hill and down again so many times that they are becoming dizzy. Constantly I and others have been abused by uncontrolled acolytes whose only argument (if you could call it that) was that Nicola has a cleaver plan. Well we now know that there has never been any cleaver plans and there certainly is not one now, because it would appear your response to Theresa May announcing a general election is to vote SNP to get a mandate for the mandate which already exists. That is plain silly.

The only way you can continue, (with any credibility) to seek to lead the party of independence, is to produce a one issue manifesto and that must be independence. In other words, if a majority of pro-independence MP’s are returned to the Westminster parliament then a Scottish general election will be called and the elected government will conduct separation negotiations with the rump UK government.

During the 31 Months since the last independence referendum the SNP have done not one single thing to further the cause of independence and although their popularity has increased, it has done so because the SNP have been the beneficiaries of circumstance. In other words, it has been the Tories and Labour with their ineptitude who have helped the SNP up on to the pedestal they at present occupy. I approached the SNP a couple of days after the independence referendum and asked what the plan was. I was met with “what plan” and a blank look. Well that blank look is still there.
I like this situation to the situation where two armies go into battle and one comes off badly. A good commander withdraws to a safe place, sets up all round defence and most importantly, distributes ammunition. He then assesses his weaknesses (why he lost the battle) and he immediately addresses them, followed by considering a counter attack. The SNP have done none of that, instead they have ridden the wave of popularity brought on by the disappointment of the last referendum. We still do not have proper answers to the questions of pensions and the monetary situation. These are the munitions we need to carry on the fight. There was an SNP survey of intentions done which led people to believe was to be announced last St Andrews day. It wasn’t announced and I suspect the reason it was not announced was because it had not come out well and the reason was that none of the issues we lost the last referendum on had been addressed, therefore it was a stupid exercise in the first place.

I could go on all day enumerating the strategic failures of your administration and I am sure I will get the usual “Nicola has a plan” tirade and abuse from people who have hopes, but are frightened to think that we are being led by someone who does not have a credible plan. So, it is now time to nail your colours to the mast and grasp the nettle. We have at present 56 pro-independence MP’s. The absolute best we can hope for is 59. We have been ignored with 56 and another 3 will make, not one iota of difference. The chances are that we will probably come out with even less than the 56 and this will of course be seen as a diminution of your mandate, so we will be in a worse position than we are now, which with your lack of strategy is not a good place to be in.

I am fed up with people saying “Nicola is playing a blinder” when in fact (and although I detest the woman) Theresa May is running circles around you and it started the day after the  EU referendum, when she hot footed it up to Scotland and made you feel important by allowing you to believe that you were to have a veto over exit negotiations , thereby removing the best opportunity ever to call an independence referendum.

It is time for realism to set in and although, as I say we are not perhaps best placed to fight for independence at this point in time, it is only going to get worse if we wait.

I honestly hope I am wrong in all of this but I somehow don’t think so.

Although I did not vote in the last Scottish elections, for the reasons I made clear in my letter to you, I will be voting for the SNP this time around as at present the SNP present the only slim hope for independence and the prospect of a strong Tory government is terrifying

For our children and their Children’s sake,this is the time for true leadership, or stand aside and let someone else do it.

Musing In Lisbon

What is there not to love about Lisbon? The maturing grand colonnades and facades of a colonial past gradually morphing into a modern culture and embracing a multitude of visitors from the four corners of the Earth. You feel a friend as soon as you step foot on the Portuguese shores and make your way through the myriad of winding streets and alleys that cling to the hillside that is Lisbon.


One can’t help contrasting Portugal with the United Kingdom, itself a once colonial power but one who fears to let go of its dark past and still seeks to emulate the deeds of the past. There is no welcome now on the shores of a once Great Britain, only the grudging acceptance that if you can in some way pass immigration controls and convince the officers at the desk that your colour poses no threat to the establishment then you can pass on, but think always, that they can be watching you.


This is the legacy of a mad period in UK history when a small party called UKIP seemed to pose a threat to the established Tory party because they were even more right wing, racist and xenophobic. This being expressed in their dislike of the European Union with its free access for worker’s policy.


So, the tory party under David Cameron decided to offer the people a referendum to keep them quiet. In doing so he opened the Pandora’s box of hatred and racism for long fermenting in the bowls of little England. The result of the referendum showed that the United Kingdom was no longer united, with Scotland and Northern Ireland coming out on the side of tolerance and sensibility and England slipping into the mire of xenophobia, intolerance and illogicality.


We told you this during the independence referendum campaign. We told you that there was more chance of leaving the EU by remaining part of the UK , but you chose not to believe it. We were right you were wrong.


The Scottish Government, through their elected representatives have committed to having a second independence referendum during the Autumn of 2018 and the Spring of 2019 and the country holds its breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just like it did in the run up to the Westminster election in 2015 and the Scottish parliament election in 2016. There will be another tit bit thrown in our direction before the local elections on the 4th May but do not expect an actual plan of action or god forgive, any addressing of the issues that remain to be resolved since the last referendum. No that is not going to happen.


So, in the mean time we will be kept busy and distracted by the world circus led by the clown in chief, Donald Trump ably supported by God assisted, Theresa May. I still cannot get that vomit inducing image out of my mind, of Trump and May walking hand in hand in the White House Rose garden.


Whatever happens in the next few weeks, and that could include us being at war (however brief) with North Korea. We must get on with preparing for getting Scotland out of the morass that is the UK. I would like to think the SNP have a credible plan and I am sure they would like us to think they do have a plan, but I somehow doubt it.

In the meantime, the grass roots organisations will continue on the road to independence.