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Saturday 10 December 2022

Well another week in and this memory on facebook came up so I thought I would make it this weeks blog. I wrote this 5 years ago whilst on a transatlantic voyage.

Most of the comments are still relevant today especially those concerning the confusion within the SNP

10 December 2017

Well day four on my transatlantic sojourn and I must admit, it is hard to settle in to this sedentary interlude of relaxation after the hustle and bustle of business, which gets pretty intense at times.
The ship was delayed in leaving New York because of the premier of “The Greatest Showman” being held on board. It was a bit of a nuisance as some of the passageways on the ship were blocked off and for the people who wished to see the sail away from New York , they were faced with a 2 in the morning late night because that is when the ship left.
When I boarded the ship I went on deck and looked out towards the statue of liberty and got to thinking of what America stands for today.
The statue of liberty was a gift from the people of France to celebrate Americas freedom. It stands at the entrance to New York city where the emigrants came to Ellis island from all over the planet to make their life’s in that great country. It holds in its hand the torch of freedom.
It says to the World “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free”
How hollow that now sounds with a president who is preventing people coming to the shores of America based on the country of their origin which includes the colour of their skin together with their religion. A President who has just re-ignited the flames of war in the middle east by allowing his masters in the Zionist Israeli government to dictate American policy by declaring acceptance of the City of Jerusalem as the official capital city of the artificial state of Israel. I say artificial because that is exactly what it is. Israel is an artificial construction of expediency made by man, using God as an excuse.
So enough of politics and I will not even comment on the farce that is the Brexit negotiations or the ever-clearing mist around the SNP position regarding independence. I say mist considerately and selectively as I am directing this at the selectively blind sycophantic sheeple of the SNP who I have been warning, that this situation would arise. The situation I am talking about is the position where all of the UK will be part of the single market taking away any hope that Nicola Sturgeon has ( if she ever had) of calling another referendum on the basis of no single market deal . Something that Scotland never voted for in the first place.
So back to the travelogue. Sitting here listening to the piano tinkling away in the background drinking coffee. Actually, thinking too much and my coffee has gone cold.
Another formal night tonight, which is a pest. I was speaking to a guy from New York yesterday who is obviously a Cunardphile . He goes about during the day with a jacket tie and waistcoat on trying to be more British than the British. He tells me he has been on over 40 cruises, all with Cunard. He also tells me that he wears a kilt on formal nights and was asking me how to properly wear his plaid ( or sash ,as he called it) he also told me that it was a different tartan than his kilt. My first reaction was to burst out laughing and tell him that he will look a proper dick, but I resisted the urge and explained that a plaid is not now normally worn with a kilt and the origin is that it was actually part of the kilt , the kilt being made of 8 yards of cloth one end being wound around the person and the end part being thrown over the shoulder and fastened by the belt. I look forward to seeing is outfit tonight, he tells me it is the Balmoral Tartan so you can imaging who his heroes are.
Ok so time to change into my shabby Kilt for the Captains reception which I have been invited to ( free drink)
I hope all my friends are having a good weekend


The World this week from Mennies

Saturday 3 December 2022

Well, another week gone by and a step nearer the 21 of December when the days start to lengthen once more and I for one can’t wait, as it has been one of the wettest late Novembers I can remember. The rain and cloudy skies of course add to the depressing nature of this time of the year.

The other thing that ads to the depressing time of the year here in Scotland is of course the politics of the country, as we have an administration led by probably the most incompetent First Minister in history, Nicola sturgeon.

The disaster that awaits us if we continue to follow Nicola Sturgeon and the answer

Now I say incompetent with good cause, and it is on two counts. Firstly, as the leader of the Scottish parliament. Well almost every faucet of this administration is a failure, from education, the NHS, the railways , the utter debacle and political mis-engineering of the ferries scandal, the fact that we could have been administrating an independent Scotland based, social service benefits agency which was handed back to the UK to administer because the chosen few around Sturgeon were not capable of understanding it let alone administering it . The Alex Salmond conspiracy. Sturgeon is once again facing an enquiry into how she misled parliament in connection with meetings with Jim McColl of Ferguson Marine. Etc, etc, etc.

Now the second count of her ineptitude is as the leader of the SNP. Now for those of you who don’t know what SNP stands for, it is Scottish National Party. The SNP was set up for one purpose, and that was to attain an independence status for Scotland. Now in previous blogs I have made the case that Scotland has never been other than independent. However, Sturgeon’s latest gem after 8 years of inaction on the independence issue was to approach the Supreme court of the UK ( basically England) to get a determination on the Scotland act , which was an additional millstone around the Scottish people’s neck as regards to our independent status.

I will not go into this as I have covered it in last week’s blog, but it was once again another disaster made in Bute house by our illustrious but miss named leader of the independence movement was foisted upon the Scottish people

We are, after 8 years of disastrous leadership further away from stating our independence status than we ever were, and there is only one person responsible for this situation, Nicola Sturgeon. Her backup plan if the Supreme court action was unsuccessful is to use the next UK GE as a plebiscitary election with the SNP going on a one-item manifesto, independence.

However, she has even now begun to back track on this, firstly trying to make it only people who vote for the SNP’s votes to count instead of all votes cast for independence parties and also that despite the results of UK elections being first past the post she has stated that it will require an overall majority of voters which of course makes it even harder to achieve.

The real reason she is choosing a UK general election is of course that the fall-back position is that regardless of the overall voting result the SNP will in all probability be returned to the trough of Westminster. This will of course also mean that people voting for SNP to achieve independence will also in effect be endorsing Sturgeons Gender Recognition bill which will almost certainly see perverts accessing women and children’s private places. This in itself is a disaster waiting to unfold and according to the amount of sexually deviant activities surfacing within the SNP one has to wonder at the motives behind all of this.

There is, of course, an alternative route to declaring our independence and this is set out by various organizations such as Salvo and the political party led by Alex Salmond. Alba. This recognizes the sovereignty of the Scottish people as opposed to the system in England, which is that parliament is sovereign. Now, this distinction quite possibly does not mean a lot to some, but the difference is very important as in England the people pass on the responsibility of governance completely to politicians the day they are elected. Whereas in Scotland the people retain this responsibility and allow politicians to act on their behalf but only as far as it benefits the people. Now when politicians make decisions contrary to the people’s interests, they can be brought to account and in fact, the leader of the administration can be replaced.

So, given the present situation we are in and the intransigence of the SNP to push towards the UK general election suicidal option, by far the best option is this.

A modern-day convention of the estates including all politicians who wish to join from all parties together with a selection of committee members from the public and instructions should be given to the parties comprising the Scottish government for the following actions to be put in place.

A Scottish election should be called, but the only way this could happen out-with the pre-set time scale is that the first minister should resign thereby creating a replacement contest. All the independence parties block anyone being voted in as first minister thereby triggering an election. All independence parties go on a single mandate, that of independence. If there is a majority, then the UN conditions of the “will of the people” will be in place in its purest sense and a declaration of independence should be made.

So hopefully once a convention is formed then the SNP and Greens will have sufficient pressure put on them that this will happen. I have a feeling that the main block to this will be the person elected to forward the cause of independence, Nicola sturgeon.

Have a good weekend folks


The World This Week From Mennies

Friday 25 November 2022

Nicola Sturgeon The Great Betrayer

Well, there we have it, the silly wee lassie that sold us down the river, through either the worst case of incompetence known to politics or more likely, a well-planned betrayal hatched and thought out in the dark confines of Thames House in Milbank, London.

Nicola Sturgeon decided to go to the highest court in a foreign country and asked them to pass judgment on whether Scotland could have a referendum on independence without the authority of the UK parliament according to the UK law contained in the Scotland act, first initiated in 1998 to facilitate the formation of a devolved government in Scotland. This was after the long-awaited devolution referendum which took place in 1997 and returned a huge majority for self-rule.

Therin, I believe was the big mistake ( or part of the plan). Sturgeon asking for a determination on a false premise. She was asking the supreme court to adjudicate on whether Scotland would have been in controversion of the Scotland act, had we carried out a referendum on independence.

Now setting aside the fact that the case she presented was immature, amateurish and actually quite funny at times and indeed bypassed a perfectly good court of Session here in Scotland, the judges in the Supreme court were completely correct in their judgment. Yes, she would have been in fact breaking the law as far as the Scotland act is concerned as elections and referendums are retained matters. A dummy could have foreseen the outcome of such a silly action.

The whole point of my comment here is to question the validity of the Scotland act in the first place.

The Act of Union in 1707 was basically an agreement between two countries to cooperate in matters of trade and new laws which could be enacted by agreement on both sides, however, the basis of any new laws was not to disadvantage either side. It was supposed to be a union of equals. Each country kept their own laws and judges.

Now many people in Scotland were not at all happy with this union and indeed during the time from 1707 to 1746, there were several uprisings in 1708, 1712,1715, 1719 and finally 1745 which culminated in the Battle of Culloden or the battle of Drummossie as it was at the time.

During these unsettled years, the Union changed somewhat from an agreement between equals to a situation where a rather forceful presence of armies from England and indeed a fair amount of Scottish regiments such as the black Watch, kept the locals and clans in their place, which people like General Wade ( of the national anthem fame)  given the job of creating military roads throughout Scotland so that troops could be moved quickly to trouble spots. What is now the A9 a very good example of that.

So basically, our partner in the union became the bully of the union. However, the principle of the union didn’t change legally until there seemed to be a chance of Scotland returning to the independent country it always was. I have said many times that we are going the wrong way about things by seeking independence because we have never been anything else but independent, as Scotland was never extinguished as a country.

So, in 1998 along came the first Scotland act which sought to envelop Scotland into a subservient colony. There was no referendum to introduce this new relationship however and therefore no agreement with the Scottish people to abide by it.

So, why would Sturgeon seek to further cement us to a subservient position as an appendage of England by going to the Supreme court to decide on the implications of an act we never agreed to? Well, I think the answer to that is obvious. She is doing a very good job as a servant of the union. The Scotland Act was rejuvenated in 2016 after we sent 56 SNP MPs down to London. They made over 80 requests for amendments, but everyone was voted down, all they did was to legitimize the Scotland act, they should have boycotted it and come home to form a convention together with the members of the Scottish parliament and simply reiterated the independence of Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon is the great betrayer, and it is time she and her cabal of incompetents were replaced. I am hoping that this Frankenstein monster she has created in the form of the Gender Recognition bill will destroy her, if not then I am afraid the whole independence movement is a lost cause.

Quite simply, by going to the Supreme court, Nicola Sturgeon has further legitimized the Scotland act and the only way out now is to call a Scottish election with a one-issue mandate, that of confirming our independence, form a convention of the estates and state our independence.

Oh, and just one more thing.

I told you so

The World Ths Week From Mennies

Saturday 19 November 2002.


This mad war goes on and on. Mad, because it was all so preventable and the outcome will prove that to be the case because the outcome will provide independence for the Donetsk area and Ukraine will not become a member of NATO. In the process, the Ukrainian army will be all but destroyed and hopefully, the country will be de-Nazified. Although that last objective, of the Russian government will be somewhat more difficult as Nazi ideology is very much entrenched in Ukrainian society. A very poignant example of this was shown the other day when a video surfaced of 12 unarmed Donetsk soldiers surrendering and then being shot in the head by Ukrainian troops. Strangely enough, this did not feature in western media news reports just like the many other war crimes carried out by Ukraine. Until some common sense prevails Ukraine will carry out the proxy war on behalf of the US/Nato alliance.

The disaster that is the UK

Last week the chancellor gave yet another
emergency budget that basically awarded the bankers and money market dealers
and sought to fleece the workers yet again. We have a double financial whammy
to contend with in the form of the disaster that is Brexit together with
idiotic and suicidal sanctions against Russia.
The UK is now bottom of the league of poor countries in Europe with the lowest
GDP of all of the more developed European countries .

These idiotic Sanctions against Russia are an
example of shooting oneself in the foot and when you add Brexit, shooting oneself
in both feet.
The UK is in recession, and I predict that before the end of the winter the government will be forced to provide camps to accommodate people who can no
longer make ends meet and provide them with heat light and food. Twelve Years of Tory rule has been a disaster once again.


As we draw near to the final vote on Gender recognition in the Scottish parliament, which is due by the 23 November it sends shivers up my back as I see the disaster to women’s and children’s safety that is about to unfold.
Nicola Sturgeon and her band of weirdos which include the two unelected Green members of the government are hell-bent on allowing any sexual predator into female private places such as toilets and changing rooms. This disgusting bill was presented by Dundee’s own Sheona Robison one of the dimmer members of Sturgeon’s inner cabal.
In the last vote, there were 7 SNP votes against, and two abstentions and my hope is, that this Frankenstein monster that Sturgeon has created will be the cause of her demise in Scottish politics.

So to put a lighter slant on things, this has been one of the wettest weeks in this part of Scotland in history and it doesn’t look as though it is getting much better. There must be something positive out there  I can write about, but anyway, to all my friends the word over I wish you a good and peaceful weekend.


The World This Week From Mennies

Saturday 29 October 2022

Another week in and hard to know where the days have gone but one thing is sure and that is, winter is approaching fast. The trees are golden and they are shedding their leaves almost as quick as the Tory party sheds prime ministers. Dead leaves are almost as useless as live Tory prime ministers.


So the week passed and let me start with a subject close to my heart, independence. I have blogged about my concerns regarding the leadership of the SNP for quite some time now, as have some very fine writers, such as Stuart Cambell, Grousbeater, Barrhead Boy, Ian Lawson, Bruce Hosie, Craig Murry and more. The difference is in the quality of their presentation which far outclasses mine and indeed their followings which are considerable and put my contribution in the shade.

However, another difference between my small contribution and theirs is in the main timescale. If my memory serves me correctly my first blog warning of the direction of travel of Nicola Sturgeons Nu-SNP goes back to when I first started blogging and that was 2015, in fact, November 9, 2015, and the title of that blog was “The SNP Has to Provide A Road Map To Independence Or they Will Suffer the Consequences”.

This was not the first warning because I had been posting warnings quite vociferously on Facebook since a couple of days after the referendum when I approached an SNP politician and said “ well, we have lost a battle but not the war, ( strangely enough a saying that came to prominence during the investigation into Nicola Sturgeon’s complicity in the Alex Salmond conspiracy) and once the tears have dried we have to look at the next move, so what is the plan? The politician looked at me with a blank expression and said “ what plan”?

My exact thoughts at that very moment were “ fuck me, he is serious there is no plan B.” Now, this was before Nicola Sturgeon became leader but she was tasked with running Yes Scotland which was the organization set up to fight the referendum. I know that because I was there at the inaugural meeting in Glasgow when the organization was set up and Nicola Sturgeon launched it.

Looking at what has gone on ( or not gone on) since I can now see just what sort of thought train could have been going through her mind. At the time I couldn’t understand how an organization like the SNP could not have taken into consideration the next steps, in the event of losing the vote. But things started happening that cemented in my mind the thoughts that this looked very much like the first steps in a plan to thwart the cause of independence. Within a few weeks, the Yes Scotland brand had been de-commissioned. There have been numerous complaints that the referendum could have been tampered with. For instance, several times a fire alarm had gone off in the DUNDEE counting centre at Maryfield and people had been evacuated but only from selected fire exits. There were many more such suspicious incidents and complaints were made to various politicians but no investigation was ever carried out and the ballot papers were destroyed with undue haste.

So, that was the start and because of the actions of the local SNP and in particular the Dundee west office in attempting to thwart my attempts to organize a “Road Map To Independence” rally in Dundee, I left the SNP after being a member for over 30 years. Since that time I have constantly warned of the situation, we now find ourselves in and that is with the main independence party being led by a woman who has placed every conceivable barrier to independence in the way.

During this time and the numerous warnings I gave, I was vilified in the most awful ways by people who called themselves independence supporters. Thank goodness there is not nearly as much of that as there once was and probably mostly due to the aforementioned bloggers who themselves gradually realized that all was not well in the leadership of the SNP.

Indeed, the tide is turning and last night I was heartened to hear Alex Salmond, Kenny Mc Gaskill of Alba and Collet Walker who is the leader of the Independence for Scotland party basically backing up the suspicions I have been voicing for the past 8 years. This came on the back of a vote in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday night on Gender reform, where almost 20% of Sturgeons MSPs either voted against a three-line whip or abstained concerning legislation which would see the start of self ID for Men who would like to be women and autogynephilics’ giving them access to women’s private places.

Now for the avoidance of doubt, an autogynephilic is a man who gets sexual satisfaction by dressing as a woman and being in close contact with women in places which would normally be private to women. I have great admiration for these MSPs who stood up to the tyranny of Nicola Sturgeon and all that might now befall them as a consequence. I have also great disgust at the MSPs who voted for this weirdos and rapist charter to go through parliament.

So here is yet another prediction. This marks the start of an attack of conscience for these MSPs and although a small crack in the fortress Sturgeon has built around her, I see it as the iceberg that the good ship Titanic, with Sturgeon at the helm, is heading for. For the sake of the safety of the women of Scotland, Sturgeon’s Titanic must end up at the bottom of the sea of deception that Sturgeon has engulfed Scotland in.


Well, what can one say except, what did I say about not trusting the BBC or mainstream western media. Russia is not being defeated by Ukraine or should I say Ukraine and NATO because that is who the protagonists are. Yes as I said a few weeks ago the US will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian and that is the way things are going at the moment.

There were some fairly minor re-deployments of Russian troops a couple of weeks ago because of a mass forward movement of the Ukrainian army at the behest of their NATO and US masters ( because that is who are running the show) However these advances were exceedingly costly in men and equipment for Ukraine and as expected this “ advance” has ground to a halt and in fact, the Russian Army is now making advances.

Ukraine and NATO also made two big mistakes, firstly bombing the bridge that links Russia with Crimea as a major act of terrorism and secondly blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline which took gas supplies from Russia to Europe, mainly Germany., Now a twist in the tale of this act of terrorism is that despite warnings from the mentally disabled American president, Joe Biden that they would stop supplies to Europe running through this pipeline, it was apparently the American poodle Great Britain who through naval special forces ( probably SBS) planted explosives to corrupt the pipeline. My god, we are actually committing an act of war against a whole parcel of European nations and some mentally challenged people still wonder why Scotland wants to be independent of this black circus in Westminster. On the back of these atrocities, Russia is now destroying the Ukrainian power network, which will stop and transfer of surplus power to other European countries and stop trains running which is one of the main ways Ukraine uses to get NATO-supplied weapons to the front lines and also makes the trains sitting ducks.   

So here is another prediction. The people in the countries of Europe will shortly become extremely pissed off by the warmongering US and force their governments to stop these stupid sanctions which impoverish Europe and enrich the US as they are now supplying gas and oil at enhanced prices to try to augment the supplies which originally came from Russia at very much lower prices. They will become very pissed off when old people start dying of starvation and hyperthermia because their countries are supporting a bunch of Nazis in Ukraine and enriching people like Zelenskiy who is carrying on a tradition started in the second worked war where Jews collaborated with the Nazi German army to imprison fellow Jews in concentration camps. They were called Kapo by their fellow Jews.

So enough of all of this frivolity ( compliments of the US and their poodles in NATO)and fun in Europe which of course includes Russia and Ukraine.

So, just another day to go before my latest sojourn to faraway places and this time it is Asia, with a few days in Singapore and then a wee cruise to Malaysia and Thailand. Then fly back to Thailand ( Bangkok this time ) for a few days there, before heading back to a bonnie but cold Scotland.

So to all my friends the world over, I wish you a good and safe weekend and remember.

As you progress in life you might look over the wall and see that the grass is greener on the other side.

By all means sample the greener grass.

But remember this.
The most important thing you can take with you is the ladder

( from the father of the bride speech at my Daughter’s wedding)


The World This Week From Mennies

Friday 21 October 2022

The madness that is the UK today

Well, just where does one start with a week like this has been. We have had the resignation of our less than illustrious, prime minister, Liz ( thick as two short planks) Truss. She has been in power ( well sort of) for a grand total of 6 weeks, during which she( together with her handlers) has virtually destroyed the UK economy.

Now when I say “ her handlers, I mean the people who put her there in the first place and controlled her every move. These are the people who form the ERG ( European Research Group) A secretive group of Tory MPs dedicated to withdrawal from the EU. People, the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg, Boris Johnstone, and various other serial incompetents. Who, not satisfied with dragging the UK out of the EU and all the chaos that has caused, now seek to control the government of the UK using far-right fascist ideology.

These are the people who, not satisfied with causing mayhem within a huge swathe of commercial enterprises throughout the UK, are actively ploughing vast sums of money into Ukraine ( and Zelensky’s Swiss bank accounts) at the behest of NATO’s masters, the US, with the objective of destroying Russia and sharing out the spoils of that country’s vast resources.  

Now we have another leadership contest and guess who has put his name down? Yes, the master clown himself Boris Johnston. Unbelievable but true, we could actually have him back as prime minister a matter of months after he was forced to resign after a flood of revelations of dishonesty, lying and indeed law-breaking. This is breathtaking stupidity and shows the tory party are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for talent.

One thing is sure and that is, if that objectional creep becomes prime minister then it is open house on anarchy and law-breaking, after all, if a prime minister can break the law then why should anyone else bother about it.

Meanwhile, with the Tory government in meltdown, we have Nicola Sturgeon looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car., She had promised that the next general election would be a plebiscitary election for independence if the supreme court had not at that point given their opinion that Scotland could hold a referendum.  Well, guess what? Although she has been calling for a general election, she has made it plain that it would not be anything to do with independence. Every time that woman opens her mouth she is either telling an untruth or explaining that the last time we thought she promised something we misunderstood what she had said. Just like when she appeared in front of the Holyrood enquiry into her conspiracy to jail an innocent man. She obfuscated, couldn’t remember and deliberately mislead 50 times during that one evidential interview.

As a complete contrast, Alex Salmond has stated that Holyrood should immediately table an independence bill and then call a Constitutional Convention with all independence-minded MPs, MSPs and councillors to progress Scotland’s claim of right. This, while the UK government are in complete disarray. That makes complete sense but Sturgeon won’t do anything that will upset her masters in Westminster, she is a disgrace.

The war in Ukraine goes on with the US leading Europe by the nose and sanctions on Russia causing chaos in European countries. The criminal Zelensky gets richer by the day as money pours into Ukraine. It is just as well the countries in Europe do not need the billions handed over to Zelensky and his fellow Nazis.

So, another Friday night and a few pints in Mennies after another very busy week. Been getting itchy feet again and at the end of next week, I will be heading to Asia for a wee break. A couple of days in Singapore, a wee cruise and a few days in Thailand. Looking forward to getting away again and no doubt you will be hearing from “A Nautical Nomad”.

So in this very troubled world, I raise my glass wishing my friends the world over a good and peaceful weekend and remember.

There are many injustices in the world and they are good travelling companions of the silent people.


The World This Week From Mennies

Friday 14 October 2022

So, another week in and a busy one at that, but nice to get the chance of some light refreshment at my favorite hostelry, Mennies. No doubt there will be lively discussions of the events of the week.


Well, last weekend saw the annual SNP conference where Nicola Sturgeon gave an excellent speech of obfuscation, smokescreen and a very liberal helping of yet more carrots. So, for the benefit of the remaining SNP membership let me sum it up for you. 

“ There will be no referendum in 2023 as I promised, but we would really like you to think there will be in order that you can continue to contribute to the party to keep me and my husband ( the male one, sorry the sort of male one) in the manner we have become accustomed to. Meanwhile, Mike Russel will be along in a few minutes to convince you that we are actually in the midst of a campaign. It is sort of a virtual campaign which needs a good imagination to actually get to grips with it, but you have had quite a bit of practice with imaginary SNP concepts, have you? Like the imaginary £600,000 campaign fund you thought you had contributed to, but turned out to have been woven through SNP funds. So that’s all for another year and remember, the advantage of a virtual campaign is that you don’t actually have to turn out for it, and hang about these windy and wet Scottish streets. So hope you have enjoyed the conference and all the selfies you have of me, see you next year.”Love Nicola.


Yes believe it or not, that sums up the SNP conference and next years one is to be held in a phone box on North Uist, where the main speaker will be Dorothy Bain the lord advocate who has just taken a case in the supreme court of the UK ( no one told her that we have a court of session in Scotland). Her speech next year will be on this action where she put the case that scotland doesn’t seem to have a case for holding another referendum on independence. Yes, I kid you not, that is exactly what she said, but Nicola will be proud of her, wont she? Because Nicola has never really wanted independence.


On other battlefields, Ukraine, with the help of the UK and the US tried to blow up a bridge from Crimea to Russia, this coming only a week after the US caused several explosions which damaged the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. Zelensky’s  bridge explosion was celebrated before it actually happened by the issue of postage stamps to celebrate Ukraine’s latest act of terrorism, only problem was that the stamps depicted two explosions when in fact only one detonated, showing quite clearly who carried out that particular act of terrorism. The bridge is now operating as normal which is more than can be said for Ukraine’s own  infrastructure which has been under intense attack since Zelensky’s, the US and the UK joint  act of  terrorism.


Meanwhile in Britain’s house of horrors ( number 10 Downing street) our illustrious but thick prime minister. Liz Truss again performed a massive reverse when she sacked her chancellor of the Exchequer . She sacked him for doing what she told him to do, as she confirmed on the news tonight, when she said that she was fulfilling the promises made in her contest to be leader of the dumb and dumber party, the Tories. Honestly you just couldn’t make this comedy up. It gets worse by the day.


Big problem is that the alternative is Kier Starmer who is just another player in this comedy of horrors and I would imagine that if Truss declares an election, he will shit himself. The UK is in a self-induced mess brought about by a combination of Brexit, and sanctions on Rusia, all brought about by the biggest set of dumbbells the world has ever known.


The sad thing about all of this is that with Britain never having been so weak, we have a so called leader, Sturgeon who is more interested in getting men into women’s toilets than she is in doing what it says in the SNP constitution and that is separating Scotland from the god awful mess that is the UK today.


So, enough of this joviality and down to the business of tonight and that is a couple of pints and a blether .


To all my friends the world over , have a good and safe weekend and remember

Stand in the same place for long enough and the whole world will pass you.

The art is, not letting it pass you by.


The World this week From Mennies

Friday 7 October 2022.

Well, as this week ends, a chance to relax and mull over the week past.

Ukraine again has worrying announcements coming from an increasingly deranged president. He is urging his equally deranged counterpart in the US to commit to a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia, yes believe it or not that is exactly what he is advocating. Biden has said that it is not up to Zelensky to  come away with these crazy utterances as he should get first shot at it. However, as soon as he finds his way off the stage at the end of his speech to the UN, he will consider it. In the meantime, he will send Zelensky another couple of a billion dollars in lethal aid to fight his proxy war against Russia, even though he realizes that a goodly portion of this money will find its way into Zelensky’s Swiss numbered bank account or bolster his considerable property portfolio in London.


During the week I had a call from one of my sons who was very worried about his daughter Rosa. She was unwell and extremely worried. She has just turned 14 and has, like most children of her age been listening to news reports of the war in Ukraine. She was terrified that there would be a nuclear war.

Jamie asked if I would talk with her, as he knows that I kind of keep up with what is going on regarding Ukraine.

We had a good long chat and I explained to her that what she was hearing on so-called news outlets like the BBC, was raw propaganda and invariably not necessarily the truth. It is designed to twist the actuality of the true situation. I asked her about when she watched a news report on the war, did it not seem strange when there were two people being interviewed, they both had the same opinion, and that opinion was always anti-Russian.

I pointed out that RT ( Russian Television) was now banned in the UK, yet she could still watch reports from a BBC correspondent in Moscow.

I asked her if she saw the report from Jeremy Bowen the BBC correspondent on the “front line” in Ukraine where he was lying on the ground all kitted out with body armour and steel helmet supposedly under fire, and in the background was a woman looking on, standing in the open sporting a shopping bag, quite obviously on her way to the Ukrainian version of Tesco, but stopped when she saw this strange man lying on the ground with fire-crackers going off in the background. This is the kind of reporting you are getting from the BBC and the rest of the western media. It is false and utterly misleading.

As for nuclear war. I explained to Rosa how all this came about, going back to the US initiated coup, in Ukraine in 2014 and how political parties become elected through the good services of the corporate body who, supply huge amounts of finance to the candidates of their choice. They do not do this out of the goodness of their hearts or a sense of patriotism, no, they do this as an investment, and they reap the reward for this once their
chosen and amenable candidate is elected.

I asked Rosa to consider why these people would engineer the election of a president who had Alzheimer’s. Well because he is easily manipulated and of course, a good many  of the contributing “patriots” are linked to the armaments industry. Or like his son who gets a monthly stipend of several hundred thousand dollars from a Ukrainian oil company.

As for nuclear war, I told Rosa, it is not going to happen because once a nuclear war starts then the profits stop, in fact, everything stops. I assured Rosa that as soon as it seemed likely that either Joe Biden or Liz Truss was about to start a nuclear conflict, the puppeteers would cut the strings, leaving them flopping on the floor.

I went on to explain some of the narratives that the BBC employed such as “ Russia targeted a residential block of fats” without explaining that the Ukrainian army was using this civilian building as a firing point, ammunition store or command post, all in contravention of the Geneva convention. A single cruise missile costs several million dollars. Why on earth would any sane army use one to kill a few civilians? Same with the Ukrainian army “finding mass graves” in, err, actual cemeteries.

The BBC, and the rest of western media  have a lot to answer for, as through their disgraceful journalism ( if you can call it that) they are terrifying our children and grandchildren.
They are disgusting and dangerous bastards who wade through a cesspit of lies and half-truths. These awful people should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Well after a long conversation Rosa felt better and she will now be looking at reports in western media in a new light and be able to sleep at night without wondering if she will wake up in the Morning.

I was going to blether about Nicola Sturgeon and her fantasy referendum but kind of got carried away, so time for a little refreshment.

So, to all my friends the world over (including Russia ) I wish you a very pleasant weekend. And remember

The problem with having blind faith is that someday you might wake up blind.



The World This Week From Mennies

Saturday 1 October 2022

Well, another week in and an eventful one at that.
The Tories are in a god awful mess after bringing out a mini budget which rewarded the wealthy and penalised the poorer members of society. In doing they crashed the pound, causing the Bank of England to step in to buy up debt.

At one point the pound was almost at parity with the dollar, a place it hadn’t been for almost 40 years. In the weeks leading up to the Tory leadership contest I stated that I thought Liz Truss was thick. I couldn’t have realised what a compliment I was giving her.

Already , letters are going in from concerned Tory MP’s regarding her future and all this after Johnston, you just couldn’t make this up.

So here is a prediction, the Tories are in such a mess and they do not have the ability to get out of it,nor prevent the coming recession, so the only way out will be to call an election knowing full well they will be trashed but it is the only way they can pass this utter disaster on to someone else.

Problem is that this “ someone else is SIR Kieth Starmer” Oh my fucking god, we are truly in a bloody mess.

Meanwhile Nicola Nero Sturgeon fiddles while Scotland burns and I am not speaking of Robert Burns. She is the most useless person that anyone could hope for in a leader. At the last count she had about six mandates to get us off the jolly ship England before she sinks and she is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Oops better not mention Ships as she has a pending problem explaining to Police Scotland why contracts for the two ferries languishing on the Clyde seem to have been illegally awarded to a pal of hers.

Elsewhere in the world, the well known terrorist organisation affectionally known as Uncle Sam, blew up a gas pipeline leading from Russia to Germany in an act of war.

Yes believe it or not, the US, not satisfied with causing a war in Ukraine , deliberately attacks a main source of power to one of its allies because public opinion in that country was shifting against its crazy actions in Ukraine.

In Ukraine itself Russia has had several setbacks, mainly in its soft defences in areas of occupation. How ever at great cost to the Ukrainian army, which will tell in coming weeks as Russia recover these positions and much more.

The UN, pushed by the US condemned the referendum in four areas of the Donbas area which seceded from Ukraine in 2004. Might I suggest that the UN read their own charter on self determination which covers this exact case.

So after such a nice week, a couple of pints in Mennies and a chance to contemplate the week to come. Oh my god , I don’t think I will bother.

So despite the doom and gloom, I wish my friends the world over a good and peaceful weekend.
You are going to need it.


Never be afraid to say what you honestly believe is the right thing to say, and never be afraid of listening, to what someone else believes is the right thing to say. Invariably the actual right thing, is somewhere in between.

A well earned pint in Mennies

The World This Week From Mennies

Saturday 24 September 2022

Well, another Saturday night and a pint in Mennies. Back a week now from my trip around the Med and getting back to normality, if there is such a thing in this mad, crazy world we live in.
Not the best of cruises I have been on. P&O , very British , very poor service and very poor food. Probably sums it up except for, I won’t be back.

The last week was marked by the Royal funeral which made the cruise even worse as people were constantly talking about it and believe it or not they closed some of the entertainment venues on the ship so that you could go and have a forced mourning in your cabin.

I suppose the conversation of the week was one night at dinner when a lady announced that it was nice to see Andrew in his uniform again. I mentioned that I didn’t realise there was a pedophile uniform. However , it is probably understandable as the Queen had a habit of knighting pedophiles.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the world is basically fucked, or at least the western world is, and the coming recession in many western nations is by coincidence related to the current proxy war with Russia. Actually, I should qualify that. The coming recessions are directly related to the SANCTIONS imposed by stupid politicians in western nations against Russia.

This whole debacle has shown that Russia can be a good friend but a bad enemy, take note.

Right , I can’t think of anything else to moan about, so I will wish all of my friends the world over a good and peaceful weekend and remember, this life might not be the party you expected but seeing as we are here we might as well dance.