Who Are The Terrorists?

Read this,


It was written in 2001, 15 years ago. It was right then and it is right now. It will also be right in another 15 years, Israel is the root of the troubles in the middle east, all on the premise of an alleged promise made by an entity which does not exist and taken from a book which contains the most horrendous instructions supposedly given by this non existing supernatural entity, all leading supposedly intelligent humans to the conclusion that by believing this many times altered book they will achieve a greater Israel.

Let us hope that this latest UN resolution on Israel’s treatment of an oppressed Palestinian people, is for once taken seriously by the rest of the civilized World and the government of Israel is forced to act in a humanitarian manner towards the people they oppress.

There has been 65 UN resolutions passed against Israel expressing, members concern at the way it treats the Palestinian people. Of these 65 resolutions there is 29 (including this latest one) which are binding on members of the UN. Israel has ignored every one of the 65 resolutions and still treats the Palestinian people in a disgusting manner.

It is because of Israel that the west is fighting wars in the Middle East and why we now have failed countries in Afghanistan. Iraq,Libbya and by the looks of things the only thing that has stopped Syria going the same way had been because of the intervention of Russia.

It is a simply fact of life ,that without Israel we would in all probability, simply not have a potential terrorist problem in this country, and this is one the reasons why Scotland has to become independent. Because by doing that we would distance ourselves from the right wing, mindless, support of Israel supporting policies, of the Westminster government. The Scottish government should make clear its support of the latest UN resolution.

This is not directed at the Jewish people /religion, but the extreme, Zionist element which controls the Israeli government and most of the western  press.


I Told you so


Yesterday I wrote a blog, laying out my concerns regarding the Scottish governments policy on Brexit. I said I hoped I was wrong.


I wasn’t wrong. I read through the 64 page document this morning. It gives a lot of information about elements of membership and part membership of the EU. None of which the Scottish people voted for at the EU referendum.

Quite simply, the Scottish people voted for full membership with all the advantages that this brings including a strong possibility of a referendum, in the event of Scotland voting to stay in the EU, but being dragged out against its will because of a majority in other parts of the UK. That is not what the Scottish government was addressing today in this paper.

So, to save you all reading through the whole 64 pages (a lot of which were repeating earlier parts) I have condensed it to one sentence which sums it up and sums up my fears contained in the blog I did yesterday.


Dear Mrs May.

If you wish to keep Scotland in the union, then simply come to an arrangement with the EU for the UK or indeed Scotland to retain membership of the single market or the EEA (European Economic Area).

This should not be much of a problem as I feel you will be doing that anyway.

Best regards


Yes, indeed a road map at last, but unfortunately a road map to Unionism.




A road map to unionism ?

OK so tomorrow the Scottish government /SNP will lay out their policy on Britex . Strange thing is that I thought they had done that some time ago when they said that a situation where Scotland voted to remain in the EU but were dragged out by a vote elsewhere in the UK would lead to a situation where we could go for independence.

This “policy” has been watered down as we have progressed through the farce that is the UK governments position (or non-position) on Britex. We have come from the initial position which should have been taken advantage of the day following the EU referendum to “Scotland should be a member of the free trade area” to “Scotland should be a member of the EU economic area”. Neither of these options are what the Scottish people voted for at the EU referendum we voted for full membership with the option of another independence referendum if we were dragged out against our will. It is as simple as that.

During, and around the time of the SNP conference I became concerned at the content of speeches from Nicola Sturgeon , Angus Robertson and John Swinney. The cause of my concern was that it could have been construed from the speeches of Nicola and Angus that the main concern of the SNP was to ,in some way assist the UK to come out of the Britex negotiations with Scotland remaining a firm member of the UK. In fact, during an interview Angus Robertson agreed that if Scotland could be kept a member of the Free trade area, or even the EU economic area then there would be no need for another independence referendum. John Swinny made a statement around the same time stating that in the event of another independence referendum we could be in exactly the situation we were in during the last one with a policy of a joint currency with England. This to me showed either that he was on a different planet from the rest of us, or because there was such a remote chance of another referendum that it really did not matter what he said as it would have no effect anyway.

So, all of this gave me cause for concern that the SNP had strayed from their remit according to the second chapter in their own constitution, which clearly makes them the party of independence.

We are more than two years from the last independence referendum and the SNP have made not a single effort to address the issues we lost the last one on.

They have not clarified the situation on pensions.

They have not clarified the situation on the monetary situation in an independent Scotland, in fact as mentioned above , John Swinny has muddied the waters regarding this.

They have missed two golden opportunities with both the Westminster elections and the recent Scottish elections to insert into either manifesto the intention to wrest control from Westminster of the ability for Scotland to call and organise any future independence referendum.

Now,because of the Brexit situation and the new “I am not voting to come out of one union just to be held in another union” attitude they have not implemented an initiative of education as to the benefits of the EU.

Probably the most important omission they have been guilty of is their failure to foster the support of the wonderful grass roots organisations that sprung up during the referendum , in a road map  to independence campaign which could have been highlighting the failures of the UK to abide by the promises made during the independence campaign and things like the silly “vow”.

So it is with that back drop that I lay out my reservations regarding the possible content of tomorrows statement of the way forward for Scotland in connection with Britex .

I have long campaigned for a proper road map to independence.

I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling that tomorrows statement from the SNP will produce a road map to unionism.

This is not our road

A letter to Donald


Hi Donald

I might not have been your bigest fan in the past and to be perfectly honest I probably still am not your biggest fan. However this is a time of change and if nothing else you have just confirmed that observation.

I have had many debates with some of your fellow country men and have taken exception to some of the comments you have made in the presidential campaign in connection to foreigners and women. I predicted that you would lose the election decisively.

I was wrong and I have admitted this to your supporters, much to their glee.

During the election campaign I became concerned that your main rival Hillary Clinton, was not perhaps the best alternative candidate. I had my reservations regarding her rhetoric concerning Russia and I had concerns that she was in the pocket of the Israeli government.

It seemed to me a reasonable assumption that there was a distinct possibility that a conflict with Russia was on the cards. My main concern was that because you use Scotland as a car park for your trident nuclear weapons that the British government hire from you then it would be Scotland that would be the first casualty in any conflict with Russia. Therefore ,despite my initial concerns at your possible election , I must admit to a somewhat relief at your victory.

At present, you seem to be having a problem with your (for lack of a better description) intelligence department the CIA regarding certain emails sent by Hillary. The accusation being that this was through hacking carried out by Russia.

I have been watching the BBC World service and have been disgusted at the way they have been reporting this. The BBC have a track record  in this biased reporting going back to the Scottish independence referendum and here is a link to a documentary called “London Calling”  which you can have a look at in your spare time .


Now the main reason I am writing to you is this. Russia had nothing to do with the release of these emails, in fact it was one of your very own intelligence operatives who ,it would seem had concerns regarding the contents of them. So they were not hacked but released by a whistle blower.

Now I attach below a link to a blog by Craig Murry, a former British ambassador and well known supporter of Scottish independence. He is also a personal friend of Julian Assange the promoter of Wikileaks who your intelligence services are at present trying to extricate from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. I would trust Craig way over your, err, intelligence services who, as you yourself say were responsible for the misleading information on weapons of mass destruction that allowed Bush and Blair to take our young soldiers to war in Iraq , killing many of them together with several hundred thousand innocent Iraqis.


So there is some bedtime reading for you Donald and while I am at it could you please stop your nonsense regarding Scottish renewable energy, particularly in the form of wind farms. They will do your golf course at Mennie no harm and are far enough from there not to blow your wig of when you are visiting Scotland .



Another letter to Nicola


Dear Nicola

It is some time since I wrote to you . The last time was a couple of days before the Scottish elections when I took issue with you for failing to include in the manifesto for that election, the very basic building blocks for a future possible referendum.

Well ,it would appear that I was not the only one who had concerns about your approach to independence because the results of that election were very poor indeed for the SNP  with the loss of 6 seats and a meager increase on numbers support of something like 1.2% compared to an  increase in the 2011 election of something like 12%. There was much more but I do not intend going over old ground . The point I am making is that you do not seem to have the capacity to understand the feelings of the people . The people who you were fond of telling everyone, would let you know when the time was right for another referendum an apparent soliloquy I have not heard for some time now.

Ok ,so where are we now? Well no where really, in fact we are in exactly the same place we were on the 19th September 2014 ,

neither are we any more prepared for another referendum than we were then.

You have went through the motions of the very basic arrangements for bringing an act before the Scottish parliament to facilitate a possible future referendum but you are obviously aware that it has no legal standing as a referendum is a devolved matter. So at this point in my letter to you can I take you back to the point of my last letter which was to warn that to miss the opportunity to include in the manifesto of one election( the Westminster one ) the intention to wrest control of the ability to hold and organise a referendum was unwise, but to then proceed to once again fail to take the opportunity in the Scottish elections to do this, was an act of unbelievable incompetence, and should you be progressing these arrangements to legalise a future referendum you will be finding this out very shortly.

We are in the position of Scotland having voted to stay in the EU and England voting to come out by a margine that will see us taken out of the EU against our will. Now you will recall that in the run up to the EU referendum you made great play out of  the ” fact” that should this situation arise, it would be seen as a material change which could very well trigger a referendum. Now the question on the ballot paper was to ascertain whether the UK would say as a member of the EU or leave. You will note that there was no other question. For instance there was no option to leave the EU but retain membership of the single market or even retaining membership of the European economic Area. Therefore the people of Scotland voted to remain in the full EU, together with all the advantages such as the European Human rights act, etc.

Therefore ,let me ask you this . Where do you think you get the authority to decide that ,firstly the fact that we are now in the process of leaving the EU does not constitute a material change, therefore triggering an intention to hold a referendum, which in effect could be held that this is what the people of Scotland voted for ( in the EU with the added bonus of a referendum on independence) and secondly where do you think you get the authority from to change the goal posts from a material change being out of the EU to being a minor partner ( without all of the EU advantages) with some sort of piggy back to the single market. Now both these scenarios are bad enough but to make matters worse there has been suggestions of late that a mere access to the European Economic area will suffice and your deputy leader of the party has stated that if any of these scenarios are achieved then there would be no need for a referendum.

Let me be quite clear Nicola , when the people of Scotland voted in the EU referendum they voted for full membership of the EU and not any half hearted fudge. It is very clear that your place in history is assured as the leader of a party who deliberately missed the best political opportunity to fulfill their reason to exist when you decided not to declare a future referendum on independence the day after the UK voted to leave the EU. The way things are going , you will also go down in history as the leader who painted herself into the most obvious political corner , ever as there are several likely scenarios which will be played out .

When the supreme court adjudicates on the parliamentary shambles called Brexit , a general election will be called and another EU referendum will be called which will be a resounding yes.

The tory government will continue with Brexit but negotiate associated status with the EU single market.

The Tory government will continue with Brexit with an attachment to the European Economic area.

With any of these scenarios the SNP will be left waiting in the corner for the paint to dry and the Scottish people will be let down once more but the SNP for some inexplicable reason will still be in power , at least until the next election.

When Alex Salmond left the leadership he wrote a book titled “The Dream Will Never Die” I wonder if his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he chose that title.

I dont want a dream that will never die , I want a dream that will be realised, please get on with it.