Road to nowhere instead of a road map to independence

Ok so here we are two days after the worst result the SNP have had in an election for many years and here is a few uncomfortable facts to chew over .

SNP 6 seats less than the last Scottish elections

Three weeks ago SNP predicted to get all 73 constituency seats

The SNP got 59 Constituency seats

Therefore in effect SNP lost 14 seats they were strongly predicted to get

The SNP did not ask for a mandate to hold a referendum in their manifesto and so they don’t have one

The SNP did not ask for a mandate to gain the power to even call a referendum in their manifesto

The SNP mislead the people of Scotland into believing that both votes for them would further the cause of independence

People were disillusioned because there was nothing in the manifesto regarding independence

The SNP panicked when they realised this and hauled out Stewart Hosie with a promise of unspecified further moves on independence AFTER the election

People were disgusted with Nicola Sturgeon for posing on the front page of the Sun two days after the verdict in Hillsborough came out and prancing around in her Margaret Thatcher Jacket was not exactly the brightest thing to do either.

The SNP will go down in history as the party that allowed the conservative party in scotland to become a credible party once more and unfortunately they are in a state of cognitive dissonance and are trying to put a positive spin on the election. They really need to accept the fact that the disquiet that they have been turning a deaf ear to for quite some time now was real and the people have made that very plain in this election.

This in my opinion sums up why today we have an SNP Scottish government who as far as independence goes , are somewhat up the creek and only a strong will and the application of deft policies and a proper strategy will take us to another referendum in a few years, but I for one am not holding my breath .

There is however a glimmer of light on the horizon I would suggest and here is my offering for what it is worth. Some time ago ,in fact in the run up to the Westminster elections I was speaking to one of Labour’s political managers about the prospects of Labour’s efforts in that election . I told him that the only hope for Labour was to break away from the UK Labour party in London form a truly Scottish Labour party and embrace independence.

Well you know what happened to Labour in that election and much the same has happened here in the Scottish elections. Labour can’t go much lower and they must look at a new and very radical strategy . They must now consider the road to independence, as that is the only road that will take them anywhere and they must shake of the toxic ties to Blairism.

I was in Menies last night for a pint with some other Yes supporters , members of the Yes bus team and in one of the rooms there was a large group of labour activists and politicians. People whose politics  I don’t agree with but have remained friends through the referendum campaign and the westminster one also. There has been many a heated discussion between us throughout this time. Jenny Marra was there and I went through to offer my commiserations and at the same time congratulate her on keeping her seat at Holyrood. I said to her that I looked forward to seeing how they intend building that once proud party back again. She assured me that they would saying ” we are not going anywhere ” I gave her a wee hug and told her “I hope not ”

So there is the future for both the SNP and Scottish labour and I have actually spoken of this before . Labour to change and embrace independence and the SNP to welcome them to the fold , then we would be back on the road to independence . No recriminations no hate comments or animosity just a common love for this great country we have here and the wonderful people we have in it.

All political parties in Scotland have made mistakes but it is now time to leave them in the past , get our sleeves rolled up and get stuck in.

We can still be on the road to independence.

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4 thoughts on “Road to nowhere instead of a road map to independence”

  1. Bob I’m so fed up with your negativity……please give it a rest collect the toys you through out the pram ……you resigned from the party and did not vote you have no right to offer comment sorry but I’m so fed up with all this nonsense.

    1. Well Kat don’t read it, but interesting to get a ( presumably) SNP view on the ability to comment on ones country’s let me get this right I resigned from one of the political party’s in Scotland so I have no right to comment on the Scottish government. hmm interesting

      1. Why comment when you didn’t even vote !!!!!!….I have no inside info as I’ve said before but I trust Nicola to do the best and lead us on to independence but patience is required your time would better used supporting this instead of spreading negativity……we won the election but maybe if u and others like u voted we’d have the majority we wanted

  2. No Kat the reason you didn’t have the majority you wanted was because the party you put your blind faith in messed up big time as I have explained in the blog . I am sorry but there is just no other logical interpretation and the reason I did not vote was because again as I have explained ,I knew they were going to do it.

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