A letter to Donald


Hi Donald

I might not have been your bigest fan in the past and to be perfectly honest I probably still am not your biggest fan. However this is a time of change and if nothing else you have just confirmed that observation.

I have had many debates with some of your fellow country men and have taken exception to some of the comments you have made in the presidential campaign in connection to foreigners and women. I predicted that you would lose the election decisively.

I was wrong and I have admitted this to your supporters, much to their glee.

During the election campaign I became concerned that your main rival Hillary Clinton, was not perhaps the best alternative candidate. I had my reservations regarding her rhetoric concerning Russia and I had concerns that she was in the pocket of the Israeli government.

It seemed to me a reasonable assumption that there was a distinct possibility that a conflict with Russia was on the cards. My main concern was that because you use Scotland as a car park for your trident nuclear weapons that the British government hire from you then it would be Scotland that would be the first casualty in any conflict with Russia. Therefore ,despite my initial concerns at your possible election , I must admit to a somewhat relief at your victory.

At present, you seem to be having a problem with your (for lack of a better description) intelligence department the CIA regarding certain emails sent by Hillary. The accusation being that this was through hacking carried out by Russia.

I have been watching the BBC World service and have been disgusted at the way they have been reporting this. The BBC have a track record  in this biased reporting going back to the Scottish independence referendum and here is a link to a documentary called “London Calling”  which you can have a look at in your spare time .


Now the main reason I am writing to you is this. Russia had nothing to do with the release of these emails, in fact it was one of your very own intelligence operatives who ,it would seem had concerns regarding the contents of them. So they were not hacked but released by a whistle blower.

Now I attach below a link to a blog by Craig Murry, a former British ambassador and well known supporter of Scottish independence. He is also a personal friend of Julian Assange the promoter of Wikileaks who your intelligence services are at present trying to extricate from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. I would trust Craig way over your, err, intelligence services who, as you yourself say were responsible for the misleading information on weapons of mass destruction that allowed Bush and Blair to take our young soldiers to war in Iraq , killing many of them together with several hundred thousand innocent Iraqis.


So there is some bedtime reading for you Donald and while I am at it could you please stop your nonsense regarding Scottish renewable energy, particularly in the form of wind farms. They will do your golf course at Mennie no harm and are far enough from there not to blow your wig of when you are visiting Scotland .




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