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Friday 25 November 2022

Nicola Sturgeon The Great Betrayer

Well, there we have it, the silly wee lassie that sold us down the river, through either the worst case of incompetence known to politics or more likely, a well-planned betrayal hatched and thought out in the dark confines of Thames House in Milbank, London.

Nicola Sturgeon decided to go to the highest court in a foreign country and asked them to pass judgment on whether Scotland could have a referendum on independence without the authority of the UK parliament according to the UK law contained in the Scotland act, first initiated in 1998 to facilitate the formation of a devolved government in Scotland. This was after the long-awaited devolution referendum which took place in 1997 and returned a huge majority for self-rule.

Therin, I believe was the big mistake ( or part of the plan). Sturgeon asking for a determination on a false premise. She was asking the supreme court to adjudicate on whether Scotland would have been in controversion of the Scotland act, had we carried out a referendum on independence.

Now setting aside the fact that the case she presented was immature, amateurish and actually quite funny at times and indeed bypassed a perfectly good court of Session here in Scotland, the judges in the Supreme court were completely correct in their judgment. Yes, she would have been in fact breaking the law as far as the Scotland act is concerned as elections and referendums are retained matters. A dummy could have foreseen the outcome of such a silly action.

The whole point of my comment here is to question the validity of the Scotland act in the first place.

The Act of Union in 1707 was basically an agreement between two countries to cooperate in matters of trade and new laws which could be enacted by agreement on both sides, however, the basis of any new laws was not to disadvantage either side. It was supposed to be a union of equals. Each country kept their own laws and judges.

Now many people in Scotland were not at all happy with this union and indeed during the time from 1707 to 1746, there were several uprisings in 1708, 1712,1715, 1719 and finally 1745 which culminated in the Battle of Culloden or the battle of Drummossie as it was at the time.

During these unsettled years, the Union changed somewhat from an agreement between equals to a situation where a rather forceful presence of armies from England and indeed a fair amount of Scottish regiments such as the black Watch, kept the locals and clans in their place, which people like General Wade ( of the national anthem fame)  given the job of creating military roads throughout Scotland so that troops could be moved quickly to trouble spots. What is now the A9 a very good example of that.

So basically, our partner in the union became the bully of the union. However, the principle of the union didn’t change legally until there seemed to be a chance of Scotland returning to the independent country it always was. I have said many times that we are going the wrong way about things by seeking independence because we have never been anything else but independent, as Scotland was never extinguished as a country.

So, in 1998 along came the first Scotland act which sought to envelop Scotland into a subservient colony. There was no referendum to introduce this new relationship however and therefore no agreement with the Scottish people to abide by it.

So, why would Sturgeon seek to further cement us to a subservient position as an appendage of England by going to the Supreme court to decide on the implications of an act we never agreed to? Well, I think the answer to that is obvious. She is doing a very good job as a servant of the union. The Scotland Act was rejuvenated in 2016 after we sent 56 SNP MPs down to London. They made over 80 requests for amendments, but everyone was voted down, all they did was to legitimize the Scotland act, they should have boycotted it and come home to form a convention together with the members of the Scottish parliament and simply reiterated the independence of Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon is the great betrayer, and it is time she and her cabal of incompetents were replaced. I am hoping that this Frankenstein monster she has created in the form of the Gender Recognition bill will destroy her, if not then I am afraid the whole independence movement is a lost cause.

Quite simply, by going to the Supreme court, Nicola Sturgeon has further legitimized the Scotland act and the only way out now is to call a Scottish election with a one-issue mandate, that of confirming our independence, form a convention of the estates and state our independence.

Oh, and just one more thing.

I told you so


The World Ths Week From Mennies

Saturday 19 November 2002.


This mad war goes on and on. Mad, because it was all so preventable and the outcome will prove that to be the case because the outcome will provide independence for the Donetsk area and Ukraine will not become a member of NATO. In the process, the Ukrainian army will be all but destroyed and hopefully, the country will be de-Nazified. Although that last objective, of the Russian government will be somewhat more difficult as Nazi ideology is very much entrenched in Ukrainian society. A very poignant example of this was shown the other day when a video surfaced of 12 unarmed Donetsk soldiers surrendering and then being shot in the head by Ukrainian troops. Strangely enough, this did not feature in western media news reports just like the many other war crimes carried out by Ukraine. Until some common sense prevails Ukraine will carry out the proxy war on behalf of the US/Nato alliance.

The disaster that is the UK

Last week the chancellor gave yet another
emergency budget that basically awarded the bankers and money market dealers
and sought to fleece the workers yet again. We have a double financial whammy
to contend with in the form of the disaster that is Brexit together with
idiotic and suicidal sanctions against Russia.
The UK is now bottom of the league of poor countries in Europe with the lowest
GDP of all of the more developed European countries .

These idiotic Sanctions against Russia are an
example of shooting oneself in the foot and when you add Brexit, shooting oneself
in both feet.
The UK is in recession, and I predict that before the end of the winter the government will be forced to provide camps to accommodate people who can no
longer make ends meet and provide them with heat light and food. Twelve Years of Tory rule has been a disaster once again.


As we draw near to the final vote on Gender recognition in the Scottish parliament, which is due by the 23 November it sends shivers up my back as I see the disaster to women’s and children’s safety that is about to unfold.
Nicola Sturgeon and her band of weirdos which include the two unelected Green members of the government are hell-bent on allowing any sexual predator into female private places such as toilets and changing rooms. This disgusting bill was presented by Dundee’s own Sheona Robison one of the dimmer members of Sturgeon’s inner cabal.
In the last vote, there were 7 SNP votes against, and two abstentions and my hope is, that this Frankenstein monster that Sturgeon has created will be the cause of her demise in Scottish politics.

So to put a lighter slant on things, this has been one of the wettest weeks in this part of Scotland in history and it doesn’t look as though it is getting much better. There must be something positive out there  I can write about, but anyway, to all my friends the word over I wish you a good and peaceful weekend.