Is Daft Donald as Daft as we think?

Ok, as we look forward to Trumps visit to Scotland with plans to show our disapproval of his term of office to date, I think its is worth looking at where we are now compared to where we could have been had the US election went another way.

Now there is only one other way the election could have gone, and that was that Hillary Clinton would have been chosen as president of the most powerful country on the planet. Granted , the best possible candidate, in my opinion would have been Bernie Saunders, but the reason he was not chosen to stand was more to do with the Democratic Party than the opposition.

Had Hillary been voted in then almost certainly the World would have been different place today. Almost certainly we would have been in conflict with Russia, probably through a proxy war based mainly In Syria and indeed Iran. Clinton was very firmly in the pocket of Israel and as is widely known , American foreign policy in the Middle East is based of the whims of the Zionist government of Israel.

Now Trump has not actually started any wars. No, but he did inherit four of them., Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya ,although Libya was by the time of his election relegated to the aftermath of unwise intervention without any end plan, leaving a once thriving country in an absolute unlawful mess.

Now,  the  Afganistan and Iraq debacles were started by Republican administrations under the Bush family. The Libyan and Syrian illegal interventions were embarked upon under Democratic administrations with Clinton very much to the fore in these adventures.

So regardless of prevailing thoughts on Donald Trump, we are probably actually in a better place that we would have been had Clinton been in the White House. Regardless of a couple of silly attacks on Syria using false accusations of the Syrian forces using chemical weapons, there has not really been any escalation in US efforts at regime change and Russia has made a real difference to upholding Democracy in Syria. Ok you might not totally agree with the use of the word democracy in relation to Assad but it is a hell of a lot better than other western allies like Saudi Arabia where there is not a single vestige of democracy.

Trump has actually made conciliatory noises towards Russia which is a refreshing difference from Britain with their unbelievably stupid, and obviously set up novachock incidents, designed to demonise Russia. It might be of interest that last night I was in a local hostelry watching Russia play Croatia in the World Cup. Every single person in the bar was cheering on Russia, a mark of how the Scottish people see the very transparent attempts of the British government to falsly blame Russia for something that had nothing to do with.

On Iran, yes ,Trump has taken the US out of the agreement made with Iran concerning their ability to produce nuclear weapons, but we are not at war with them, which ,I am sure would not have been the situation had Clinton been in power.

So step back and look at where we are on a wider world picture. We are probably further from Armageddon than we would have been had Clinton been pulling the strings, and as for Armageddon, look it up on the map and you might be surprise to realise just where its is. It is right bang in the middle of where a greater Israel would be if they get their way in the middle east.

Trump must be under huge pressures from ultra right warmongers like Pompeo and John Bolton but he hasn’t actually started a war yet and his rather unorthodox approach to Kim Jung of North Korea has actually produced a result,  of sorts ,however I do feel that this could be under threat because of negotiations carried out by US officials.

Look,  Trump has problems, no question about it but what World leader doesn’t. His communication skills leave a lot to be desired but I do think the wider picture has to be taken into account.

History will judge him, as it will, those who have judged him. Perhaps Daft Donald is not quite as daft as we think.