Time to make up your mind

Please read this article by Ian Mc Whirter . Now is the time for clear thinking by the people of Scotland because if we remain in this unequal union, the UK , we will lose forever the chance to achieve our independence under the thumb of a right wing Tory government who consistently ignores the needs and wishes of the people of Scotland.
Now is not the time for the well trotted out nonsensical statement of ” I am not coming out of one Union just to be trapped in another one” mainly from left leaning people. The same people who (many of them) voted yes during the last referendum on the basis of Scotland remaining part of the EU.
It is your responsibility to research the benefits of the EU and realise just what you will be getting in to, with Brexit and having to form trading deals with countries like America. It is strange that many of the people who are against remaining in the EU are the very people who were against the introduction of TTIP. Well I have got news for you. If we form a trading agreement with America to replace some of the shortfall from the EU, then you will be getting shackled to TTIP and you will have to lump it.
This is not the time to indulge in fantasy’s you really need to seriously look at the EU benefits and stop talking nonsense about straight bananas, because if you don’t, you are in for a very severe shock .
Regardless of my reservations on how the SNP have failed to provide a road map to independence, and their single issue stance( the single market) I can foresee that they are going to realise that a referendum has to happen during 2018 regardless of whether the UK government make partial provision for access to the single market or not, so be prepaired to get back on the streets in campaign mode very shortly.
The yes Bus team is ready, and waiting to continue our journey.

Independence, the illusive Butterfly

Read this attachment by Craig Murray , it mirrors my own fears and I have been trying to get this over for a long time .
There had been no preparation for another referendum , there was nothing in the manifestoes of either the Westminster election or the Scottish parliamentary elections last May to attempt to wrest control of the setting or operation of future referendums and this is coming home now to roost with the announcement by ,of all people Fallon, the minister of defence, Hmm.
Every crest of a wave that the SNP have achieved since the referendum has been facilitated  by others like the Tories and Scottish Labour.
We have had so many false starts ( usually right before elections) from the SNP that there is actually a malaise setting in to the independence following.
Yes there is a lot of talk at the moment of another  referendum but that is because the SNP have been in the process of backing themselves into a corner. This started with the EU referendum which showed exactly the scenario that the SNP indicated would lead to another independence referendum. That was the people of Scotland voting to stay in the EU but being dragged out against our will by voting elsewhere in the UK.
The day after the EU referendum will go down in history as the worst political decision ever when Nicola Sturgeon , instead of announcing an independence referendum was persuaded By Theresa may that she would have a virtual veto over negotiations before the UK would move to the exit door. Well we now know what happened to that promise, do we? 
Instead , what did we get ? well we had an about turn by the SNP from full membership to an association with the single market as a line in the sand . Something not a single Scot voted for.
We had the Scottish government ‘s attempt at a compromise (under whose instruction or permission I do not know) contained in the 64 pages of the “brexit offer” which was basically a road map to unionism and absolutely nothing to do with Scotland being dragged out of the EU, and more to do with finding ways to keep Scotland in the UK ( which was not what Scotland voted for )and at the same time being part of the single market. ( which was also not what Scotland voted for )
Yesterday we had the farce of the Westminster debate on whether the government should be allowed to continue with Brexit .
Tomorrow we will be treated to the white paper on Brexit. A paper that should have been produced before the debate.
Well I will make a prediction . I bet there is a little further hint that the UK government will seek to  actually be a part of the single market, and on this point I would like to say that this so called “hard Brexit ” was nothing of the sort because Theresa May indicated that the single market would indeed be in their sights during negotiations.
Now let me be plain, I hope the SNP do eventually get round to announcing a new referendum and I think we will win it. Just as I think we would have won it at almost any time since the last one , with proper consideration given to the reasons we ;lost the last one.
I feel the SNP have painted themselves into a corner with making this a one issue affair . There should have been a rolling program leading to the ultimate goal , a proper road map to independence, with the EU situation just one of many reasons why we should not be part of the UK. 
Independence seems to be, unnecessarily , the illusive Butterfly