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Scotland football, Biden and Putin, SNP, gender recognition and George Orwell

Scotland V England, Euros

Ok, so another week in and the tartan Army are down there in London having a ball. The reason being that the Scottish football team played the auld enemy last night and the result was a draw. This keeps their hopes live for the rest of the Euro tournament.

Now for my friends in far flung parts of the planet ,I had better explain. The term “Tartan Army “does not mean that we sent an army down south to sort out the English. No, there days are long gone, although if you were to pick up some of the main stream papers down there you might not realise that. The Tartan Army is the name for a group of supporters who travel to wherever the Scottish football team are playing and they have stuck with them through thick and thin.

Of all the teams in the World, the most important one on most Scots hit lists is the English team. On reading most main line papers you could be forgiven for thinking that Scotland is forever the underdog and with a population approximately 10 times the size of Scotland England obviously has a big advantage, however since the first football match between the two teams which took place in 1872 the record is England 48 wins Scotland 41 wins and 26 draws, so , it is not really that bad a record.

It was a nil-nil draw last night with England just hanging on till the end. After the match I switched channels and believe it or not Braveheart was on, so a good evening all round.

Biden and Putin

So, the long awaited meeting between Biden and Putin took place against a back drop of ramped up verbal aggression against both Russia and China. The thing about the west is that they need bogy men to make up for their lack of diplomatic abilities in their dealings with the other 90% of the world.

No matter where there is a west construed conflict( and there are many of them) you might notice that there is always someone else to blame. Lets take Afghanistan for instance. Just about everyone has been individually thrown out of that country including the British, but in relatively recent years, Russia and America were the notable protagonists. Russia was fighting the Mujahedeen backed by the CIA then when America decided that Afghanistan was to be punished for Saudi Arabia crashing airliners into the twin towers and the Pentagon, the Mujahedeen conveniently turned into Al-Qaida and of course the Russians were always there to blame for American setbacks.

The very same happened in Libya and Syria, America was somewhere and in someone else’s country without that country’s permission and the Russians were always there like the bogy man, the threat you never actually see. Thank goodness for Russia in Syria as it was them who defeated ISIS, America was training them and supplying them with weapons and chemical warfare ingredients, just like they did with Saddam Husain both during the war between Iraq and Iran and the gassing of the Kurdish village in Iraq.

So anyway, I digress, Biden and Putin sat down, had a blether, and by all accounts it was very positive. It must have been somewhat of a break from tradition for an American president to sit down and talk instead of sending B2 bombers on a mission of shock and awe and remember, that took place in Iraq in 2003 and America are still trying to extricate themselves from that debacle as they are, in Afghanistan.

So the moral of the story is that talking works bombing doesn’t

SNP and the dystopian future for Scotland

Make no mistake but we in Scotland are heading for a future that even George Orwell couldn’t have envisaged. We have a first Minister, who has taken control over the legal system in the country and used it for her own vindictive proposes in both the Alex Salmond case and the persecutions of independent bloggers such as Craig Murry and Martin Keatings.

It would seem that Sturgeon together with her inner circle, devised a plot to take down Alex Salmond who was seen as making a possible comeback into the political arena to fill a space left by the absence of any moves towards independence which should have been the job of Nicola Sturgeon. This conspiracy culminated in a trial of trumped up sex charges aided and abetted by a prosecution service led by the lord advocate who is part of Nicola Sturgeons cabinet. Alex Salmond was found not guilty of all charges by a jury which mainly consisted of women jurors. Believe it or not Nicola Sturgeon’s answer to this was to put in motion moves to abolish trial by jury. I kid you not.

As if this was not bad enough Nicola Sturgeon is on a crusade to encourage gender bending suggestion policies into schools together with phonographic and suggestively homosexual acceptability and normalisation teaching.

To prevent resistance to these abhorrent policies, she is bringing in dystopian hate crime legislation which could make even discussion of these policies subject to complaint under this legislation.

This is not North Korea I am speaking about, this is the future Scotland under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, you have been warned.

On a brighter note , it is Saturday evening and time for a couple of pints at my favorite hostelry, Mennies.

To all my friends no matter where you are on this fragile planet of ours, have a good weekend and I raise my glass to you



The World this week from Mennies.

Firstly, apologies for the singular content of the blog this week and the fact that the last blog I did contained some of the concerns I put forward today. Reason being that the subject I feel is important, promise I will give a better spread of what is going on next week.

Friday 11 June 2021

Are your children safe in the hands of the Scottish Government

In December 2014 the Scottish government set in motion the Child abuse enquiry a concern addressed by the Scottish Government during the days of Alex Salmond’s tenure as first minister. It was not initiated under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry was formally established by the Scottish Government in October 2015 under the Inquiries Act 2005 to investigate allegations of child abuse in residential settings and chaired by QC Susan O’Brien, alongside psychology professor Michael Lamb and Glenn Houston.

By this time, Nicola Sturgeon was leader of the SNP and first minister of Scotland.  

Very shortly after Nicola sturgeon became first minister the enquiry ran into problems because of Scottish government interference.  Michael Lamb resigned in June 2016, saying the inquiry was “doomed” due to government interference and Ms O’Brien followed one week later, making similar claims. 

Why would such an enquiry be held up through Scottish government in interference? The enquiry is still ongoing, but it would seem, that after 6 years it has gone nowhere.

During 2016 the Scottish government introduced legislation which would have brought in the “Named Person act” John Swinney was the minister responsible for this legislation, now this would have brought a third person (probably a stranger) into the family ark of responsibility. This person could have had an impact on the upbringing of children in the family.

Now, taking this alongside what is happening now with regard to highly suggestive actions in connection with school children in both gender identification and sexual preferences, this could have been yet another confusing entity, present in the normal growing up process of our children
It turned out that there was such an uproar against this erosion of family freedom that it had to be scrapped.

At present, the organisation Stonewall is being heavily criticised for their lobbying and influence in their crusade to normalise both homosexuality and gender identity in school children. Now can you imagine the outcome, if the named person legislation been successful and Stonewall had in some way been involved. There could have been huge pressure on vulnerable children to experiment with both abnormal sex, and gender identity. This, I would suggest is an area of grave concern for parents.

Now, before the Woke faction in the SNP start jumping up and down and making the usual transphobic/ homophobic allegations, let me make it plain that I am neither, and I truly believe that people should be perfectly free to decide just who they are and how they feel towards either sex, my hope is of course that it does not impact in a negative manner in connection with children and women, and when I say women I am speaking about women in the traditional and accepted biological format. I believe that there should be provision made for people who honestly believe that they are a different sex from how they are biologically made up, in as much as there should be male and female toilets with also one for transgender people. That way saving the embarrassment and fear felt by children and women, brought about by what they see as intrusions of a biologically different person, there because of the ability to self ID and I needn’t go into the abuses of that privilege that would obviously take place. So therefore, I am not talking about people who are genuine transexual, ( although I do have reservations with people who are still biologically men being in women’s private places and competing in women’s sporting events) no, my concerns are in connection with the obvious abuses of that right that will take place.

Now to cap it all, we have the pending Hate crime legislation which could be seen as a way of snuffing out the expression and indeed even discussion of concern at the implementing of these concerning developments. There is already in place, laws to protect people from hateful actions. This impending hate crime law will all but snuff out discussion of these issues. That is not healthy in a country which espouses democracy.

I believe there is a pattern here which could be seen as a huge exercise in grooming, and I feel that it is something that parents should be very careful of and indeed investigate just what their children are being taught.

So there it is, a government who obstruct investigations into child abuse, who allow lobbying and give huge sums of money to an organisation set up to look after the interests of minority groups and in doing so, promote unusual forms of sex and pornography in schools, A government who have brought out laws which could be seen as deliberately put there to  inhibit the expression of concern of a particular nature. A government mind you, who seem to be using the police and law officers to quell the expression of dissent for example the Jailing of Craig Murray.

One thing I am pretty sure of and that is that all is not well within the leadership of the SNP and the furthest thing from their mind is independence.

Ok, so that is off my chest and a couple of pints in my favorite hostelry, Mennies. We are still not in any way back to normal here and indeed the covid figures are once again going up. I have a feeling the Scottish government are now going to let it run and depend on the fact that there does not seem to be nearly as many hospital admissions, I think they are wrong about this but time will tell.

I wish all of my friends the World over a great weekend and I raise my glass to you


And remember, “life might not be the party you hoped it would be, but seeing as we are here we might as well dance”