Crann Tara, Born of Exaspiration

Crann Tara, is the organisation that has formed with the intention to gather together the disparate grass roots groups in order to make them a force for good in the fight for independence.

In principal, it is a good idea but one, which in my opinion will not work and here is why.

It has been formed by people of good intention, people who have themselves been involved in the independence movement for some time. It has been initiated because of a widespread feeling of frustration at the inability or unwillingness of the SNP to engage in their function in life, which is the attainment of independence.

At present there is a void in leadership of forming a proper road map to independence and this is, to my mind, the reason for this emergence of Crann Tara. It seems that there is many well minded people in this organisation with the very best of intentions but it is not going to work as a cohesive force to replace in any way the function of the SNP. I sincerely wish it could.
Ok so firstly the name Crann Tara ( the fiery cross) which many people believe was sent around the country with the intention of raising the Clans. Well that is the first mistake, no. it was sent around within a clan land or lands (if the clan was split into different locales) So it was a device for raising a Clan not many Clans. Now even when the Clans were gathered and fought under a central command (which was always a pretty loose command structure) they always fought as a Clan and were never split up, that was how they were most effective and that is my point. The grass roots groups were individual, they were spontaneous and natural they were local, they had their own politics and they knew the opposition. These were their strengths and that was why they were so effective. If you merge them into the one body you will dilute them.

One more thing about the grass roots groups and the clans is that they will never get on with one another if you try to bring them under a single command structure, and I can see this emerging now with cracks forming by the day.

You will never substitute the political strength and abilities of the SNP unless a new party is formed, or the leadership is changed.

By all means, maintain contact in connection with rallies and marches but leave the grass roots groups to get on with doing what they know best.

As far as independence goes , what is needed is a proper road map and I am tired of going over exactly what that involves but it is pretty simple. The SNP must address the issues we lost the last referendum on such as what the monitory position will be in an independent Scotland, what the pension position will be. We need a projected set of profit and loss accounts instead of these silly and discredited GERS figures. We need ambitious plans for our oil wealth and how this will affect the working population, not only by an oil fund but by a direct benefit such as a trust fund set up for every person over 18 which can be accessed say at 10-year intervals. That is the policies we need to be going out on the streets again with,because at present there is nothing to go out with, absolutely nothing.
Now before anyone starts jumping up and down and saying that the Fiscal Commission report will be releised shortly , I would like to say firstly ,that this is now well over a year late, it has been complete since October, so why waste critical time in delying it?
One thing, both the grass roots groups and the SNP can do, is stop the online abuse and foul language used to both suppress constructive criticism of the SNP and attack people who for their own reasons voted no in the referendum.

It was interesting that at the very first meeting of this group one of the main topics and in deed the subject of some sort of motion was to censure me for criticising the SNP. Although it was flattering that this august body from all over the country thought that my insignificant blogging merited discussion time at the meeting, I thought it rather humorous that they thought they could discipline someone who was not even a member of the organisation. A motion , you will understand that I have absolutely no intention of taking any notice off. It was obvious that the group had been populated by members of the site “We Are the 45” of which there are a disproportionate number of these vicious, foul mouthed, less than able to think SNP members and this is the section of the independence movement that have to be weeded out before there is any further progress on the road to independence.

That particular site has also some good and fair-minded members but even they are put of contributing, and you have to wade through the swamp of knuckle draggers to get a fair point over to them.

So, there it is for what it is worth, my opinion.
I was messaged by a couple of people I have known since the days of the referendum campaign after this first meeting and I made my views known, then and they will have noticed that my predictions of discord have been proven.
Leave the grass roots to get on with what they do best and by all means, meet up at rally’s and get togethers. If anything good is to come out of this “alliance” it has to be a policy of discouraging abuse on line,and a willingness to hold the SNP to conform to their constitution which is eat, sleep and breath ,independence.



I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

2 thoughts on “Crann Tara, Born of Exaspiration”

  1. Bob you must get tired of stating the obvious time after time & I agree, there should be no attempts at uniting organisations, many of whom are in conflicting political camps, each have a message to put out and a vision of what an iScotland should look like, each org has a target audience whom will be of their political persuasion, Indy and the politics required to gain Indy is not a “one size fits all” concept. This will end up in the usual acrimonious split and it will hinge on power. Fair play to you Bob & I hope this finds you in good spirits, I admire your dogged persistance pal.

    1. Thanks Eddie, it is like running up Ben Nevis at times as there is so many false summits. Yes the grass roots groups know their field so let them lay out their troops as only they know how. The problem is as always getting the SNP to do what it says in their constitution. This organisation will find there are People who would take advantage for their own benefit one particular person comes to mind and I would imagine you have an idea who I mean. I think the Rolling stones might call him Mothers Little Helper. Both the drug and the person have the same conclusion.
      The strange thing about that blog is that apart from one partially incoherent woman there has been a deathly silence.

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