All under one Clique

This is my second blog on the subject of All Under One Banner and their attempts to organise an event in Dundee. Since I wrote the blog yesterday there has been some very unsavoury developments such as threats of violence made against myself and others. I enclose the evidence below.

It is a great pity that the independence movement has to be tainted with this disgraceful behaviour.  A pity also that one of the main proponents in this affair was in the past involved in the attempts to adversely affect a previous rally because of the presence of Tommy Sheridan and now we have the spectacle of him arranging a speaking slot on this forthcoming march and rally. Mind you it is hardly surprising when you consider that AUOB is merged with Hope Over Fear, the organisation run by Tommy.

So we now have the situation where we have SNP members and ( as far as I know) an SNP office bearer and partner of an SNP MSP, assisting an organisation which he was involved in trying to prevent from coming to Dundee. One can but wonder at the motivation behind this conversion on the road to Damascus.

The independence movement is a conglomeration of small grass roots groups working away in their own way in their own areas and it was them who gave us the result we had in the referendum. I feel that these groups should be very careful of putting their names to or being on a committee linked to an organisation which openly  espouses breaking the law . An organisation which treats criticism by making threats of violence and arranges seedy back room deals among its chosen few. To do this in the name of a future independent Scotland is disgusting.

I would suggest that if groups do wish to be involved with AUOB they insist on full compliance with any Council or Police  conditions including the  rout to be taken .
They insist on proper public liability insurance and sight of the documents. They insist on a full set of accounts and a reckoning of ongoing expences and proper accounting for the collection buckets which will be there in considerable number, with a share of money collected going to the groups who have participated after of course the disbursement of expenses.

I attach below some more screen shots of conversations between members of the self appointed “committee” ( there are more) I have looked at the profiles of these people and I am sure the police will be interested in doing the same . There was only one which was difficult to get a profile for and that was Robert, I have a feeling you could substitute Mike for that one .

I am committed as ever to the cause of independence but I do feel we should not have to wade through a cesspit of inanity, incompetence and skulduggery to get there. The people of Scotland  deserve something better.



17 thoughts on “All under one Clique”

  1. This the game you want the play attacking the stronghold grassroots organisation. Dundee isn’t yours it’s the Scottish people’s and as for Tommy he has no say on AUOB stuff none what so ever so you just on the Tommy bad bandwagon well your simply attacking grassroots as Tommy is a welcomed speaker at every event of people pull out cause of Tommy that’s their loss will not be asked again no one dictates what happens at grassroot level activists. One Clan One Goal

    1. Gary. if you think I am attacking the Dundee people or the in dependence movement then you are not reading what I have been saying. No, I am taking issue with the amateurish and dangerous manner in which this march is being set up and the undemocratic manner in which the committee was set up. The rest of your message concerning Tommy Sheridan is difficult to understand and therefore I will pass that over.

      1. Bob that was my opinion every decision is done via our central belt committee as a know for a fact timmy will be speaking at other events that are not AUOB so attacking someone you don’t like helps Scotland how Bob all rather pathetic Behaviour from a so called yesser.

    2. You seem to be under the mistaken idea that I am against Tommy speaking. You obviously do not realise the hassle I went through to get him accepted on a previous rally I organised in Dundee,. The ironic thing is that one of the main guys you have on your committee was one of the main objectors to it.Mike Strachan., It is quite plainly a ridiculous situation.

    3. I have never said that I am in any way against Tommy speaking in fact I went through hell before a previous rally I organised in Dundee to get Tommy to speak and the guy who was one of the main causes of the anti Tommy feeling is on the secret committee for this event., You have this the wrong way around. Honestly you just couldn’t make this up

    1. You just did ,In your confused mind. If you think I have an issue with Tommy Sheridan then I suggest you get someone who can read to go over what I have been writing and you will see quite clearly that I have no issue with Tommy.

  2. I am involved with AUOB I have explained already that we are a peaceful movement we are being welcomed in Dumfries by the SNP and other grassroots groups if you think this will gain your blog support then you are very naive because at this stage as we are gathering strength and support from the SNP then all you will accomplish is accusations of doing dirty work for the unionist parties .

    1. If you are as you say then what is your reasoning for trying to subvert normal procedures and your stated aim of electing a committee, by arranging a committee in secret and foisting it on the the people at the meeting. What is the reasoning behind the intention to hold an illegal march if necessary? It doesn’t make sense.

  3. you wrote ” A pity also that one of the main proponents in this affair was in the past involved in the attempts to adversely affect a previous rally because of the presence of Tommy Sheridan and now we have the spectacle of him arranging a speaking slot on this forthcoming march and rally. Mind you it is hardly surprising when you consider that AUOB is merged with Hope Over Fear, the organization run by Tommy.”are you talking about John McHarg the guy who has absolutely nothing to do with AUOB! I know every one of AUOB admins who are all dear comrades of mine as is Tommy, Bob no one was your enemy but if you want pity or support it will not come from any free thinking Indy person but you certainly will receive it from Unionists

    1. I am neither looking for pity nor support I am putting down legitimate concerns. This march can go ahead in two ways . It can take place legal with proper insurance which will protect the people in and around the march, or it can go ahead in the manner described at that meeting which would either be without the necessary public liability insurance or with insurance which is negated because of contraventions of regulations.
      I had severe reservations regarding the manner this committee had been set up in secret that is not the way to do things like this.
      No, I am not speaking about the guy you mention I am speaking about Mike Strachan who has been a disruptive influence on previous rallies including the one we invited Tommy Sheridan to speak at. This can be resolved ifs all take a step back and dress the root of the problem and go forward in a manner that would see all parties positions respected.,

  4. Bob I’ll keep it simple a don’t usually reply to performing seals where is the proof of all these accusations All a see is a bitter little man who’s nose is outta place nothing more as named organiser of Glasgow AUOB

    1. I am sorry you see it this way Garry but I can assure you. My concern it at the way this has been organised., nIf you guys wished to subvert normal procedure and secretly chose a committee then why invite me to the meeting . That does not make sense . I had no intention of going on any committee anyway but having been asked by a couple of people I voiced concerns at the manner the march was going to be conducted., Do you think it should be carted out without taking council and police advice? do you think it should be done either without insurance or with insurance which is not valid because for infringements with lawful restrictions?

  5. This is actually hilarious no Alan or Craig actual part of AUOB hardcore activist simply a plant from Dundee hope your proud of your actions Bob the people of Dundee must love you not AUOB are coming to town this fight bigger than your damaged ego

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