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Saturday 5 March 2022

Cruise Queen Elizabeth Spain and Portugal 6 to 18 March 2022

Well folks, back on my travels and this time on Queen Elizabeth for the first time. Been on the other two ships in the Cunard fleet several times QM2 and the Victoria.

Started yesterday afternoon with a trip through to the airport in the Xplore airport shuttle, compliments of the Scottish government, using my travel card.

One night in the Hilton Airport hotel decent meal and a couple of pints to start off the trip.

Cold night looking out towards the Airport

Last trip was in November if my memory serves me well and that was to the Caribbean.

Wee bit different this time, as I am heading to Spain and Portugal on the good ship Queen Elizabeth of the Cunard fleet.

Very British but owned by the American company, Carnival , as are a good selection of cruise lines sailing the seven seas. Lines like Princess, Seabourn, P&O and Holland America.

First time on the Queen Elizabeth but have sailed many times on the QM2 and once on the Victoria.

Cunard was started by Samuel Cunard in 1840 and although it became a very British line, he was in fact a Canadien, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia ( new Scotland ) Cunard started as a small ferry’s shipping company before expanding into ocean going liners.

At one time they carried live cows to supply fresh milk and the unfortunate animals were slaughtered and eaten by the guests on the last two days of the voyage.

So after an exceptional intense and busy period in the business, I am glad to be on my travels once again.Last nigh in the Hilton at Edinburgh airport with an early flight this Morning to Southampton. A night here and board on tomorow, for a trip which takes in Spain and Portugal with an overnight in Lisbon. A great city which holds many memories for me.

Early rise this morning and a cold morning it was, through check in and security. Cup of coffee at Costa and boarding more or less on time.

However, once on board there was a dely as the plane had to be de-iced ( or at least that was what they told us) which meant over an hour waiting on the tarmack with the door open and no heating on, bloody freezing. Just as well I was not boarding today.

Unaventfull flight, landing in Southampton an hour and a half late

Arriving at Southampton

Taxi to the Star hotel which is not exactly the most selubrious hotel I have ever stayed in but I have slept in worse places, however the last time I did, the government were paying me to do it.

The room is about the size of a large wardrobe and it has quite an unusual toiletry arrangement see below, no doubt brought about by the managements concern for guests egerness to get out of the room as soon as possible. The WC is situated in the shower cubical so you can save time by having a s**t at the same time as having a shower.

So once I get this wee blog finishged I will have a look round for a place to eat as ( surprise, surprise) the hotel does not serve dinners.

Tomorow is set to be a wee bit of a challenge as I recieved an email from Cunard to say that the ship had to be diverted because of a medical issue and would be late back to port which means that I will have to lug my luggage arround for the best part if the day until the re-scheduled check in time.
I must appologise at this point for possible spelling mistakes as the spell check has decised to stop working and I am dyslexic, sorry 😦

So out into the wilds of a Saturday night in Southampton.