Poor old Gordon

Well another momentous week in Scottish politics, with the first minister confirming that “there will be a referendum” to let Scotland choose its future in the light of changing circumstances.

We also had Gordon Brown in vow mark 2 mode, telling us that we would get a raft of new powers if we were good boys and girls and voted no again.


This time he went a bit further by inventing a British single market and trying to make us believe that the Scottish government had decided to leave this fictitious single market. Two points here, one, there is no “British singe market ” because we are at present in the EU single market. What is it about the word “single ” that Brown does not understand?


Now if by chance he was meaning there would be a single market when the UK leaves the EU then we couldn’t leave it unless we first join it and it wouldn’t, in any case be much of a single market with only England, Wales and Northern Ireland in it. Compared to the EU single market.


Now what he was probably eluding to in his befuddled thinking was that he thinks that businesses in England would go in the huff with us for having the audacity to actually prefer to be in charge of our own destiny and would instead of dealing with us direct would prefer to buy Scotch whisky from say the US and pay twice as much for it .


Well Gordon let me enlighten you. Now I realise that you have never been in business in your life and the only time any one actualy let you deal with other peoples money you bankrupt a country , so I will give you the benefit of my half century in business.


There are generally three main reasons that businesses will decide to deal with a supplier/manufacturer, there is price, there is quality and there is availability. The one reason I have never come across is the fact that a country just became independent, in fact it will be the case that because of independence there will be numerous new markets opening op in Scotland , especialy if we are still in the EU.


This coming from a failed Chancellor of the exchequer and Prim-minister. A member of a party who(as Angus Robertson succinctly put it) could not deliver a Pisa let alone a policy.

So gordon, I do think I hear your carer calling, it is time to go back to the nice retirement home you escaped from yesterday.


No doubt this is just the start of another round of project fear and we will be getting a regurgitation of all the attempts to once again fool the people of Scotland.


I wonder how long it will be before they resurrect people like Sir Ian Wood, a so called oil expert who got it so wrong with his predictions the last time to tell us that we have only 15 ,or 20 or 30 years of oil left in Scottish waters.


Well here is one prediction, sir Ian that I am pretty sure will come to pass.

Regardless of how long Scotland’s oil will last.





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