Interesting Times

Sitting here on the last day of my trip and looking out at the harbour in Cannes. Some of the yachts there are unbelievable and an extreme and vulgar expression of wealth. A sure sign that the gap between the haves and have not is not becoming any narrower.

Today was another interesting day in the demise of the UK as we know it, as the realisation that Britain has been dragged  out of the EU on the word of a clown. A totally unprincipled Clown by the way who has now slunk off into the shadows when he has been made to confront the consequences of his lies and deceit.

However , one door closes and another opens and that is just what has happened to Scotland . We now have the opportunity to go for independence once again and this time it will be different as the people will not be so willing to swallow  the lies that were so prevalent in the last campaign and of course in this most recent one on the EU.

I remember during the last independence referendum camping answering the many questions on the EU and telling people that, of course we would gain entry and in fact we were more at risk of leaving the EU by voting no. I also made the case that if we were independent and the rest of the UK left the EU then that would be  perfect storm as we would be inundated with companies willing to base themselves in Scotland to take advantage of tariff free trading with the EU.

Well guess what? That has just happened and I predict that we will have a referendum in the spring or early rely summer of 2017. There is also word of a special case being made for Scotland to ,in effect put us into an interim application position with seamless transition when the rump UK finally leaves the EU.

It could have been easier if we had been prepared by addressing the issues we lost the last referendum on and also had the SNP taken advantage of manifesto opportunities presented on both the general election and the Scottish elections to wrest control of the ability to call and organise a referendum from Westminster. We did not do that but there is still a good case for insisting that Westminster grants the required permission to do this.

So get ready folks we are in a pre-campaign mode and the Yes bus stands ready to slip seamlessly into full campaigning mode as we have never went away and have been carrying on collecting for foodbanks and in doing so highlighting this need occasions by the austerity policies of the Tory government.

we will wecome any one and any organisation to campaign allong side us,left or right ,labour Tory, any pro independence group or individual

Exiting times ahead folks.

We are still on the road to independence

Our journey


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