On the 5th October  we through the Yes Bus team held a rally in Dundee city Square which was a great success and involved some great speakers and a great line up of entertainment .

Unfortunately because we chose to name the event “A Road Map To Independence “, the implication being that we were of the opinion that the SNP should produce such a road map, instead of the muddle we seem to be in regarding the future of Scotland, the Dundee SNP decided to attempt to spoil the day and indeed put several obstacles in the way of it.

Now the reason they chose to use to attempt to sabotage the Road Map To Independence “was that we had asked Tommy Sheridan to speak. I do not believe for a moment that this was the real reason and they saw the rally as an obstacle to their policy of doing absolutely nothing about putting in place the mechanism for another referendum.

It is too long a story to go into exactly what happened at this moment but very briefly it consisted of , firstly an SNP politician , comically going on to face book and asking all an sundry, whether he should speak on the event followed by the usual group of SNP  sycophants  posting that he shouldn’t. There then followed an unsavoury incident where the SNP chairman of the licencing board refused a late application to hold a parade around our town , even although all the necessary permissions including the police had been granted, siting erroneously, that I had personally made a late application for a previous event. An event which had hilariously in fact been applied for by the SNP themselves. Then presumably realising that he had made an ass of himself he then attempted to use the local unionist rag (the Courier) to disparage the event, calling it a shambles and stating (although he was not there) that there was only three hundred people at the event. Well I was there and counted in the region of one thousand there over the course of the day.

During the run up to the event and the orchestrated campaign to discredit myself and the organisers, things became so childish that I, tongue in cheek posted at one point that we were to be providing a Bouncy Castle for the local SNP politicians to encourage them to attend the event.

Of course it became obvious, even to the limited group mentality of the Dundee SNP that the event had, despite their best endeavours, been a success. So undaunted in their stupidity they then through employees of the SNP stupidly posted the front page of the Courier in all of its unreliable and misleading glory with the headlines “Rally A Shambles” and the discredited and ridicules assertion by the SNP head of the licencing board that there had been only 300 at the event . This posting was intended to personally discredit me and the people who had been involved in the organisation of the event. This posting was transparently and quickly followed by adverse comments by, again the usual suspects of Dundee West SNP Sycophants, unsuccessful candidate applicants and failed event organisers. Who piled in with adverse and very obviously, pre-discussed, comments and therefore encouraged many of the mindless SNP morons that I had been dealing with all week to put their insipid contribution to the debate.

Well you might well wonder why I am mentioning all this now, some two Months after the event. Well I will tell you why. It is firstly because I felt that because of all the vile disparaging comments aimed at me by what I came to describe as the flock, and because of the collusion of the Dundee SNP in all of this and also because of my disillusionment at the SNP as far as a cohesive policy towards independence (which is after all their sole purpose in life )  I felt obliged to resign my membership in the party I had supported for 30 years.

Secondly, the reason this has come up at this time, is that last week, this party, the SNP tried to organise an event themselves. It was to be a ceilidh to celebrate St Andrews day. This event was to have all the ingredients of SNP speakers, entertainment and food (well, actually, soup and a roll) and all of this was for the princely sum of £10. (Our event was free). Now in case there are any of the SNP flock reading this, St Andrews day is the celebration of the patron saint of Scotland (neither the Scottish Government nor the SNP have to my knowledge made any move to make it a national holiday probably because people might start thinking about independence).

So what happened at the SNP St Andrews day extravaganza? Well nothing actually in fact it was so badly organised by the SNP that it had to be cancelled. Not only that but they were in such a state of Cognitive Dissidence that they did not realise that it was not a goer until the last minute and there were cases of people checking their emails in between getting their kilts on and checking that the baby sitters were coming only to discover that the event HAD BEEN CANCLED.

So a tale of two events. There is something amiss within the SNP in Dundee and my mind was even further troubled when ,the other day I read that and SNP councillor was being investigated in connection with assault of a colleague ( presumably and SNP colleague) at the Dundee SNP headquarters in Old Glamis Rd.

I have been putting my mind to how the SNP could have done things better in order to have made sure their little event had been viable and have come to the conclusion that what they lacked was a BOUNCY CASTLE.



Never In My Name

This photo is of three of the most precious people in my life , they are my Grandchildren.
I will be able to enjoy their company and watch them grow up hopefully to be good people.
Tomorrow the government of the UK will more than likely vote to go to war in Syria.
Today in Syria there will be Fathers, Mothers and Grandparents, who will be enjoying their children and Grandchildren for the last time, because bombers from the UK will be killing them before the end of this week.

There is at present twelve countries who are carrying out bombing missions in Syria. The British government say that the planes they will send can pinpoint terrorists more accurately than the planes which are bombing right now. The implication is that they will be able to avoided civilian causalities. This is the most ludicrous suggestion that I have ever heard. It is impossible to avoid civilian casualties when bombs are dropped in built up areas, such as there is in Raqqa,

Mark my words , before the end of this week the British Air force will be killing innocent women and children.
They will be doing this because of our MP’s will have voted to instruct them to do this.

The Tories will do what Tories do , but Labour , supposedly the party of the working man are split on this. Now the reason they are split is not because some of them actually believe that it will make any difference to the course of the War in Syria, in fact they couldn’t care less. No, the reason that a number of Labour MP;s will vote for the slaughter to commence , is because they see this as a way of attacking Jeremy Corbyn, the very man who was chosen as the leader of the party by the largest majority ever in the history of the party.

Well I have this to say to these Labour politicians who will cast their vote to start the killing.

Yes this is the Blairites I am speaking about, you are already up to your elbows in innocent blood, so why change the habits of a lifetime.

Never in my name