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I post this from my Facebook memories from two years ago as we stepped up a gear in the fight for independence . We campaigned throughout Dundee Fife and Angus with the Dragon for independence which became known as the yes Bus, together with a fantastic team made up from ordinary Dundonians and people from further afield
Today we are on the cusp of another stage along the road to independence as there has never been such an advantages set of circumstances, and these circumstances have been presented to us on a plate once again.
Since the referendum we have had many reasons to leave the UK given to us such as , the realisation that the people of Scotland were deceived and lied to during the campaign. We have had the promised war ships to be built on the Clyde either cancelled or delayed. We saw the promised “as near federalisation” of Gordon Brown simply ignored . We have seen the smith commission delivered by way of a jumble of petty tax powers which do not make us any better off.  We saw our MP’s humiliated during the debate on the Scotland bill. We saw the introduction of the English votes for English laws legislation, which means that we can never have an MP in a Scottish constituency as  a prim minister of the UK. We saw the UK parliament vote to go to war in Syria against the will of the Scottish people . We are now in the process of being dragged out of the EU with all the adverse implications to Scotland ,against our will and just last week we had our noses rubbed in the mud when the UK parliament decided to renew trident ,even although 58 out of the 59 Scottish MP’s voted against it.
When will the SNP wake up and realise that the Scottish people have had enough?
They keep saying that they are waiting for the polls to get to 60% in favour of independence yet do nothing to address the mistakes that were made in the last referendum
Yes there are negotiations going on regarding Scotland’s place in the EU but I get the feeling that they are aimed at ,somehow keeping Scotland in the EU at the same time as keeping us in the UK . At present this scenario seems unlikely but just for one minute think the unthinkable. The UK have messed up big time by voting to leave the UK and arriving at satisfactory trading agreements to satisfy the xenophobic South of England and at the same time achieving reasonable trading arrangements with the EU is going to be very difficult.
So here is a possible scenario, the UK leaves the EU but in some way Scotland stays as a member , at the same time gaining a federal arrangement with the rest of the UK but still remaining part of the UK. This way trading could be carried on by diverting trade through Scotland and for instance English companies setting up head offices in Scotland.
This is ,I believe a possible reason why the SNP have not went for a full on campaign for independence and why the speeches I have heard from Nicola Sturgeon and Angus Robertson have indicated that their efforts at present seem to be concentrated on keeping Scotland in the EU and not leaving the UK, contrary to what the SNP constitution quite clearly states, regarding independence
I could be wrong ,and I hope I am, but in the mean time and in the hope I am wrong ,the yes bus is being prepared to once more get on to the streets of Dundee to once more make this wonderful City the Yes capital of Scotland.
This is a link to a blog I did in March during the SNP conference when Nicola Sturgeon dangled one of her famous carrots to keep the masses quiet, She did it several times between then and just before the Scottish elections when she promised a Summer initiative. It is time to get on with the job at hand because I for one am tired of waiting for the other Jimmy Coo shoe to drop.
This is our road to independence
Our Journey
Facebook 23 July 2014

Our journey

Well today the Costello family finalised the three projects for independence . We had the signs fitted to the double decker and it is now ready for the road to independence . This vehicle has an interesting history, originally built by the Scottish company Denis Alexander of Falkirk for service in Hong Kong and was named the Dragon. It spent some years there before being shipped to Kenya. Both of these countries have gained their independence from the United Kingdom. It remained in Kenya for several years before finding its way to Manchester . We bought this vehicle two years ago very fittingly for a particular contract for The High School of Dundee. This schools predecessor was the school it is believed that William Wallace was educated at in Dundee before slaying the English governors son and having to flee the town. So this vehicle has a history. It is now the dragon that will slay St George . This is indeed “The year of the Dragon”

We intend making this available to any grass roots organisation for independence and we already are working on a traveling coffee morning with Heather McLean form women for independence but my main intention is to invite anyone from the better together campaign to debate the issues and as it has been near impossible to persuade them to send representatives to yes and business for Scotland events. So the message to Better Together is we will debate with you any where any time and if you do not then we will come and get you . You can’t escape the truth.

This is my family’s road to a free Scotland .

This is our Journey.

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I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

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