The World This Week From Mennies

Wednesday 21 December 2022

The World this Week comes from off the coast of North Africa. In Grand Canaria and gives my concerns at what is going on in the parliament we put in place to represent us but certainly is doing everything but represent us at present

Finally found a cafe with WiFi which is almost impossible but this place seems to cater exclusively for wify seekers.

Sitting here rather numb at what happened yesterday in the Scottish Parliament.

The gender recognition bill amendments were debated and although some brave people voted for amendments such as ones to stop those with sex attack records and current accusations being excluded from women and girls private places, almost all of the amendments were defeated.

Make no doubt about it but in effect the Scottish Parliament led by Nicola Sturgeon voted to allow biological male sex offenders into women’s toilets and changing rooms.

There is no other way in which to describe this other than a perverts charter.

I have kind of stayed out of mainline campaigning ( not that there has been anything to campaign for since Sturgeon took over) since the referendum in 2014, where I and a group of committed individuals campaigned, very successfully under the Yes Bus team throughout Dundee.

Because of this crazy legislation brought in by Sturgeon and her close band of what can only be termed, weirdos, I have decided to offer my , and that if the Yes Bus team’s services to any one standing against any standing SNP politician in Dundee.

I have been a staunch supporter of independence all of my life but for a long time now ( 8 years to be precise , since Sturgeon came to power) it has became apparent that the SNP no longer are the party of independence and are now the party which seeks to destroy women’s rights and safety.

I have been trying to convince people of this ever since Sturgon was made leader of the SNP and have taken plenty of abuse for holding common sense views.

We have to rip up the status quo and start again. It will take a while but it will be worth it.

Every single one of us had a Mother and these are the people who now need protection from the pernicious cult that the SNP under Sturgeon has become.

There is a battle ahead , let’s get our sleeves rolled up


The World This Week From Mennies

Saturday 10 December 2022

Well another week in and this memory on facebook came up so I thought I would make it this weeks blog. I wrote this 5 years ago whilst on a transatlantic voyage.

Most of the comments are still relevant today especially those concerning the confusion within the SNP

10 December 2017

Well day four on my transatlantic sojourn and I must admit, it is hard to settle in to this sedentary interlude of relaxation after the hustle and bustle of business, which gets pretty intense at times.
The ship was delayed in leaving New York because of the premier of “The Greatest Showman” being held on board. It was a bit of a nuisance as some of the passageways on the ship were blocked off and for the people who wished to see the sail away from New York , they were faced with a 2 in the morning late night because that is when the ship left.
When I boarded the ship I went on deck and looked out towards the statue of liberty and got to thinking of what America stands for today.
The statue of liberty was a gift from the people of France to celebrate Americas freedom. It stands at the entrance to New York city where the emigrants came to Ellis island from all over the planet to make their life’s in that great country. It holds in its hand the torch of freedom.
It says to the World “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free”
How hollow that now sounds with a president who is preventing people coming to the shores of America based on the country of their origin which includes the colour of their skin together with their religion. A President who has just re-ignited the flames of war in the middle east by allowing his masters in the Zionist Israeli government to dictate American policy by declaring acceptance of the City of Jerusalem as the official capital city of the artificial state of Israel. I say artificial because that is exactly what it is. Israel is an artificial construction of expediency made by man, using God as an excuse.
So enough of politics and I will not even comment on the farce that is the Brexit negotiations or the ever-clearing mist around the SNP position regarding independence. I say mist considerately and selectively as I am directing this at the selectively blind sycophantic sheeple of the SNP who I have been warning, that this situation would arise. The situation I am talking about is the position where all of the UK will be part of the single market taking away any hope that Nicola Sturgeon has ( if she ever had) of calling another referendum on the basis of no single market deal . Something that Scotland never voted for in the first place.
So back to the travelogue. Sitting here listening to the piano tinkling away in the background drinking coffee. Actually, thinking too much and my coffee has gone cold.
Another formal night tonight, which is a pest. I was speaking to a guy from New York yesterday who is obviously a Cunardphile . He goes about during the day with a jacket tie and waistcoat on trying to be more British than the British. He tells me he has been on over 40 cruises, all with Cunard. He also tells me that he wears a kilt on formal nights and was asking me how to properly wear his plaid ( or sash ,as he called it) he also told me that it was a different tartan than his kilt. My first reaction was to burst out laughing and tell him that he will look a proper dick, but I resisted the urge and explained that a plaid is not now normally worn with a kilt and the origin is that it was actually part of the kilt , the kilt being made of 8 yards of cloth one end being wound around the person and the end part being thrown over the shoulder and fastened by the belt. I look forward to seeing is outfit tonight, he tells me it is the Balmoral Tartan so you can imaging who his heroes are.
Ok so time to change into my shabby Kilt for the Captains reception which I have been invited to ( free drink)
I hope all my friends are having a good weekend

The World this week from Mennies

Saturday 3 December 2022

Well, another week gone by and a step nearer the 21 of December when the days start to lengthen once more and I for one can’t wait, as it has been one of the wettest late Novembers I can remember. The rain and cloudy skies of course add to the depressing nature of this time of the year.

The other thing that ads to the depressing time of the year here in Scotland is of course the politics of the country, as we have an administration led by probably the most incompetent First Minister in history, Nicola sturgeon.

The disaster that awaits us if we continue to follow Nicola Sturgeon and the answer

Now I say incompetent with good cause, and it is on two counts. Firstly, as the leader of the Scottish parliament. Well almost every faucet of this administration is a failure, from education, the NHS, the railways , the utter debacle and political mis-engineering of the ferries scandal, the fact that we could have been administrating an independent Scotland based, social service benefits agency which was handed back to the UK to administer because the chosen few around Sturgeon were not capable of understanding it let alone administering it . The Alex Salmond conspiracy. Sturgeon is once again facing an enquiry into how she misled parliament in connection with meetings with Jim McColl of Ferguson Marine. Etc, etc, etc.

Now the second count of her ineptitude is as the leader of the SNP. Now for those of you who don’t know what SNP stands for, it is Scottish National Party. The SNP was set up for one purpose, and that was to attain an independence status for Scotland. Now in previous blogs I have made the case that Scotland has never been other than independent. However, Sturgeon’s latest gem after 8 years of inaction on the independence issue was to approach the Supreme court of the UK ( basically England) to get a determination on the Scotland act , which was an additional millstone around the Scottish people’s neck as regards to our independent status.

I will not go into this as I have covered it in last week’s blog, but it was once again another disaster made in Bute house by our illustrious but miss named leader of the independence movement was foisted upon the Scottish people

We are, after 8 years of disastrous leadership further away from stating our independence status than we ever were, and there is only one person responsible for this situation, Nicola Sturgeon. Her backup plan if the Supreme court action was unsuccessful is to use the next UK GE as a plebiscitary election with the SNP going on a one-item manifesto, independence.

However, she has even now begun to back track on this, firstly trying to make it only people who vote for the SNP’s votes to count instead of all votes cast for independence parties and also that despite the results of UK elections being first past the post she has stated that it will require an overall majority of voters which of course makes it even harder to achieve.

The real reason she is choosing a UK general election is of course that the fall-back position is that regardless of the overall voting result the SNP will in all probability be returned to the trough of Westminster. This will of course also mean that people voting for SNP to achieve independence will also in effect be endorsing Sturgeons Gender Recognition bill which will almost certainly see perverts accessing women and children’s private places. This in itself is a disaster waiting to unfold and according to the amount of sexually deviant activities surfacing within the SNP one has to wonder at the motives behind all of this.

There is, of course, an alternative route to declaring our independence and this is set out by various organizations such as Salvo and the political party led by Alex Salmond. Alba. This recognizes the sovereignty of the Scottish people as opposed to the system in England, which is that parliament is sovereign. Now, this distinction quite possibly does not mean a lot to some, but the difference is very important as in England the people pass on the responsibility of governance completely to politicians the day they are elected. Whereas in Scotland the people retain this responsibility and allow politicians to act on their behalf but only as far as it benefits the people. Now when politicians make decisions contrary to the people’s interests, they can be brought to account and in fact, the leader of the administration can be replaced.

So, given the present situation we are in and the intransigence of the SNP to push towards the UK general election suicidal option, by far the best option is this.

A modern-day convention of the estates including all politicians who wish to join from all parties together with a selection of committee members from the public and instructions should be given to the parties comprising the Scottish government for the following actions to be put in place.

A Scottish election should be called, but the only way this could happen out-with the pre-set time scale is that the first minister should resign thereby creating a replacement contest. All the independence parties block anyone being voted in as first minister thereby triggering an election. All independence parties go on a single mandate, that of independence. If there is a majority, then the UN conditions of the “will of the people” will be in place in its purest sense and a declaration of independence should be made.

So hopefully once a convention is formed then the SNP and Greens will have sufficient pressure put on them that this will happen. I have a feeling that the main block to this will be the person elected to forward the cause of independence, Nicola sturgeon.

Have a good weekend folks