The EU referendum conundrum 

Ok folks , here is an article by Gordon Mc Intire Kemp of Buisness for Scotland which cuts through the downright lies and scaremongering that the leave camping have pinned their hopes on . Read this to see why the figure of £18 billion is not the amount that Britain pays in EU subscription and after deduction of what other countries pay on our behalf leaves less than £13 billion , which when you again deduct the amount paid back to the UK through grants makes the net figure somewhere in the region of £7 billion and for this the Uk gets unfettered access to a huge European population trading block without having to pay any trading tariffs.
Now as for Scotland’s position as part of the EU. Well we in Scotland , being a region of a member state benefit hugely in proportion to the mother state , the U.K. 

We , through the block grant ( Barnet formula) pay our population share of the EU tariffs which is around £97 million per year which brings us back ,in the region on £2.2 billion per year in grants and tariff free trading .

Now the alternative to full membership of the EU according to the leave campaign would be an arrangement like Norway has in order to continue to trade with the EU block . Norway pays 95% of the UK’s contribution on a per person basis and still has to abide by all EU regulations including immigration , but the point about a Norway type arrangement is that there is absolutely no form of representation as to changing regulations and EU laws .
Another point that has to be born in mind and this is directed at those of you who are still independence supporters. 

In the situation where there was an overall UK vote to leave but the people of Scotland vote to remain , it leaves several positive scenarios and the first one is at there is a possibility that an exit ( assuming there is a large enough majority ) could be the start on another independence campaign.

The next possibility is that Scotland could apply for membership independent of the U.K. . Now this scenario would bring huge investment into Scotland as there wold be a very large influx of companies willing to access the tariff free EU market and would be another nail in the coffin of the continuing strangle hold the UK exerts on Scotland 

So any independence supporters who are intending voting to leave should seriously take these points into consideration. 
The EU is not perfect and needs adjustment but you cannot do this if you are not a member . Despite assertions by the leave campaign,it is actually very democratic and every law passed is for the overall good of the people in all the 28 countries in the EU. As a comparison the UK have in the region of 1,500 members in the British Parliament of which only about 650 are elected members, the rest who form the House of Lords, have the right to make laws without a single vote having been cast for any of them. Worse still , there are many of them , ( ex MP’s) who have actually been voted out of their positions by their constituents but still ended up in the House of Lords anyway. 

So,please do not kid yourself that in the event of an exit vote we are to be the recipients of a more democratic process, because that is just patently wrong, and remember this , if it was not for the EU , Scotland would not have had the referendum in 1997 which lead to devolution.
The best interests of the people of Scotland lies in remaining a member of the EU at the present time , there is always the possibility of a reassessment of that position when we are independent. Don’t throw away this chance now and vote , remain .

Think about it! 


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