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I refer to the attached article in the daily Record

This is about SNP, Alister Campbell wanabees without the intelligence

This is the chickens coming home to roost and all fits in with the SNP culture in general which is probably the reason we, in the independence movement, are in the present position of being parked up in a layby on the road to independence. There have been significant problems in the culture of the SNP in Dundee going back to the referendum campaign in 2014 and some of these problems have connections to some of the people named in this piece. I and others campaigned vigorously throughout the campaign with the Yes bus team but received scant support from the SNP, in fact, some of their actions ( or inactions) could have been seen to be actually counterproductive.
This resistance and incompetence from the SNP in Dundee did not end with the campaign, no, it carried on throughout the period following the 2014 disappointment. We, in the team, wanted to get out and carry the message of independence to the people who, for their own reasons voted no. We expected the SNP to be of a similar mind and carry on a campaign on a lower level to address the issues we lost the referendum on such as the promises that were never going to be fulfilled, We wanted to address the lies told during the campaign such as the awful targeting of pensioners regarding pensions in an independent Scotland.
We arranged rallies and entertainment events but were thwarted at every turn by the SNP controlled council and to make matters worse they actively attempted to disparage efforts made by myself and another female activist, unbelievably using a unionist newspaper to do it. A couple of the people named in this article as officers/employees of the SNP based in the Dundee West office were among the main protagonists in this attempted character assassination.
I have personally warned Chris Law on several occasions that two of these named people would eventualy cause major problems for both the SNP and the independence movement in general. It is now becoming very apparent that he was not of a mind to listen.

I complained to Chris as a result of his employee being involved in the debacle that was in the process of unfolding in connection with the March last year in Dundee organised through AUOB. That is a story on its own and the subject of two blogs I wrote at the time. See below.

Incredibly one of these employees of an SNP MP and partner of a Scottish Government minister was part of a cabal set up to carry out a march, the express purpose of which was to subvert the normal application process and conduct a march with “non-compliance” ( spokesperson for the secret committee set up for this purpose own words) being its main aim. Because I objected to this illegal course of action and insisted in compliance and proper public liability insurance I was once again pilloried and in fact received threats of violence.

There is a lot more to come out regarding some of the characters in this black comedy and indeed the reasons we find ourselves in this situation on our road to independence and it can be firmly placed around the culture within the SNP leading back to ( and even before) Nicola Sturgeon became the leader of the SNP

As if that was not bad enough there were attempts made, ( unsuccessfully) again by one of the people mentioned in this article to take control of the yes Bus facebook site. This was only resolved when it was made plain to an SNP Scottish government minister’s office that the press would be involved in her partners part in this and other matters.

There is more, much more, and this will be made apparent when I get around to writing in depth about my experiences in connection with the SNP and the fight for independence in Dundee.

In the meantime, I await with interest to see just what attempts are made to remove these undesirable and disruptive elements from within the SNP structure and culture.

To be honest, I am not holding my breath


The World this week from Mennies

Sat 4May 2019

Nicola Sturgeon,English elections, Brexit, Trump, Anti Semitism

Well another week almost in and quite a week it was, both in business and politics and on a personal point my bathroom renovation which has taken up a good part of my week.

The end of last week saw the long awaited “update” on the independence cause by Nicola sturgeon. Now I emphasize “update ” because , despite an upsurge in hopefulness by the faithfull, there were a growing band of commentators who, like me had no illusions as to what the outcome of the “update” was to be, and that was not the expected (by many) date for another referendum but merely yet another can kicking exercise. That is exactly what we got. With a statement amounting to ” sorry to ignore the best ever time to hold a referendum but we are putting this off as long as we possibly can and that is until possibly just before the 2021 Scottish elections.

Quite simply a total and utter disgrace and now , as far as I am concerned this has turned my opinion of Nicola Sturgeon from incompetent to willingly anti independence and more likely pro federalization. There is simply no other construction I can put on this and it seems to have been this way since she took over leadership of the SNP. I put forward a theory regarding this in my blog , “one last letter to Nicola” and that was that this hiatus in the independence cause is directly linked to the Alex Salmond case and in particular to three of the complainants and the relationship between the Murrel family and them especially in connection with various statements Nicola has made regarding contents and attendees at meetings held. If this has any bearing on the possibility of affecting any future or present opportunity to go for independence then the Murrels should remove themselves from office and let another team take over to provide a proper road map to independence.

If this speech by Nicola was not enough to convince everyone that independence has yet again been put on a back burner, we had MP Pete Wishart making his unofficial bid to become the next House of commons speaker This tells us two things , One, that Pete Wishart is delusional and two, that we are re not going to be seeing another referendum for quite a few years yet.

Ok so yesterday we had the results of the local elections in England and some results they were, with a direct message to whoever was listening ( and that was not many politicians by the sound of it) that there is no appetite in England for leaving the EU. There was a massive shift of the vote from the two parties who are pro Brexit to parties who are pro EU membership. This was as clear as the nose on your face but all we had last night was politician after politician bending the truth to ” the people are fed up waiting and they just want us to get on with leaving the EU”. Absolutely incredible and of course this was not challenged in any meaningful way by either the BBC or Sky journalists. Absolutely pathetic. if there was ever a clear expression of the people’s will then that happened yesterday but still we have political selective myopia rampant in Westminster.

Then we had the unedifying sight of Gavin Williamson the foreign secretary being sacked for passing on state secrets. He wont be much of a loss as he is the guy who as a gesture of gunboat diplomacy , a few weeks ago threatened to send one of our wonderful new aircraft carriers to the south china sea to intimidate the Chinese, until someone told him there are no aircraft for them. At least it brightened up an otherwise dull day In Beijing.

So to the US, where Donald is still trying to force regime change on the legitimate government of the country of Venezuela There was an attempt to get some of the army to move against Maduro but by the looks of things it was messed up, something the CIA are pretty good at. Donald had a pretty good week at the end of April when the Muller report laid out just why we should not be jumping to conclusions on Russia every time something unexplained happens.

Anti Semitism is, like all forms of discrimination and bigotry, awful. However , these days it has turned into an industry and blatantly used to stifle debate concerning the government of Israel. Israeli government agencies are insidious throughout the West in their quest to influence public opinion and facilitate friendly politician’s ease into posts where financial.. contributions are found very handy and the resulting reciprocal support welcome. Any one found to be a possible problem as far as say support for the Palestinian people is branded antiemetic. There should be a government enquiry into this ridiculous situation as it inhibits free speech and is anti democratic.

So, after a particularly busy week a pleasant evening in prospect at my favorite hostelry Mennies . Wherever you are on this fragile planet of ours, I wish you a pleasant weekend.

Remember , The problem with having blind faith is that one day you might wake up blind