Some of you might not have have heard of Frank’s Law but is is a term given to a campaign started by Amanda Kopel wife of Frank Kopel , who at one time played for Dundee United.

He contacted a debilitating mental illness at a relatively young age and passed away as a result of that illness.

At present in Scotland , people under the age of 65 cannot receive assisted personal care and the propose of the campaign is to address this pressing issue.
A good friend of the yes campaign and a member of the Yes Bus team , Sharon Davie, has been at the forefront of this campaign and has approached both Nicola Sturgeon and the health secretary Sheona Robinson , wife of the finance spokesman at Westminster ,Stewart Hosie both Dundee politicians . It would appear that through discussions surrounding this campaign the campaigners have received promising feedback which led them to believe that there was the possibility of Frank’s law being addressed in the forth coming Scottish parliament.
This would have had to have been included in the manifesto announced last Wednesday . Unfortunately ( and as I have highlighted in a previous blog) this manifesto will be notable for what was not included rather than what was included.
It would appear that despite the promising noises made by the various politicians regarding this important issue there is not the political will to do anything about it.
If we are to be a mature country we must care for all elements of our population , more especially the elderly as they have done their bit in life and paid their dues . It is up to us now to do our bit and stand by those who through no fault of their own become ill and require a different level of care. 
A wee story of how other countries treat their elderly.

A few years ago whilst visiting China with a very dear Chinese friend of mine, and arriving in Beijing Airport , we were confronted with a line of people waiting for taxis , there must have been over 100 people in this line. Although I was not in the least amused , we took our place in the line. There was a young lady in uniform at the head of the line placing people in the taxis. She looked along the line to where we were , walked up to us and opened the barrier. I asked Felice what was happening and she said that we were to go to the front of the line , puzzled I asked why and she said ” because you are old”. Well you can imagine my indignation and I point blank refused to come out of the line ,until Felice reminded me that we were in a communist country and if I caused a fuss I was likely to be arrested. So the two extremes there, but the point is that they revere and respect their elderly and give them what consideration they can. So why can’t to we do that ? Why can’t we just get some of our priorities right.
So keep fighting Sharon and Amanda and beware of false prophets sent by the SNP  to keep you quiet until after the election and keep in mind this, you are right.


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