A lesson too late for the learning?

I wrote the piece below  on the 3rd of May 2011 the day after Osama Ben Laden was executed and after President Obama said that the World was a safer place because of the killing of Osama Ben Laden.
I said that as from yesterday the World was definitely not a safer place .
Who was right?
In the light of the continuing atrocities with the attack  yesterday in Nice being only the latest incident.  Just how long will it take for us to wake up and realise that you dont defeat terrorism by creating even more terrorists, and you do that by invading other peoples countries, more especially by supporting Israel in their genocidal policies against the Palestinian people.
In reality, and because of the entrenched and illogical support by the United Kingdom for Israel, ( our new prim minister Theresa May is part of the organisation “Friends Of Israel” )  the only way ,we here in Scotland can separate ourselves from this never ending cycle of violence is to be responsable for our own destiny and therefore foreign policy. The events of yesterday with the attack in Nice, combined with the appointment of a clown as foreign Secretary , makes it even more imperative that we go for another referendum on independence, because , make absolutely no mistake, Scotland , because of our association with the UK and their foreign policy are therefore a target for terrorist attacks.
A referendum on independence absolutely must be a priority of the Scottish government and the SNP.
No prevarication ,no doubt. Independence ,plain and simple.    
Bob Costello
3 May 2011 at 19:31 ·
Osama Ben Laden
So The World is now rid of a terrorist mastermind, so ask yourselves . What is his legacy. He was probably responsible for some of the worst outrages in modern times but unfortunately we will never know for sure, because he was never brought to justice. He was in fact summarily executed in an act of retribution or revenge without the benefit or otherwise of a judge or jury. Both of which are part of the basis of the western Worlds ideals of justice.
The rhetoric of our leaders saddened me. There was no talk of this most wanted terrorist being “brought to justice” only of killing him. Some of the information received leading to his whereabouts was procured by the application of “enhanced interrogation techniques”. For the avoidance of doubt this means “torture”.
So where does this leave us . “Us” being, as we see it some of the most advanced societies on this planet. Our leaders tell us that as of yesterday ” the World is a safer place” and at the same time warn travellers and Embassies to be on the look out for attacks. Take my word for it, as of yesterday the World is a more dangerous place!!
We are no doubt well rid of a man who through deft application of deliberate misinterpretation of the Islamic religion has caused untold misery, but our method of ridding the World of him has, I am afraid allowed him a victory in as much as he has allowed us to be dragged back in time to the law of the Jungle.
In our quest for a fairer and just society we have a long road to travel, some of our nations are farther along that road than others but the events of yesterday have left some of us in a lay by on that road. Lets hope we can once more continue on that journey and please do not let the terrorist or the religious zealot divert us from that path.

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