A letter to Nicola

A letter to Nicola   Dear Nicola. I was at your “public “ meeting last night in the Queens Hotel in Dundee and you might have noticed that I walked out of the meeting at the point where Joe Fi…

Source: A letter to Nicola


2 thoughts on “A letter to Nicola”

  1. Dear oh dear oh dear. Cant get a question asked at a hustings and goes on an anti SNP rant. Talk about a spoiled child. Grow up man.

    1. It wasn’t actually a Hustings Pete,m it was supposed to be a question and answer session but the questions came mainly from SNP activists and were in the main ( in fact all ) very soft questions. Dont know if you have read my reasons for the blog, but all I can say is that unless people are allowed to vioce their concerns the SNP are on their way to being no better than Labour and you know what happened to them

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