The World this week from Mennies

My world this week from Mennies is a look at what is going on in the world and the fight for independence in Scotland.
Another week in and a mixture between a trip to the outer isles and back to work on Wednesday. The Isles trip I have recounted ( apart from the last day) in my wee travelogue on Facebook. The last day was quite notable as we had originally booked the 7.55 AM ferry from Barra to Oban but because of an impending storm the ferry departure was brought forward to 4 AM meaning a pre 3 o’clock rise and a trip down to the ferry. That was the easy part of the trip. The difficult part was standing up during the crossing as it was quite possibly the roughest crossing I had ever been on, meaning that a goodly number of the passengers were sea sick including Laura and Paddy. I should have realised it was to be a rough crossing when the café was not serving the traditional Cal Mac breakfast, no doubt because the staff did not relish clearing  up the regurgitated breakfast  from the public areas .
So back to Oban and an uneventful drive back ,dropping Laura and Paddy off in Forfar then back to work.
So , what has been going on this week? Well we have the ongoing circus of Brexit with every day we draw nearer the apocalypse of exit from the EU bringing more and more revelations as to just how bad it is to be in the country and provision being made for civil unrest, yes you heard right, the powers that be are so confident that this madness has been the correct course of action that they are preparing for civil unrest. I am afraid the Sun is speedily going down on the British Empire but to be honest I cannot wait until the darkness falls.
There was the conclusion of the inquest into the carnage caused by the religious nut who mowed down pedestrians outside the houses of parliament then gained access through an unmanned gate where he was confronted by an unarmed policeman, who he stabbed to death before being shot by an armed officer who had to run to the scene from another part of the grounds. Totally inadequate security at the very seat of a Government responsible for killing thousands of innocent people in the middle east. You would think it would register with them ,wouldn’t you.
Then at the same incident it transpired that there was a police commissioner on the scene who witnessed the killing of his “comrade” and immediately responded by locking himself in his car, the cowardly b*****d. His excuse was that he wasn’t armed, he had a car the killer had a knife, think about it!!
Saudi Arabia is accused of torturing, then, murdering a Journalist who was saying uncomfortable but true things about the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia. Now the thing about this is that this Journalist worked for a US newspaper, which makes it rather difficult for oor Daft Donald., After all, the Saudis must now be on their last warning after bringing down the twin towers at 9/11. So Donald, to his credit has gotten himself into a bit of a sweat over this and threatened that someone will pay for this. Now ,note the wording “ someone will pay for this” Well the last time the Saudis committed an outrage on American soil , someone did pay for it, Saddam Husain! And hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, who just ,by chance were enemies of Saudi Arabia and Israel. So judging by this, we can expect American bombers to be flying over Iran any time soon, mark my words.
Back home we had the annual march up to the top of the hill and down again exercise, more affectionately called the SNP conference, or the Peter Murrel and wife chat show. The chat consisted of the word independence being mentioned 20 times along with several other words none of which were “prepare” . So here we are again on the independence roundabout, going round and round and producing nothing but hot air and vertigo.
People are seriously now becoming fed up with this inaction by the SNP with regards to lack of preparation for another referendum, whenever that might be, with the ever reducing unpainted floor of the SNP’s withdrawal to the corner decreasing by the day.
We are now seeing major figures coming out and openly criticising Nicola Sturgeon, with people like Kenny McCaskill ,Angus McNeil, Joanna Cherry, and even Robin McAlpine who went into all sorts of contortions to criticise without actuality mentioning Nicola Sturgeon.
Can I just say something to these guys and girls, every mention, of degrees of inaction you have written in the last week regarding the SNP has been in my blogs for the last four years and they are there for you to check. Time for a wakeup call and replacement of Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrel .
Remember this, :- The problem with following blindly,
Is that one day, you might wake up blind.
So apart from all of that I hope my friends the World over will have a pleasant and peaceful weekend and I raise my glass to you

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