The Rip Van Winkle of Scottish politics

OK so we have the unedifying sight of several SNP politicians squabbling over what should be the main purpose of the SNP, independence. We have Pete Wishart saying that there should not, be a referendum in the foreseeable future. Obviously with one eye on his chances of re-election ( in the event of an other snap election) and the other eye on the deputy leadership contest. He is apparently still in denial regarding why the SNP lost half a million votes at the last GE, erroneously under the impression that all that nonsense in the unionist press about the SNP talking too much about another referendum was true. No Pete , it was not true but it conveniently fell into the SNP psyche mode, of “don’t talk about independence” very prevalent since the election to the leadership of the SNP of Nicola Sturgeon.

This brings me on to the next deluded player on the deputy leadership contest Keith brown who has just came up with the gem of “we need to be prepared for another referendum campaign ” now I will say this again for any one who missed it “we need to be prepared for another referendum campaign” This guy has to be a candidate for mastermind or has just awoke from a Rip Van Winkle-esk slumber.

Of COURSE, WE HAVE TO BE PREPAIRED FOR A FUTURE REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN That is stating the bloody obvious and what also is bloody obvious, is that the SNP have wasted three and a half years in criminally neglecting their main function in life which should have been preparing for a future referendum by utilising the wonderful grass roots groups and SNP activists which are more than willing, and are based all over the country. Keith Brown is one of these very people who have wasted this three and a half years.

These latest confused messages are a symptom of the malaise prevalent throughout the SNP. There seems to be no hard and fast policy direction, and this is becoming clear, in fact I have been saying this ever since the last referendum and only now are mainstream commentators catching up with this regrettable fact of life.

Nicola Sturgeon is responsible for the policy vacuum within the SNP with regards to independence and the absence of a proper road map to independence. When Alex Salmond was the leader he had independence as the driving force behind the SNP with administering the Scottish Government (which he did very well) being in tune with the mandate he had which was to govern Scotland as the SNP, voted in to power in the full knowledge that they were the party of independence. Whereas Nicola seems to be in power predominantly to retain power at all costs, even to the cost of independence

To this day I still cannot get over a Dundee politician saying to me (when he was trying to persuade me to postpone an independence rally in Dundee City square scheduled for the week before the 2015 general election) WE CANT HAVE SALTIRES AND YES SIGNS BEING WAVED ARROUND THE CITY SQUARE ,THE WEEK BEFORE A GENERAL ELECTION. Well we all know now, just how wrong he was as we returned 56 independence MP’s to Westminster. This is just how out of touch the SNP have been since the last independence referendum and now we get this genius, Keith Brown, after three and a half years, coming away with the Jem,  “we need to be prepared for a future referendum”

The sad fact is that prepared or not the SNP have painted themselves into an ever-decreasing corner and it would appear we will have to go for another referendum within the next twelve months or so, probably in the spring of next year or even September this year. There are many factors in this, the main one is the Brexit negotiations which will in the main be agreed by then, although there is absolutely no need to use these negotiations as an excuse for delaying another referendum. There will never be another more advantages time to hold a referendum than now, but because of the SNP’s state of unpreparedness, that is just not practical unless we very urgently start a program of adressing the issues we lost the last one on , a policy on entry into the EU ot EEA and facing up to the press.

We need a road map to independence and to achieve that we need a new leader of the SNP.