Time for a change of attitude at the bottom

Good turnout at the march at Bannockburn yesterday and yet another expression by the Scottish people of their thirst for independence. However, I feel it , like other marches organised but OUOB was marred by the unnecessary expression of opinion by the large banner stating “Tory scum out”and I feel it says more about the people carrying it, together with the march organisers who I have seen on various threads defending it, than it said about the vast majority of people on the march.
Look, we could be on the cusp of another referendum campaign ( if the SNP ever get around to it) and we should be speaking to, and discussing with, people of all shades of the political spectrum, how we move towards another vote on our future and all posters like this do is alienate potential converts to independence.
There are many Tories, Labour and lib Deb supporters who also support independence and many who could be persuaded to vote that way but calling them “scum” will not advance our cause one iota.
Just look at the way Scottish voters have been voting in recent elections. Both the Scottish Tory party and the Scottish Labour Party have had a resurgence of support. This has, to my mind been facilitated by the perception that the SNP have lost the way on the road to in dependence so these people who have in recent times been voting SNP have gone back to their natural allegiances. Does anyone actually think that calling someone “scum” will engender any respect.
Now many people wonder why the SNP are not officially represented at these marches. Do you actually think government ministers should march behind large banners, saying ‘Tory scum out”? No of course they shouldn’t.
If we hope to turn that 45% into over 50% we need a campaign based on mutual respect and this campaign has no place for infantile expressions of immaturity like those displayed at recent marches

There is to be a march in Dundee later in the Summer. I personally will not be attending it because of various issues I have had with the organisers regarding the organisation of this march. I wish the people who will be taking part in this march a great day but I do hope the organisers will reconsider allowing that unnecessary banner to be displayed as I feel it would degrade all the hard work the yes movement in Dundee put in day after day during the referendum campaign to return the largest percentage of yes votes in the country.
A bit of common sense please.

As I say ,the Tories have had a resurgence in Scotland recently and if I am correct it was down to people changing from SNP ,back to their natural allegiances. The SNP lost half a million votes in the last general election. Where did they go? well a lot of them obviously went to the Tories, and that was people who had voted for the SNP in the past because they believed in doing so could lead to independence.
Think about it, if you were a decent tory voter ( there must be some) and wished to see a Buisness based economy and presumably one that was still part of the largest market on the planet but were totally alienated by the farce that is the tory government in London , don’t you think you might consider a modern forward thinking Tory government in an independent Scotland, perhaps  one with a social conscience, would perhaps be the way to go? Time we started thinking out off the box and get away from this narrow vindictive campaigning. We will probably get one more chance at this in a lot of our lifetimes and we must get it right this time. There is one thing I am sure of and that is that in Scotland politics are about to be upended and change is on the way, we need to be able to adapt to suit circumstances.
As Bob Dylan says, “the times they are a changing”

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