Come Fill Up My Cup And Come Fill Up My Can


Ok so with things ever so slightly up in the air and the perpetrators of the debacle posted missing . One wonders what the thinking was behind the move to exit from the EU. Perhaps we will never know because under that scruffy mop of hair that hangs precariously onto Boris karlofs head it would appear that Dr Frenkenstine forgot to insert a brain,He simply  unleashed his monster that is the leaderless rudderless United Kingdom today and it looks like the British people will have to accept the consequences of this totally reckless action.

Now I remember during the independence referendum when great stock was put into the fallacy of “no plan B “ well it looks like the Brexit comedians didn’t even have a plan A. Honestly , you just couldn’t make it up.

Now had we been prepared, had we addressed the shortfalls in our referendum campaign. Such as Pensions , the monetary system, etc. and just as important had we used the two elections. The general election and the Scottish elections to put in place a mandate to wrest control of the ability to decide when and in what manner we held another referendum , then we would have probably been in a better position now to go for it , but unfortunately we did not prepare for all eventualities and another referendum is somewhere in the future, mind you I would not say two years as is being suggested in some circles and regardless of what negotiation are entered into, regarding a possible continuation of Scottish membership of the EU, there must be an immediate move towards a resumption of the campaign for independence.

This time we have an advantage , because we know all of the questions so all we have to do is put the answers to them and in the main I suggest that Business for Scotland lead this with fact sheets.  Sheets carefully laid out with the question , the answer, and  the source of the research  that allowed the conclusion. That is how methodical and forensic we have to be.

I suggest that every one in the meanwhile go to the Business for Scotland web site and down load the excellent account by Gordon McIntire Kemp, of the miss truths and failed promises we were subjected to during the campaign. Yes there is no such thing as a free lunch , that is your homework and the reward is independence.

The SNP have a duty to coordinate this exercise much in the same vein as the Yes initiative during the referendum campaign.

Now the most important part . We have just been through an in out referendum for the EU and although the majority who voted in Scotland, voted to stay in , there was a good many voted to come out and there was a lot  of split loyalty, therefore any future referendum must contain a promise from all parties  that the first independent Scottish Government will , as one of their, first duties hold a referendum on either entry to the EU or in the case that we have managed to retain our membership a vote on whether to remain or withdraw . That way we will keep the maximum amount of yes votes intact. Now this is a must, no prevarication either way.

Ok that is my views on the immediate way forward and for all the Dundee Yes Bus team and any others, we will be having a meeting within the next couple of Week’s , so get your thinking caps on , this time ,the SNP must, work closely with the grass roots groups and business for Scotland for together we are unbeatable.

Dundee was the yes City , this time Scotland will be the yes country.

So in the words of Robert Burns “come saddle your horses and call out your Men, unhook the West Port and let us gang free , for its up we the bonnets of bonnie Dundee”

Our road


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