The World this Week from Mennies

Hard to believe that another week is almost at an end, and an interesting week it was, with Daft Donald moving towards cancelling an agreement with Russia on medium range nuclear armaments. He certainly is surrounded by illogical warmongers such as John Bolton, no doubt with stakes in the arms industry. Mind you I suppose that in the very remote event that The US is forced to suspend arms sales to the regime of monsters in Saudi Arabia, then I suppose they will still have to keep the republican sponsors happy with more manufactured threats from Russia meaning a boost to the armaments industry

Meanwhile Monsters Incorporated better known as the Saudi Arabian dictatorship have owned up to the murder of Khashoggie being premeditated, which is an improvement from “he was in a fight and so we thought it would be a good idea if we dismembered his body whilst he was still alive, but in mitigation, he was only alive part of the time.” It is good that the EU (apart from the UK) has decided to impose an arms embargo on this despicable state.


Still in the states, there has been multiple acts of terrorism aimed at prominent democrats and I am sure Donald is desperately looking for a Muslim, or at the very least a black person to blame it on. Hold the press, it has been discovered that there was a Russian in the USA at the time and he had access to the postal service so obviously it must have been him. I am sure Donald will be considering yet another US base near the Russian border to make it something like, 65. Mind you Russia has, err, no bases near the US.

To be honest, it you take the fact that there are US elections coming up, and no bomb has gone off, if I were Donald, I would be seriously considering a false flag scenario. I am quite sure there are nutters on both sides of the fence in the US, a good proportion of them in the security services.


Hold the press, it has just been announced that a guy has been arrested on suspicion that he was involved in sending these bombs and guess what ? He is neither Russian or Muslim, hell, he isn’t even black. In fact , he is a republican. Whoops, Donald now how did that happen? “Well you know , we have all the best people , we have the very best people”


Here in Scotland we had the nauseating sight of US TV host, Larysa Switlyk posing with a dead goat she just shot on the island of Islay and, revelling in its death. It is one thing killing to eat but another to kill for the joy of killing a harmless creature. What kind of weird satisfaction can that woman get out of that?


So to Brexit ,and as we draw nearer the cliff edge like a bunch of Lemmings, we still have a comatose government in Westminster without a clue how to complete negotiations with  neither the EU or the world trade Organisation whose membership are not all in favour of allowing the UK favourable trading terms. More especially Latvia whose sports team were refused visas by the right wing bampots who were trying to beat their chests and show just how anti-Jonny foreigner they really were. Well Theresa, it is coming back to bite, not only you, but the whole of the UK, so thank you very much and confidence in your ability to look after the interests of the UK is dropping faster than the US stock market.


Back to Scotland again and the SNP the champions of independence (only kidding) are back on the trail of being anti Brexit and are finally coming out in support of a peoples vote to cancel Brexit. Yes, they had a policy for a considerable time of not supporting another referendum on EU membership. I wrote a blog about it some Months ago. However, we are nowhere nearer getting on with a campaign of education and supplying ammunition to grass roots groups to attract no voters to yes. This, to me is one of the great mysteries of the last 4 years. Although I must admit that for some considerable time, I have had the awful thought of the SNP propping up a shaky tory government in return for a joint premiership of the UK for Nicola Sturgeon and if that   happens, we will end up (literally) with a federal UK and hopes of a truly independent Scotland blowing in the wind.


So, enough of politics and doom and gloom, it is the week end, I am in Mennies with a nice pint of Tennants, definitely well-deserved this week, so I raise my glass to my friends the World over.



PS. One of my wee sayings pertaining to Scotland from my touring days.


Welcome to Scotland.

When you leave, take only your memories and a small part of what we are.

Leave, only your footprint and a small part of what you are.



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