The SNP Merry go round of Conversations

Ok , so here we are again with a chance to talk to no voters with Nicola Sturgeon’s latest ” initiative” regarding independence, so let me be quite clear, the result of this “day of action”will be much the same as the rest of the “conversations” initiated by Nicola and that is confusion. Confusion among the people who are to be targeted by this “initiative” who I presume will be people who voted no in the last independence referendum. How they are going to find these people I do not know but if they are simply going to speak to SNP members, then it will be even more of a waste of time than I envisage.

The two things that mark Nicola Sturgeon’s term in office as the leader of the SNP are, conversations, and long grass. The one thing she has an abysmal record of is providing a roadmap to independence and that , as leader of the SNP should be her main purpose in life.

We had the election of Keith Brown as deputy leader of the SNP a few months ago and he was given the task of, yes ,having a conversation about independence. We had a conversation a couple of years back which was to have been concluded by St Andrews day , where upon ,it was expected an announcement of the success of the conversation would have been announced. Unfortunately the result was kept secret, presumably because the conversation did not work out as planned which is exactly what will happen to this “conversation”.

We had the growth commission report which came out more than a year late. This was widely seen as the possible long awaited beginning of a road map to independence. Unfortunately it turned out to be a dog’s breakfast and was almost immediately relegated to an other “conversation.”

So why have all these “conversations” been failures ? It is quite simple really. It is because they have been very one sided conversations and let me illustrate why.

SNP activist:- Knock knock.

No Voter :- Hello

SNP activist:- I am from the SNP and we are having a discussion about a future referendum.

No voter:- Good I have been waiting 4 years for someone to call as I have a few questions for you.

SNP activist:- Good that’s what Nicola sent me here for, fire away.

No voter:- What currency will we be using in an independent Scotland?

SNP activist:- Err, well, I can’t answer that question as this is the subject of another conversation at the moment.

No voter:- You are joking I hope, ok well do you have a definitive answer to whether we will be in the EU or possibly the EEA, or possibly, just a member of the single market, as that seems to be what Nicola decided the Scottish people voted for in the EU referendum although I can’t remember seeing that on the ballot paper?

SNP activist:- Err, well actually, Nicola hasn’t actually told us yet and we are having a conversation about that at the moment.

No Voter:-  You seem to be having a lot of conversations. Ok so what will be the finances of an independent Scotland, have you produced a projected set of accounts and a balance sheet, which will show our inherited assets so that we can be confident that our finances are assured, or at the very least in good hands because that is what I do every week with my wages when making provision for the weeks ahead and I have heard Nicola speaking about the GERS  figures as though the deficit contained in them will be transferred to an independent Scotland?

SNP activist:- Err ,well, actually no, we have not done that yet, and to be honest , no one in the SNP can actually understand the GERS figures anyway but I am sure we will be having a conversation about that before too long. However I think you will agree that since the SNP came to power and formed the Scottish government they have governed well. We have free bridge tolls. free further education, free bus passes at the age of sixty, free elderly care, and free baby boxes.

No voter:- Yes so in other words what the SNP have done ,is  they have proven that Scotland can be governed well, within the UK and as the only thing you can offer is endless conversations then it looks like I will be voting no again, that is if you actually get around to having a conversation on when you will hold another referendum. In the meantime I have some paint to watch as it dries, bye.

SNP activist raising his voice to a closed door:- A referendum, I forgot to mention that Keith Brown is having a conversation about that.

It is almost as though Nicola is looking for the answer that will convince her that a referendum is not viable in the near future.

Quite simply , Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell ( chief executive of the SNP) are not fit for the job and should be replaced. Or perhaps it is time for a true party of independence ” The Scottish Independence Party”

This is our road, and we need a road map to independence.