Looking Back to November 2014 and the Scotland Bill part two

I wrote this back in November 2014. I was concerned then that not enough was being done to keep the independence movement live. I commented on the likely outcome of the Smith Commission and the lack of commitment from the SNP as to a cohesive campaign to address the mistakes made in the referendum.

I was concerned then, but after the fiasco of the Scotland Bill I am now really worried. We have been through the Smith Commission which promised a few derisory powers and now the Westminster Government have delivered even fewer.

My concern is that the SNP were active in signing off the Smith Commission recommendations without apparently even discussing ( never mind agreeing) the financial implications of these additional responsibilities and responsibilities are exactly what they are, because what we are to be awarded is tax collecting responsibilities without any benefit accruing. The only thing we will get is the blame for the taxes.

We  have been truly set up and hung out like a bunch of kippers.

12 November 2014 at 15:29 · New York, NY, United States

There is at present a feeling abroad that not much is happening in the fight for independence, So I thought I would put my thoughts to paper. The referendum went against us almost two months ago . The reasons were numerous , from the lying and mis-truths of the politicians who were ranged against us , mainly from the disreputable Scottish Labour who were fronting the no campaign on behalf of the Tory government in power at Westminster, to suspicions that the voting was perhaps not carried out properly. I honestly feel though that the biggest fault lies with ourselves . Now when I say ourselves I mean the political and party set up we had in Scotland , pre referendum. We had an SNP government and a reasonably strong SNP membership and that was the main source of the campaign thrust. The mistake I feel we made was to allow this campaign to progress without pre negotiation. We should have pre negotiated the positions on Pensions, On a monetary system, on whether we would gain access to the EU , on a share of assets , on a timetable for removing trident, on passports and sharing of consular facilities, etc ,etc, etc. Now some of you say that the British government would not have done this and to this I say , nonsense . We as citizens of the UK had a right to this and if refused could have been pursued through either the EU court of human rights or simply by international law and as a precedent for this we only need to look back to 1707 when the union was formed , because that is exactly what was done then.
This I feel was our biggest mistake, can you imagine how easy it would have been if we did not have to go into the very technical explanations of how monatory union was the best option for both countries, of how pensioners did not have to be worried about pensions that were the responsibility of the UK government, about when trident would be removed and how large a rental Scotland would receive in the mean time for housing the facilities until removal. I could go on and on , Quite simply we allowed the Westminster cabal to treat us like a foreign country that it was about to go to war against.
OK so where are we now , well there is the Smith Commission that we have all submitted our wish lists to and the SNP are of the opinion that we should give this a chance first to see if the Vows are to be kept. therein lies the first mistake of the next independence campaign, giving the opposition a breathing space as any one who actually believes that we will get devo max is seriously deluded. By all means give it a chance but in the mean time the maxim of ” to assure peace, prepare for war ” comes to mind and that is what we should be doing . We should be carrying on a two pronged initiative with the ultimatum of an other referendum the penalty for all the lying that went on during the campaign and the justification for that lying which will be the remit of the Smith commission. We cannot afford to be too nice this time .
As for the Yes bus Scotland’s Dragon for independence, our position is this, We continue to campaign in a manner which will bring to the attention of people who perhaps voted no , the injustices and dishonesty of the no campaign and in this we have been asking for ongoing campaign materials such as posters and leaflets on a common theme which can be used by other like minded campaigns across the country.
We will be supporting any candidate for the Dundee west constituency who seeks to replace Jim Mc Govern.
We will support Stewart Hosie for deputy leader of the SNP.
We will support any candidate for local elections who seeks to either retain an SNP seat or displace an existing labour councillor.
We will be continuing our food bank collections and cultural interaction in cooperation with Taught By Muhammed food bank and St Salvador’s food bank .
So what do we want in return for this ? as for the food banks ?,nothing.
As for the SNP ? a sympathetic ear, campaigning materials and a strategy moving forward.
We are very fortunate in Dundee and district in as much as we have in the SNP a wealth of talent, whether it be in the local councillors or our representation at Westminster, but they must listen to the people as they are becoming restless for action.
I attach a photo taken yesterday of a relative of a Dinosaur taken on a Caribbean island  and another photo of an actual Dinosaur (Jim Murphy) taken in Dundee City Square a couple of months ago, ( the one on the left).
We are still on the road to independence .
This is our journey


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I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

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