The final solution 

No I am not speaking about the holacaust ,I am speaking about the Royal Family .

On the event of the Queens 90th Birthday and the vast amount to money which is being spent on celebrating it I have been pondering on a solution to the seemingly everlasting debate on what we can do with this anachronistic anti democratic  establishment called the Royal family.

Now I realise that there are a great many people in the UK and indeed other parts of the World who need to feel inferior and defer to privilege, they seem to enjoy grovelling and scraping to entities that they see as being ” better” than them. There is of course  a great many people , me amoung them, who do not see people being any “better” than any one else and at the same time did not much like the idea of subsidising this undemocratic family , especially at a time when we see the need for food banks rising and the country being in such a state financially that the government see the need to implement austerity policies  the consequences of which which see people committing suicide on a daily basis.

So what do we do with the Royal family and I include the extended family which will of course take in the the son of James Hewit? 

Well the way I see it is quite simple ,we privatise them . We form ” the Royal family PLC” , we put them on the stock market and in that way the intuitive phsicophants can have a field day and absolutely wallow in their adoration of privelage . Just imagin , instead of waving wee plastic flags when watching the queen pass by in her plastic coach , they can wave their share certificates. I am sure the Tory government could find one of their friends in the financial industry with experience of packaging sub prime mortgages who could organise  this flotation.

The best  thing about this is that it would take the Royal family out of the pockets of those who would rather be governed in a more democratic way  and perhaps the proceeds of this flotation could be used to alleviate starvation and inequality which is prevelent in this country at present .

Ok so who is for it  the  privatisation of the Royal family ?

One thought on “The final solution ”

  1. Most definitely Bob… There’s no room in modern day times for these parasites… The cult followers should foot the excuberant bill for their messiahs if they so choose to…and humanity can put their efforts into helping those less fortunate, the poor, starving and the have nots..

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