The World This Week from Mennies

Saturday 9 Feb 2019

Venezuela, Seabourn, Question time, Brexit

Well, that is me back from my travels and back to a cold Scotland. So, what has been happening whilst I was away.

Well it is apparent I can’t leave Donald alone for a couple of weeks, but he folds to the Neo-cons and starts threatening to invade another country, and after me praising him the other week for being the only president for some time not to have started a new war.

Now, to be perfectly honest, Venezuela is no paradise at the moment, but this is mainly due to the imposition of sanctions by the US, and why might you ask are they doing this? Well, it is because of two things. One, they have a Socialist government and two, they have loads of oil and the US think they can administer the distribution of this oil better than the Socialist government in the country, just like they now do in Iraq and Libya. The fact that getting to where they are in these two countries involved killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people is neither here nor there to people like John Bolton, Trumps security advisor, and if he gets his way then Venezuela will go the same way as these two other unfortunate countries. I somehow, do not think that it will be quite as easy in Venezuela and could turn out another Vietnam for the US. The US predicate their stance on Venezuela, as backing a democratic solution and in doing so they have recognised a guy as president who was not even a candidate in the last elections. That is a real skewed interpretation of democracy. So here we are once again with the US on the verge of invading another country to take control of their natural assets and in doing so, quite probably about to sacrifice young soldiers and innocent civilians on the alter of greed, this has to stop.

So here back in the asylum that is Brexit we have the company set up by Tory backers to facilitate a new channel ferry service to Europe. Transport secretary Chris Grayling personally gave his support to the “new company” stating that all due diligence had been carried out on the “new” company.  Now we discover that the government has now to remove the contract from the ferry company with no ferries because they couldn’t perform to the contract. You really couldn’t make this nonsense up. This government is presiding over one calamity after another in connection with the madness that is Brexit and we haven’t even left the EU yet. Donald Tusk summed up the situation precisely during the week when he said, “By the way, I have been wondering what that special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan to carry it (out) safely.”

That statement sums up the madness that is Brexit, completely.

Ok So question time and the usual bias directed at the independence movement with the addition of a guy who had miraculously been on the program 4 times and was videoed in deep conversation with Michael Forsyth, a hard line Brexiteer Tory peer. The guy was there it would appear, for the sole purpose of giving an anti-independence tirade.  Now the reason I mention this is not simply to bring to people’s attention the built-in bias against independence by the BBC, but to note the lack of official SNP condemnation of this, they are content to sit back and act as a media punchbag. It is far past a joke and time it was addressed. This is just a small part of how I see the lack of preparedness in the SNP for any future referendum.

Last week it was announced that a long-established Dundee company, McGills was to go into receivership with the loss of 375 jobs. Jenny Marra did well in the Scottish parliament in highlighting the seeming lack of cooperation between the company and Scottish Enterprise in arranging a rescue package and highlighted the difference between McGills situation and a company in the West of Scotland whom received six times the £2 million required by Mc Gills by way of a rescue package when there were less than 300 jobs at risk. Now it would appear that the multinational accountancy firm KPMG was instructed by Scottish enterprise to investigate a rescue process for the company but came to the conclusion that administration was the best option and then were actually appointed the administrators. To my mind this was a case of mixed allegiances and vested interests as you might know, the administration process can be very lucrative to the administrators. Now there is some suggestion that the presentation of future prospects given from Mc Gills to Scottish enterprise was not as complete as would have been expected but surely that was the job of KPMG at that point to make sure it was. Is it a coincidence that that presentation was probably the trigger point for them being appointed administrators?

So, questions to answer from both Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government, as the loss of this company obviously has severe repercussions for the local economy of Dundee and district.

Ok so a pint in my favourite hostelry and good to get back to some decent Scottish beer. Always good to travel and meet different people from different parts of the World, but always good to get back home again.

So, to all my friend where ever you be on this small and fragile planet of ours, have a good and peaceful weekend.

Remember this.

When in conflict with someone and before passing judgement, you must first walk a mile in HIS shoes.

Then if you still do not agree, then at least you are a mile away from him, and you have his shoes.



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