A Nautical Nomad

Leaving Iceland

So, after 5 days in Iceland visiting 4 ports, we are now heading South East towards the Shetland Islands. Both Iceland and the Faroe Islands have opened my eyes to just what small independent countries can do when they put the welfare and well-being of their people before corporate or political interests.

I have long fought for the independence of Scotland and in doing so have had to wade through the swamp of misinformation and downright propaganda put about by people with vested interests in keeping Scotland shackled to the decaying and rotting corpse that was the English empire. The reason for this is of course that without Scotland’s assets and tax take, England would be on its way to becoming a Third World country and the people who govern us know this full well, more so now as we watch the pantomime of the Tory leadership contest. A contest of clowns in a circus of their own making. The outcome of this comedy will be that once again Scotland will be governed over by people we never voted for, people who will tear us from the European Union, a union in which we in Scotland voted 62% to 38% to remain.

So, looking at Iceland gave me hope, a country of fewer than 400,000 people, a country with a far higher standard of living than the UK. A prosperous and stable country governed by the people, for the people. A country that bailed out the people and jailed the bankers in the western financial crash in 2008. A country that told Britain to get lost when they tried to claim for bailing out the branch of the Bank of Iceland based in London. The reason being that it is up to the county whose regulatory system failed, to bail out the banks not the country of origin.

Iceland does not have a standing Army whereas Scotland is charged £3.5 billion per year as a share of the UK armed forces. What could our social serviced and the NHS do with an additional £3.5 per year? Iceland does not have Weapons of mass destruction as we do, and our imperial masters are about to spend over £200 billion on upgrading this useless system, Trident.

Iceland does not get involved in wars with countries in order that corporate interests can control their oil and in doing so facilitate the slaughter of both the inhabitants of these countries and our own service men and women. Islandic armed forces consist of a coast guard with three patrol boats and a special forces unit of about 45 personnel. Iceland is a member of NATO but does not have to contribute armed forces to any of their peacekeeping operations.

Iceland is a country at peace with itself and all other countries, a model of where we could be in Scotland with independence.

As we sailed out of the harbour of Reykjavík I looked back and saw what Scotland could be, a confident, prosperous and free country, a country at ease with its place among all the independent countries of the world, a country in charge of its own destiny

I will be back


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