A Nautical Nomad


Well, some more photos of my sojourn to the North Atlantic and here I am in Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland and an impressive capital city it is. The city is about three miles from the cruise terminal and necessitates taking a shuttle to get there, which I did in the Morning, spending the day wandering around the city and indeed the harbour. See photos of the very impressive Opera house.

The photo of the figure with half his body encased in rock had no explanation and I wondered if indeed it depicted the banking industry with their very complicit roll in the financial crash of 2018. However one of my friends explained that it is a depiction of a faceless civil service employee. You will remember the actions Iceland took after the banking crisis when they jailed the bankers and bailed out the people .

Iceland’s economy is very heavily dependent fishing although tourism is making significant inroads on the once dominant fishing industry.
Iceland is not a full member of the EU but is part of the EEA on the lines of Norway, therefore, it is subject to about 20% of EU law. As such it is not part of the Eu fishing policy although its internal fishing regulations work very much like they do in the EU. They have sustainable policy’s much like the EU and a quota system again much like the EU which mean that quotas can be traded. This has been the subject of discord in the fishing communities as there are around half a dozen very wealthy families who own most of the quotas along with the fish processing stations.

I decided to make another trip into the city last night to sample the nightlife and indeed chose to walk the three miles. On the way, I diverted somewhat from the footpath which ran along the side of the road and ended up walking along the beach where I came upon the strangest house I have ever seen. It was like walking on to a scene from Mad Max, see photos below.

A couple of Icelanders were also walking by, saw me taking photos and came across to tell me the story of the house.
Apparently, it is owned by a famous filmmaker who I think is called Raven. He is obsessed with the Vikings and all things Norse. His most famous film was The Flight of The Raven” He is a recluse now and rarely seen. I must admit it was an eerie place. See photos,

So, on to the city and visits to various hostelries, almost all of which had live entertainment. Note the young lady who I think was a member of the tourist board as she seemed intent on making my visit to Reykjavik memorable.

I found a bar with live music and dancing which made the evening worthwhile heading back to the ship in the early hours, still in broad daylight. All in all an interesting bight out in Reykjavik.


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