The World this week from Mennies

Sat 20 July 2019. Trump, Sturgeon, Corbyn, Iran, Tory leadership


Another week and a busy one at that business wise with even more questions on the political front. The World is truly going crazy. On the other side of the Atlantic we have Donald Trump proving his racist credentials by suggesting four Democratic Congresswomen should go back to where they came from and here is his words.

“They should go back and fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

Three of them were actually born in America and one has been there for two decades. So here is the president of America making blatant racist and false remarks, concerning four members of the American Government. This is astounding. But worse was to come because at a Trump rally the crowd were encouraged to chant “send them home”.

Now, the man is nothing more than an immature spoiled child, but there is something rather more frightening than this unwise expression of underlying hate in the US and that is this. This Man was voted in by this underbelly of deep rooted race hatred which was supposed to have been quelled during the fifties and sixties when segregationists like Governor Wallace ruled in places like Alabama and the colored people were treated very much as second class citizens.
Now trump is using this deep rooted hatred of fellow human beings for political advantage and the scary thing is that it appears to be working. Even more scary is the fact that if people like Trump can gain political advantage through playing the race card then it is democracy in action. representative democracy is a form of government wherein its citizens vote for or elect a representative to represent them in Congress or the Senate. So that is the kind of behavior the people voting for Trump will expect him to carry out on their behalf . It is as simple and as scary as that.

Remember, Hitler was not a dictator, he was voted in to his position by the people of Germany.

Nicola Sturgeon

The gloss of Nicola Sturgeons reign is speedily evaporating , more so with her latest snub of Angus McNeil MP. Who proposed a motion to be debated at the forthcoming SNP conference concerning an alternative way forward on the road to independence. A suggestion that I myself made a couple of weeks ago and have made many times in the past. That the SNP should go for the next election ( Scottish or Westminster) on the a manifesto of independence. This in order to asses the will of the Scottish people concerning independence. Incredibly the motion was refused. So the SNP ( the party of independence) will not discuss independence. This is so incredible that I am lost for words. In the last few weeks when my blogs have been critical of this stance and been followed by several snide and insulting comments amounting to “Nicola has a cleaver plan but she is not telling any one about it”. I have asked the question, ” since Nicola was made party leader can you give me one credible item she has introduced to make independence any nearer or one measure of preparation for any future referendum. I have not had one single answer to these questions. It really is time for her and her husband , who is the chief executive of the party to go. Unfortunately there are too many snouts in the trough of Westminster and Holyrood for any credible challenge to her rule to be mounted. The time is now, for a new party to be started.


Jeremy Corbyn has eventually fallen off the fence and has made it ( more or less) clear that the Labour party will support a new vote on the EU before any agreement is finalized . This of course was followed by a predictable upsurge in Anti-Semitism claims . The reason being is that this change of policy has made Corbyn more electable , Corbyn supports the Palestinian peoples claim for their own homeland and Israel does not like this one bit. Therefore they are bringing their paid up members of organizations like Friends of Israel to bear on slandering Corbyn and his party with accusations of Anti-Semitism. Now Anti-Semitism is a hatred of Jews and does not include a dislike of the murderous practices of the Israeli government in their treatment of the Palestinian people, although the Israeli government would like to think that it does. Another crazy situation in a mad World.


America took an other step towards initiating a war against Iran with further ships being put in the vicinity of the straights of Hurmuz and a report that one of these ships shot down an Iranian Drone . This obviously because Iran shot down one of theirs within Iranian airspace.

Background to this was the agreement with Iran to stop any moves towards the establishment of a nuclear capability made in 2015 with more or less the whole World, and broken by President Trump a year ago. The reason being that Israel did not like the fact that America and the West were not at war with Iran and they preferred to be the only country in the middle east with nuclear weapons. Trump as Israel’s poodle has therefore put in place measures to cause conflict with Iran and of course compliant Britain stopped and impounded an Iranian Tanker at Gibraltar a couple of weeks ago.

So here we go again , America dragging its allies to war at the behest of Israel, the only glimmer of hope is that the EU will resist this madness and in some way recover the agreement that the US is intent on destroying.

Tory Leadership

Tory leadership and a choice between Laurel and Hardy, Johnstone and Hunt, with Johnstone widely being lauded as the winner and next prim- minister at which point he will immediately throw in the UK’s lot with that other village idiot Trump making it a near certainty that we will be at was with Iran within 6 months.

Speculation abounds as to whether Johnston will call a general election, but on the basis of Turkeys not generally voting for Christmas, I would say that this is probably not a goer, with one slight reservation and that is this. A possible coalition with Nigel Farage’s party of no hopers. Can you imagine that? The thought puts shivers up my back and mentioning Nigel Farage , he is apparently coming to Dundee, no doubt in the hope that there will be a day of incidents that he will put down to extremism. I have had it suggested that perhaps the yes Bus team might make an appearance, well I think people like that deserve only to be ignored.

The Nitty Gritty

So a couple of pints in my favorite hostelry and no doubt some political discourse, as there was last evening, with good discussion , debate and an element of hilarity with Grieg, Roy, Ray and of course my Nemesis John who always gives me a run for my money on the political front.

So wherever you might be on this fragile planet of ours I raise my glass to you , have a good and safe Saturday evening




I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

2 thoughts on “The World this week from Mennies”

  1. Thank you for the information that the British have empounded an Iranian Tanker. Seems to be tit for tat with the taking of the British tanker. Unfortunately we had a powerful storm and no electricity to hear what’s going on with our idiot leader. Nov, 2020 can’t get here soon enough to see that baboon out of office.

    1. Nancy, I am not completely up to date with the candidature for your election but I can tell you something. Your best bet is Bernie Saunders, I am not sure if Clinton intends to stand again but if she does it will be another disaster, she is a liability and a worse warmonger than John Bolton. If she does then I would not be at all surprised if Trump gets in again. The World is a scary place at the moment

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