I wish I didn’t have to say, I told you so,so many Times

I apend below a piece I wrote in September 2015, and yes I did tell you so . I warned of SNP complacency and their fear of promoting independence. You will see it covers two main events the run up to the war in Syria ( which came about) and the bunker mentality of the SNP ( which still exists), Now we find ourselves on the cusp of yet another exceptional event as the Tory government implode and resort to the most devious tactics ever employed in the parliament of the UK. We will know on Monday if their latest attempt to force a general election before the 31 October will be successful. This simply for the propose of winding down the clock to Brexit day so that we will leave without a deal. This ,hopefully has been forestalled by the opposition parties who managed to bring in legislation to take away the option of a no deal Brexit but this of course does not hold a future Government to the same strictures and could be overturned by a majority government.

We are on the verge of a general election , the prime oportunity for the SNP to go for it on an independence ticket and use the result to ascertain the peoples will in relation to independence. Surely after all the promises , the marching of the troops to the top of the hill and down again, the constant affirmation that we have a triple lock mandate for a referendum. Surely Nicola Sturgeon will grasp this god given opportunity to move towards independence.

I fear not, as from the utterings that have been coming from her she seemes to still be banging on about ” the gold standard” a section 30 order, which temporarily sets aside schedule 5 of the Scotland act. Now any one listening to her speaking about this “gold standard” method of legitimizing a referendum might just think that this is standard practice on a countries road to independence, but in fact it is nothing of the sort because if by some chance we were to achieve independence by this manner ,we would be the only country on the planet ever to have done so. No, all of the rest of the countries who have achieved their independence have either had to fight for it or they have simply ascertained the will of the people and declared independence. This ” gold standard” is a figment of Nicolas overactive imagination.

It is now time for, either the SNP to do their job ( which is gain independence) and stop trying to save the UK, which is what they have been trying to do for the last three years since the Brexit referendum or for a new party to be formed which will concentrate on independence.

In this respect, two weeks ago I declared my intention to stand as an independent, independence candidate in a possible forthcoming General election. I would go a step further and encourage Stuart Campbell of Wings over Scotland ( who has suggested fielding candidate in the next Scottish elections for list seats only) to start his new party now and field candidates in this forthcoming General election if the SNP will not use it as a mandate for independence. It is way past the ridiculous stage when the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon continually go cap in hand to successive incompetent Tory governments to ASK permission to hold a referendum. She is demeaning the Scottish people and should be ashamed of herself.

I have had it said ( not by too many people) that if I stood in this election I could split the vote. My answer is this. No, because there would be two completely different issues. A vote for the SNP would be a vote to remain in the UK for an indeterminate time, whereas a vote for me would be a vote to leave the UK at the very first opportunity which, if Nicola Sturgeon was to get her act together could be within the next couple of Months.

The time for prevarication is past ,it is time for action now. We are on our road to independence Nicola, if you don’t like it, then leave and let someone else take over.

Bob Costello‎ toYES BUS… SCOTLAND’S DRAGON FOR INDY 6 September 2015 at 16:13 · Dundee


The drums of war are a beating once again and this time the perpetrators of another incursion into the affairs of the Middle East, the Tories , have an outright majority in parliament, so buckle up your kit Lads and Lasses because you could very well be on your way to Syria.

Yet again we seem to be on the brink of another disastrous incursion in the affairs of another nation . A nation which by Middle East standards was being run reasonable well until we decided to encourage an uprising for the purpose of regime change , ostensibly because it was being run by a dictator , similar to other countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman etc .
So why you might ask are we not attempting regime change in these other countries? Well simply because we are the best of buddies with these countries so we turn a blind eye to the governance of these dictatorships.
So why are we not so happy with Assad of Syria? Well it’s complicated but to be truthful, we don’t really have much of a problem with him but our best buddies the Israelis do, and that is alł to do with the Golan heights which is where Syria borders on Israel and has been occupied by Israel since the Six day war in 1967. Now the complication there is believe it or not , Oil. Yes there is oil in the Golan heights and Israel has started drilling for it , an action which is against all international accords which relate to occupied territories.
Now if we could just get rid of Assad and install a nice friendly and compliant government ,then I am sure they could come to some accommodation with Israel to annex the Golan heights to Israel, this time legally because it has been done before ,in around 1983 if my memory serves me well.

So here we go again , the West doing Israel’s dirty work for them. Now can anyone hazard a guess why we have a terrorist problem? Yes you are right ” Israel”

So let’s get back to this country and when I say ” this country” I mean Scotland. Now you might have noticed that we have at present a wee independence situation here , in as much as it would appear the majority of Scots would like to see this country independent , according to the Ipsos Mori poll taken the week before last. Now it is only one poll but it forms a pattern since the referendum. In fact it follows a pattern for over two years as when the last referendum was announced polling was standing at around 25% ,over the referendum campaign it rose to a high to 51% then dropped back to 45% at the actual referendum ( if the polling figures were accurate) since the referendum they have steadily risen and now stand at 54% for independence. Now this may or may not be a blimp but the direction has at least been all in the one direction and that is towards independence .

Ok so what relevance has all this to do with what’s going on in the Middle East ? Well quite a lot actually ,because Nicola Sturgeon who is the leader of the SNP has on several occasions alluded to the scenario of ” an exceptional event” triggering another referendum. Such an exceptional event could in fact be about to happen and that could be the Tory Government taking us to war again and this is going to be the granddaddy of them all because we are going to have a hell of a job choosing the enemy. We could choose Assad because he owns the Golan Hight’s which have all that lovely oil that Israel wants or we could choose ISIS or Al quida who are sworn enemies of both us and Assad , because we put them up to it in the first place and us, because of our support for Israel. Complicated? Yes very and that is why there will not be a good outcome , unless you think that another half a million refugees is a good thing.

Now getting back to independence, yes we might actually be on the brink of ” an exceptional event” and with the polls going in our favour you might think that hey, we are on our way. But you would be wrong and the reason for this is that we are not ready for a snap referendum. Why? You might ask is that. Well during the last referendum we made several big mistakes , mistakes such as not explaining properly that there would be no adverse effect on pensions in the event of independence. also there was huge concern regarding monetary union and the No campaign latched on to this and because of certain people’s stubbornness it was thought that we did not have a plan B.

A couple of days after the referendum and realising that although we had just lost a battle ,we had not lost the war .I approached the SNP and asked the question, ” OK what’s the plan”. This question was met by ” the plan”? There WAS no plan and a year later these questions ,pensions and monetary union have not been answered , and that is way we are not prepared for a referendum.

Wake up SNP for goodness sake and get us back on the road to independence .

We through the Yes Bus for independence ,campaigned hard throughout the referendum campaign ( as did all other grass roots campaigns and SNP activists) and then we supported Chris Law in his selection to stand for Dundee West. We then campaigned for Chris to be sent down to Westminster .
A few days before he went down there I spoke to him in Menies over a pint I warned him against getting too comfortable in Westminster because he might be back sooner than he thought. I expressed my concern that the SNP might wander off the road to independence.I gave him a quote from William Wallace spoken before the battle of Falkirk , I said ” we have brought you to the ring , now dance best you can” ( he said he might use it in his Maiden speech) .
I told him that the Yes bus team has sweated blood for the cause of independence and that I had had enough, and was retiring from the ring. But there would be one exception and that was if I thought that perhaps the party had in some way veered of the well trodden track of independence and their commitment had in some way wained then we would be back and the big blue bus would be once again on our City Square and this time it would be there to get them back on the track.

Well this has come to pass and we will be there in our City Square on October the 4th and we will be there to call the SNP to account . We the people want a road map to independence and we expect the SNP to provide one. We would like our politicians to speak to the people in Dundee on the 4th October to tell us of the road map to independence. That road map doesn’t have to have a date but it has to have the preparation attached to it and the SNP must stop being terrified of the word independence and terrified of the press.

And one more thing , I personally am fed up of having to say I told you so.

We are still on the road to independence
This is our unfinished journey.


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