A Bunch of Mugs

Sorry to say it but that is exactly what the SNP are taking us for, Over the last 5 years we have had one promise after the next with regard to independence and none of them have even reached the edge of the long grass. Now it is even worse as the SNP under pressure from the faithful are about as far into the corner as it is possible to go and we have speeches from Ian Blackford and Nicola sturgeon desperately trying contain descent by a play on words designed to get stupid people to believe that there is a referendum imminent. Well, what I would ask you all to do is look at the speeches again because none of them say anything about when a referendum will happen or even that it will happen because the SNP are still going along that nonsensical rout of the “Gold Standard” of a section 30.,

A five year old child will realize that if we ever managed to attain independence through the granting of a section 30, we would be the only country in the World to have done so, so where do they get this absolutely ridiculous “Gold Standard “That is simply a sound bite for the feeble minded.

Still we have this “Nicola has a cleaver plan” and ” why do you think the leadership should tell you their plans” bind faith, which is positively pathetic and I would like to give you a practical analogy of this which happened just a few hours ago .

I am on a cruise at the moment and this Morning we docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Now the ship I am on is huge and there was another two of these giant cruise ships in harbor at the same time., So that meant that there was literally thousands of people getting off the ships at the same time., Now unfortunately there was no signs directing people to the town Centre as there is normally at cruise ports, therefor people had to find their own way to the Centre. So what do you think the majority of them did? They followed the person in front of them, Just like the faithful in the ranks of the SNP. What they did was put all of their faith in the leader, the guy in the front. Now they had no way of knowing that the guy in the front had the same agenda as they did but they hoped he did, so because they did not have faith in their own ability they placed all their hope and trust in one person , the guy at the front of the parade . I didn’t do that, I looked for evidence which would lead me to the town center, such as returning local tour busses, and the fact that there was a historic citadel I had read about and as Halifax is built on a hill it seemed logical that the citadel would be at the top of it and the town built around it. So I headed off the main road and up hill and guess what ? I found the city Centre without much bother and looking back towards the harbor I saw a steady line of people following some guy home for his lunch.

This is what is happening with the SNP at the moment and has been since the last referendum. People flocked to them on the disappointment of the referendum result , and what did the SNP do with this new and eager Army ? nothing , and as I warned at the time the worst thing you can do with an Army is let it remain idle. many of these people are still there clinging on to the forlorn hope that their glorious leader knows what she is doing., When people question why nothing has happened since 2014 they attack them , sometimes in the most vile manner. This because they have either never had the ability or have became incapable of, making their own decisions based on evidence and instead flock around the bunker the SNP got themselves into when Nicola Sturgeon was crowned the Queen of the independence movement.

Now over the years since the referendum I have voiced my concerns, whilst the SNP have been the beneficiary of circumstance, as they were in the 2015 General election. Make no doubt about it we won that despite the SNP not because of it, as under Nicola Sturgeon, independence has been deliberately swept under the carpet in every election since and we have paid for it by a loss of seats in every election since , with the loss of over half a million votes in the 2017 snap general election.

Incredibly , the reason for this sweeping independence under the carpet was to allow people to see that the SNP could govern well and people would then come over to support independence, Now just think for a minute at how stupid that was. You have people who voted Yes and people who voted no, The people who voted Yes are ,in the main going to vote Yes again . It is the people who voted no who we have to convince . Now these people voted no for various reasons the main one being that they believed that being governed under the Union was in their best interest. Now how on earth are you going to convince them to vote yes if you show them that they can actually be governed better under the union. This is the infantile thinking of the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon, it is simply stupid.

New recently I have had experience of the mindset of the cult followers of Saint Nicola, as I have made my intention clear that I will be standing against the current SNP MP Chris Law out if sheer exasperation at the SNP refusal to take advantage of the present chaos in the ranks of the Tory government together with the prospect of Scotland being torn out of the EU against our expressed will. I have had quite a selection of mindless and vile comments regarding my democratic decision to stand against something I feel is not in the interest of my country and that is the stupid waste of a general election ( with voting intentions showing a wipe out of Tory and Labour seats in Scotland) to not go for a victory on a manifesto of declaring independence on a majority. The same way as most other countries do when becoming independent.

Scotland has a long history of fighting against vested interests . Both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce had to defeat the Scots before they could start on the English occupiers. We have forever had traitors in our ranks. Even Bruce was a favorite of Edward before he turned against him. So we have the same problem today. We have two problems as I see it . We have Nicola Sturgeon who , it would seem has been working to save the union for some considerable time now and indeed working against the democratically expressed will of the English people as they voted to leave the EU. But there is more in it than that and I honestly feel it is a lot to do with the Alex Salmond affair. I believe Nicola and her husband could be responsible for the set up of Salmond. I am of the opinion that Nicola has very difficult questions to answer surrounding her previous statements regarding meetings which took place at her home and indeed in connections with some of the complainants in the case. If there were to be a campaign for independence and these issues aired then perhaps this would present difficulties , but if that is the case then she should leave now and clear the way for someone new to take the fight forward.

OK still on the theme of traitors in the ranks. One of Bruce’s problems was that he had properties in England granted by Edward so stood to loose if he went against him and this could have been why he never gave full support to Wallace. Ok, so we have much the same situation here, as we have 35 MP’s in Westminster getting around £78,000 + per year some of which probably owning properties which are receiving substantial assistance with mortgages from Westminster. So here we have it the Turkeys voting for Christmas analogy, and that is quite possibly where we have the modern-day traitors that Wallace and Bruce had to defeat before they started on the real enemy.

I had a debate on Facebook regarding my intention to stand against Chris Law, with a couple of SNP acolyte’s who misguidedly think of themselves as intellectuals, the other day. It was a debate punctuated by accusations of vanity and just not knowing what I am taking about, as my betters with all the political experience obviously know better. It was actually quite humorous. I made the point that I have known Chris for many years and like him , in fact I had a big hand in having him selected and then elected to parliament but I am concerned that he has not been doing what we sent him down there for and that is why I will stand against him. They made great play over what they saw as the fact that he has done well as an MP. I asked them to give me a list of the initiatives he has instituted in the cause of independence and after asking the same question several times I asked for only one initiative they could name in regard to independence., Needless to say I am still waiting on the answer and wont get one because there is no answer to that question. These people were sent down to settle up and instead they have settled in. If by some chance I am elected I will cause as much chaos in the interests if independence as one person can possibly cause, and that is a promise.

Another analogy that presented itself today was that when I was on my way back to the ship and entered the harbor area, I came across a large store which was sited right along side where the cruise liners dock , This was called “The Farmers Market” now looking around I could see that as this was right in the dock area and there was really no way that this could be readily accessible to the general public , so why would you get a traditional “Farmers Market” next to cruise liners that it is forbidden to take foodstuffs back on board . Well the answer is simple , it is a marketing exercise as when on say, Caribbean islands Farmers markets are popular with cruise guests , not for what they can take back on board but just for local color and interest. So that is what the SNP are they are a marketing trap, Scottish National Party, the party of independence, right? Well no actually, as the tens of thousands of people who joined the party after the referendum are beginning to realize . The truth is that they are no longer the party of independence they are a unionist party , nothing less

I remember after Chris was elected and I was standing in Mennies having a pint with him before he went down to Westminster. He asked me what I thought . I told him that it would change him, but it was up to him as to just how much of a change it would be ( he is living in a Castle now). I quoted from Wallace’s address to his men before the battle of Falkirk. I said ” I have brought you to the ring now dance best you can” I fully intend giving Chris some dancing lessons in the forthcoming tussle. The coming weeks will tell whether Nicola sturgeon will address the unrest that is growing by the day within the independence movement as she plays with words and attempts to quell dissent by half promises, which amount to yet another mandate for a section 30 groveling acceptance without an ultimatum of what will happen if the answer is yet again no.

Until then I am afraid she is indeed treating honest hard working activists like bunch of mugs.


Author: bobsblog.scot

I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

4 thoughts on “A Bunch of Mugs”

    1. Thanks, John it is just so frustrating to see such an opportunity pass us by. When on earth do they think the stars will realign to give us this god-given opportunity to achieve independence? The sooner Stuart gets this party going the better and I think there would be quite a few defections. It is just sad to see so many people still thinking she has a cleaver plan

  1. Bob
    I’ve often said on my own blog that when we become independent it will be in spite of the SNP not because of it. The party are playing the yes movement for fools by playing by British rules while seeming to enjoy the trappings of Government a little too much. Not only do I expect good governance I expect every policy to take us a step closer to independence, that is sadly not the case. Going for a second mandate would be a slap in the face to everyone who voted for them and would deserve out contempt, failure to set a date for referendum before the end of the year would be a failure. If the SNP won’t deliver then we need a party that will end of. I get more disappointed with NS everyday and confirms my belief that she is not the one to lead us to independence, she has come up though the ranks, it’s all process with her and that will be our undoing.

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