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Sat 15 February 2020

Russia, SNP, Trump and the UN

Well here we are again at the end if a busy week, I missed my view on the World from Mennies last week because of pressure, business wise, as we are in the process of setting up a new workshop facility within recently acquired buildings adjacent to our existing workshop and depot. Big project for us, and it will give us one of the largest and most diverse vehicle workshop and repair operations in Dundee, it will include at least one possibly two MOT test bays allowing testing up to the largest vehicle possible under MOT regulations.

So, to what is happening around the planet over the last couple of weeks and let’s start with Russia, Now you will probably have noticed that there has been a lot of talk about Scottish independence of late and this had been brought about by various announcements and promises by the leadership of the SNP. Now let me be clear, I have absolutely no confidence in the present leadership of the SNP doing anything remotely like advancing towards independence ( as they have promised) this year and will instead ,once again use independence to get them a comfortable majority at the Scottish parliamentary elections next year.
Ok, so what has this to do with Russia? you will be saying. Well I will tell you. Now although the SNP ( the party of independence) are doing absolutely nothing , by way of preparation for and other referendum ( or other means of ascertaining the will of the people) the British establishment certainly are doing something about any threat to the removal of the goose who has been laying the golden egg for the last 313 years. In fact, ever since the last referendum in 2014 they have never stopped trying to influence the people of Scotland against any thoughts of removing ourselves from the United Kingdom.
There is various way in which they do this and one if them is to try to negate the value of our assets and in particular our reserves of oil. You will notice that recently there have been various interviews from so called experts in the oil industry giving views on the sustainability of our oil reserves and therefore the potential value to an independent Scotland of a product that is in declining usage. These reports are mainly put out by the UK state propaganda broadcaster, the BBC.
So where does Russia come into this? Well Russia together with its oil related companies are about to embark on the largest oil related operation the World has ever known and are to develop large oil reserves on the wide-stretched tundra lands of northern Ural and export it through a projected seaport in the Taymyr Peninsula.

The project costing in the region of $155 billion will include 15 new towns, airports, sea ports and in the region of 100K jobs,
Now if anyone ( even the BBC) expects Russia to put that amount of investment into a product that will loose its value in the foreseeable future then they seriously need professional help.
Scotland’s oil will continue to be a huge factor in the economy of an independent Scotland for many years into the future no matter how many (Sir) Ian Woods’ the BBC drag into their studios to try to tell you any different.

So now to the SNP, who at one time were called the party of independence. That was of course until Nicola Sturgeon took over, and now are called the party of the Grand old Due of York as she has marched her troops up to the top of the hill and down again so many times that that it is not funny anymore.
Well a couple of weeks ago she did just that, for the umpteenth time.
Before the recent UK General Election she made great play with regard to a referendum being held this year, She even went to the lengths of arranging a rally in George square Glasgow to fire up the faithful into believing that there would be a referendum this year, The fact that she actually appeared at an independence related  rally in the first place was remarkable as it was the first one she had appeared at in the five years that she has been leader of the so called party of independence, Choosing instead to appear at rallies of her chosen sexual affinities held by the gay community and of course Brexit rallies on her crusade to save the UK union.

Now the SNP have been in power in Scotland for some considerable time and like all political parties they become jaded and corrupted by the power they hold. Now once upon a time it was the policy of the SNP to disband on achieving their primary goal but this is now not the case and my concern is that they will fall apart at the seams before they have achieved their primary roll and that is, facilitating a road to independence.
This process of falling apart , to my mind has already been put into operation. We now have a faction withing the SNP who are causing mayhem among the membership and the general independence supporting community, they are the WOKE brigade of gender neutralization. They are supported by the leadership of the SNP. Believe it or not they are pushing for a system of self ID which means that a physical male can have access to women’s private places by simply saying he feels like a woman, There are quite possibly very genuine people who struggle with their gender identity and should have provision made for them, but it is not in women’s toilets and shower rooms where women and children can be vulnerable and at risk from weirdos and sexual deviants. This gender recognition policy as laid out by the SNP leadership will cause huge losses in voting intentions and a subsequent loss to the independence movement. It must be stopped in its tracks.
Just over a week ago the finance minister of the Scottish Government, Dereck Mackay was discovered to have been texting messages to a 16 years old youth and is now under police investigation for grooming. Now anyone who conducts himself in this manner (and assuming he was indeed grooming) is disgusting. However, there is another aspect of this that is deeply worrying and that is his downright naivety and stupidity. This was a government minister openly texting without any thought as to where these texts were going, He would have been as well copying in GCHQ to the texts as every single one of them will have been sifted through their intelligence gathering software, stored safely away awaiting a prime opportunity for this to be used, Coincidently this came out days before he was to be laying out the budget for the Scottish government and more importantly he was to be producing an alternative version of the GERS figures, something the Scottish government should have been doing years ago as these flawed figures are used every year to falsely show Scotland in deficit.
So a couple of weeks in which the SNP Scottish government are starting to unravel at the seams and only a few weeks to the Alex Salmond trial in which I expect Nicola Sturgeon to come out in a very negative light. We badly need a new leadership in the SNP to carry forward the independence cause.

So to the middle east and Trump’s instructions from the Israeli government to produce a peace plan that will virtually destroy Palestine, Well understandably this has not gone down well at all in the world with many nations voicing their severe reservations Probably the only country where it did go down well was the country that it no doubt, was drafted in and that is Israel before being handed to Trump with instructions to sign it and get it out there.
United Nations, this week produced a list of companies in Israel who trade on land stolen from Palestinian people. The purpose being to put pressure in Israel to uphold the something like, 64 UN resolutions passed against them in relation to their treatment of the Palestinian people. Will it do much good? Probably not, as the tentacles of the Israeli government creep far and wide.

   Human Rights Watch said the list “should put all companies on notice: to do business with illegal settlements is to aid in the commission of war crimes.”

Hopefully the World will now sit up and see what is being done to a people in the Middle East, but I am not holding my breath waiting.

And so to the main event tonight and that is a couple of pints in Mennies and no doubt some lively conversation.

So to all my friends the World over I wish you a good and peaceful weekend and remember :-  
When in Dispute with someone, and before passing judgment, you should first, walk a mile in their shoes
Then if you still do not agree, you are at least a mile away from them
And you have their shoes




I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

8 thoughts on “The World This Week From Mennies”

  1. Very well put together as always Bob & plenty of food for thought for voters out there, your summary of the lack of any road map to Independence and glaring lack of any tangible kind of preparations speak volumes as always. SNP consolidation takes precedence over Independence Bob as you well know and that mouldy old carrot will be brought out of cold storage again in the lead up to the May 21 SE. Nicola Sturgeon will never risk her power hungry control and very lucrative career on IndyRef2 even if we were to hold a favourable “Consultative Referendum” The thought of losing is a “Bridge Too Far” and yes you are very correct, the currently leadership will need to be ousted/deposed for SNP to go back to their raison d’être, best wishes to you Bob.

    1. Yes, Eddie probably I am right but I would rather not be. Now it seems the SNP is to cancel the Spring conference, Obviously to stifle any debate over the current course. It is simply a mess.

      1. We both know that Indy is being neutered, NS is part of The Establishment and a member of Her Majesty’s Privy Council and has sworn allegiance to Her Majesty old Lizzy and is duty bound to in turn protect her Government. So until we have an FM of Scotland who refuses to bow to the throne and actually denounces it as having any rights in Scotland then we will never see Self Determination, it simply can’t happen and the legality situation of a Referendum For Indy is stated very clearly, they have no legal basis. International Recognition still has to be sought regardless of which type of plebiscite is used to determine the will of the Scottish People, therefore a Section 30 Greement (Sewel Motion) is irrelevant and the People now need to demand a Consultative Referendum and not take NO for an answer from the Wife & Hubby Power team running this country !!

      2. I totally agree, Eddie, this section 30 is a red herring and as far as ” the gold standard” goes, not a single country has become independent through a section 30, or anything like it, If I was to look at all the missed opportunities and lack of a viable strategy by the SNP over the last 5 years and apply basic logic, I would have to cone to the conclusion that they are in fact anti-independence

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