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Monday 12 July 2021

This week, Mennies has transitioned to Celebrity Silhouette, as I am bobbing up and down somewhere in the Irish sea, on a cruise to nowhere, Because of Covid restrictions, the original itinerary was changed from, Southampton. Orkney. Belfast. Portland to Southampton, Liverpool, Portland, with no ability to go ashore in any of the stops unless you take a ships organised tour , which means you are very much restricted to the coach or its near vicinity.


Over the last couple of weeks the US alliance, which includes the UK have been packing their bags and preparing to scuttle off and leave the Afghan army to be slaughtered at the hands if the Taliban. Mark my words , that is exactly what is about to happen.

What has it all been for? The answer to that is absolutely nothing. After 9/11 George Bush decided to ignore the fact that the perpetrators of that atrocity were all from Saudi Arabia and blamed it on Al Qaida who coincidently had a couple of ineffectual bases in Afghanistan.

So what did they do? Instead of bombing these bases or putting special forces on the ground to destroy them, they went to war with the government of that country who happened to be at that time the Taliban. Now, who were the Taliban? Well at one time they were called the Mujahedeen and at that time the US, through the CIA were financing them to fight against the Russians who had at that time, like the US, very unwisely invaded Afghanistan.

Now, why would the US wish to come to blows with an erstwhile ally . That is complicated, but what should be considered is that most foreign policy in the US is led by the CIA and as you might remember they have a long history of using drug money to finance clandestine operations all over the planet. So what is the main export product in Afghanistan? Yes you got it ,heroin and strangely enough despite their more unsavory attributes, such as their attitudes to women, the Taliban forbade the production of heroin.

So, under the guise of seeking out Bin Laden the US gathered together an alliance of the stupid which included the UK and many European countries and the Poppy crop which had been almost eradicated under the Taliban, once again flourished.

This had several consequences, one of which was that it ensured a constant source of heroin for the western world and it caused countless civilian deaths together with the deaths and mutilation of thousands of soldiers of the alliance.

Eventually, like most of the US’s interventions in other countries affairs, it become apparent that it had been a disaster and now we are about to leave Afghanistan to return to exactly where it was before we decided to become terrorist’s in someone else’s country.

Now make no mistake about it, but the sacrifices our brave military made in that country was wasted, utterly wasted. They were not fighting to protect their own country, they were not even fighting to protect another country, they were fighting to uphold a CIA agenda, which included the production of Heroin. An agenda that goes back to the President Carter days of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan when production of heroin was centered around the town of Darra in the northwest of Pakistan supplied from the fields on Helmand in Afghanistan. The CIA had set up a factory to manufacture Russian style weapons paid for through the profits of Heroin shipped from Darra to Russia and Europe. These weapons were distributed free of charge to Afghan fighters who used them in their struggle against the Russian invaders and then used against our own troops after 9/.11 So anyone who thinks that the US involvement in Afghanistan, started after 9/11 really needs a re-think.

The Taliban will once again take over control of Afghanistan after they have completed the slaughter of the Afghan Army and once again they will no doubt destroy the poppy crop.

When will we ever learn.




I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

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