The World this week From Mennies

Friday 7 October 2022.

Well, as this week ends, a chance to relax and mull over the week past.

Ukraine again has worrying announcements coming from an increasingly deranged president. He is urging his equally deranged counterpart in the US to commit to a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia, yes believe it or not that is exactly what he is advocating. Biden has said that it is not up to Zelensky to  come away with these crazy utterances as he should get first shot at it. However, as soon as he finds his way off the stage at the end of his speech to the UN, he will consider it. In the meantime, he will send Zelensky another couple of a billion dollars in lethal aid to fight his proxy war against Russia, even though he realizes that a goodly portion of this money will find its way into Zelensky’s Swiss numbered bank account or bolster his considerable property portfolio in London.


During the week I had a call from one of my sons who was very worried about his daughter Rosa. She was unwell and extremely worried. She has just turned 14 and has, like most children of her age been listening to news reports of the war in Ukraine. She was terrified that there would be a nuclear war.

Jamie asked if I would talk with her, as he knows that I kind of keep up with what is going on regarding Ukraine.

We had a good long chat and I explained to her that what she was hearing on so-called news outlets like the BBC, was raw propaganda and invariably not necessarily the truth. It is designed to twist the actuality of the true situation. I asked her about when she watched a news report on the war, did it not seem strange when there were two people being interviewed, they both had the same opinion, and that opinion was always anti-Russian.

I pointed out that RT ( Russian Television) was now banned in the UK, yet she could still watch reports from a BBC correspondent in Moscow.

I asked her if she saw the report from Jeremy Bowen the BBC correspondent on the “front line” in Ukraine where he was lying on the ground all kitted out with body armour and steel helmet supposedly under fire, and in the background was a woman looking on, standing in the open sporting a shopping bag, quite obviously on her way to the Ukrainian version of Tesco, but stopped when she saw this strange man lying on the ground with fire-crackers going off in the background. This is the kind of reporting you are getting from the BBC and the rest of the western media. It is false and utterly misleading.

As for nuclear war. I explained to Rosa how all this came about, going back to the US initiated coup, in Ukraine in 2014 and how political parties become elected through the good services of the corporate body who, supply huge amounts of finance to the candidates of their choice. They do not do this out of the goodness of their hearts or a sense of patriotism, no, they do this as an investment, and they reap the reward for this once their
chosen and amenable candidate is elected.

I asked Rosa to consider why these people would engineer the election of a president who had Alzheimer’s. Well because he is easily manipulated and of course, a good many  of the contributing “patriots” are linked to the armaments industry. Or like his son who gets a monthly stipend of several hundred thousand dollars from a Ukrainian oil company.

As for nuclear war, I told Rosa, it is not going to happen because once a nuclear war starts then the profits stop, in fact, everything stops. I assured Rosa that as soon as it seemed likely that either Joe Biden or Liz Truss was about to start a nuclear conflict, the puppeteers would cut the strings, leaving them flopping on the floor.

I went on to explain some of the narratives that the BBC employed such as “ Russia targeted a residential block of fats” without explaining that the Ukrainian army was using this civilian building as a firing point, ammunition store or command post, all in contravention of the Geneva convention. A single cruise missile costs several million dollars. Why on earth would any sane army use one to kill a few civilians? Same with the Ukrainian army “finding mass graves” in, err, actual cemeteries.

The BBC, and the rest of western media  have a lot to answer for, as through their disgraceful journalism ( if you can call it that) they are terrifying our children and grandchildren.
They are disgusting and dangerous bastards who wade through a cesspit of lies and half-truths. These awful people should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Well after a long conversation Rosa felt better and she will now be looking at reports in western media in a new light and be able to sleep at night without wondering if she will wake up in the Morning.

I was going to blether about Nicola Sturgeon and her fantasy referendum but kind of got carried away, so time for a little refreshment.

So, to all my friends the world over (including Russia ) I wish you a very pleasant weekend. And remember

The problem with having blind faith is that someday you might wake up blind.





I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

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