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Saturday 29 October 2022

Another week in and hard to know where the days have gone but one thing is sure and that is, winter is approaching fast. The trees are golden and they are shedding their leaves almost as quick as the Tory party sheds prime ministers. Dead leaves are almost as useless as live Tory prime ministers.


So the week passed and let me start with a subject close to my heart, independence. I have blogged about my concerns regarding the leadership of the SNP for quite some time now, as have some very fine writers, such as Stuart Cambell, Grousbeater, Barrhead Boy, Ian Lawson, Bruce Hosie, Craig Murry and more. The difference is in the quality of their presentation which far outclasses mine and indeed their followings which are considerable and put my contribution in the shade.

However, another difference between my small contribution and theirs is in the main timescale. If my memory serves me correctly my first blog warning of the direction of travel of Nicola Sturgeons Nu-SNP goes back to when I first started blogging and that was 2015, in fact, November 9, 2015, and the title of that blog was “The SNP Has to Provide A Road Map To Independence Or they Will Suffer the Consequences”.

This was not the first warning because I had been posting warnings quite vociferously on Facebook since a couple of days after the referendum when I approached an SNP politician and said “ well, we have lost a battle but not the war, ( strangely enough a saying that came to prominence during the investigation into Nicola Sturgeon’s complicity in the Alex Salmond conspiracy) and once the tears have dried we have to look at the next move, so what is the plan? The politician looked at me with a blank expression and said “ what plan”?

My exact thoughts at that very moment were “ fuck me, he is serious there is no plan B.” Now, this was before Nicola Sturgeon became leader but she was tasked with running Yes Scotland which was the organization set up to fight the referendum. I know that because I was there at the inaugural meeting in Glasgow when the organization was set up and Nicola Sturgeon launched it.

Looking at what has gone on ( or not gone on) since I can now see just what sort of thought train could have been going through her mind. At the time I couldn’t understand how an organization like the SNP could not have taken into consideration the next steps, in the event of losing the vote. But things started happening that cemented in my mind the thoughts that this looked very much like the first steps in a plan to thwart the cause of independence. Within a few weeks, the Yes Scotland brand had been de-commissioned. There have been numerous complaints that the referendum could have been tampered with. For instance, several times a fire alarm had gone off in the DUNDEE counting centre at Maryfield and people had been evacuated but only from selected fire exits. There were many more such suspicious incidents and complaints were made to various politicians but no investigation was ever carried out and the ballot papers were destroyed with undue haste.

So, that was the start and because of the actions of the local SNP and in particular the Dundee west office in attempting to thwart my attempts to organize a “Road Map To Independence” rally in Dundee, I left the SNP after being a member for over 30 years. Since that time I have constantly warned of the situation, we now find ourselves in and that is with the main independence party being led by a woman who has placed every conceivable barrier to independence in the way.

During this time and the numerous warnings I gave, I was vilified in the most awful ways by people who called themselves independence supporters. Thank goodness there is not nearly as much of that as there once was and probably mostly due to the aforementioned bloggers who themselves gradually realized that all was not well in the leadership of the SNP.

Indeed, the tide is turning and last night I was heartened to hear Alex Salmond, Kenny Mc Gaskill of Alba and Collet Walker who is the leader of the Independence for Scotland party basically backing up the suspicions I have been voicing for the past 8 years. This came on the back of a vote in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday night on Gender reform, where almost 20% of Sturgeons MSPs either voted against a three-line whip or abstained concerning legislation which would see the start of self ID for Men who would like to be women and autogynephilics’ giving them access to women’s private places.

Now for the avoidance of doubt, an autogynephilic is a man who gets sexual satisfaction by dressing as a woman and being in close contact with women in places which would normally be private to women. I have great admiration for these MSPs who stood up to the tyranny of Nicola Sturgeon and all that might now befall them as a consequence. I have also great disgust at the MSPs who voted for this weirdos and rapist charter to go through parliament.

So here is yet another prediction. This marks the start of an attack of conscience for these MSPs and although a small crack in the fortress Sturgeon has built around her, I see it as the iceberg that the good ship Titanic, with Sturgeon at the helm, is heading for. For the sake of the safety of the women of Scotland, Sturgeon’s Titanic must end up at the bottom of the sea of deception that Sturgeon has engulfed Scotland in.


Well, what can one say except, what did I say about not trusting the BBC or mainstream western media. Russia is not being defeated by Ukraine or should I say Ukraine and NATO because that is who the protagonists are. Yes as I said a few weeks ago the US will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian and that is the way things are going at the moment.

There were some fairly minor re-deployments of Russian troops a couple of weeks ago because of a mass forward movement of the Ukrainian army at the behest of their NATO and US masters ( because that is who are running the show) However these advances were exceedingly costly in men and equipment for Ukraine and as expected this “ advance” has ground to a halt and in fact, the Russian Army is now making advances.

Ukraine and NATO also made two big mistakes, firstly bombing the bridge that links Russia with Crimea as a major act of terrorism and secondly blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline which took gas supplies from Russia to Europe, mainly Germany., Now a twist in the tale of this act of terrorism is that despite warnings from the mentally disabled American president, Joe Biden that they would stop supplies to Europe running through this pipeline, it was apparently the American poodle Great Britain who through naval special forces ( probably SBS) planted explosives to corrupt the pipeline. My god, we are actually committing an act of war against a whole parcel of European nations and some mentally challenged people still wonder why Scotland wants to be independent of this black circus in Westminster. On the back of these atrocities, Russia is now destroying the Ukrainian power network, which will stop and transfer of surplus power to other European countries and stop trains running which is one of the main ways Ukraine uses to get NATO-supplied weapons to the front lines and also makes the trains sitting ducks.   

So here is another prediction. The people in the countries of Europe will shortly become extremely pissed off by the warmongering US and force their governments to stop these stupid sanctions which impoverish Europe and enrich the US as they are now supplying gas and oil at enhanced prices to try to augment the supplies which originally came from Russia at very much lower prices. They will become very pissed off when old people start dying of starvation and hyperthermia because their countries are supporting a bunch of Nazis in Ukraine and enriching people like Zelenskiy who is carrying on a tradition started in the second worked war where Jews collaborated with the Nazi German army to imprison fellow Jews in concentration camps. They were called Kapo by their fellow Jews.

So enough of all of this frivolity ( compliments of the US and their poodles in NATO)and fun in Europe which of course includes Russia and Ukraine.

So, just another day to go before my latest sojourn to faraway places and this time it is Asia, with a few days in Singapore and then a wee cruise to Malaysia and Thailand. Then fly back to Thailand ( Bangkok this time ) for a few days there, before heading back to a bonnie but cold Scotland.

So to all my friends the world over, I wish you a good and safe weekend and remember.

As you progress in life you might look over the wall and see that the grass is greener on the other side.

By all means sample the greener grass.

But remember this.
The most important thing you can take with you is the ladder

( from the father of the bride speech at my Daughter’s wedding)




I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

2 thoughts on “The World This Week From Mennies”

  1. Bob

    Alba is the last political hope we have I suspect, along with ISP of course, but Alba being the main vehicle to keep the pressure on. They may never govern but if they can get some election successes we have a way to hold the SNP to account and it would also be harder for the media to continue to keep Alba out as they know Alba can be a success once they get the foot in formal political door.

    I won’t pretend to understand the whole Ukraine / Russia conflict but there are always two stories and the one we are fed is questionable at best and just lies at worst. The whole thing is beyond sad, and as usual it is the innocent who suffer the most either directly in the conflict or by our so called government spending billions on weapons to keep the manufacturing killers happy. This will drag on for years as people in Scotland die of the cold, kids go hungry, and the poorest get poorer, as we all get poorer.

    Don’t put down your blog, your knowledge and insight are the very things that I don’t think I have and is vital to opening up the minds of those who have succumbed to the SNP magic carrots. I do think Sturgeon is close to last chance saloon and while many will be lost once they see the truth there will be others who will at the very least give Alba / ISP a chance and it is about all we have right now.

    Enjoy your holiday, when you get back we need to catch up for a coffee as it’s been a while. Have a great time.

    1. Yes Bruce Alba is important in so
      many ways to independence. I am hopeful that the dissenters on Thursday night in the GR vote is the start of something bigger and if Sturgeon takes action against them you never know we might find another few jumping ship.
      Definitely catch up for a coffee when I am back

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