The World this week from Mennies

Saturday 16 March 2019

The EU, Nicola, Tory and Labour self harm, Donald,

Well a gap in my wee blog from Mennies, as last weekend I was in Brussels. Beautiful City of beer and chocolate. Extremely multi cultural and inclusive with a wonderful city center of winding streets and alleys, lined with shops bars and restaurants. The home of Tin-Tin and Captain Haddock and of course the headquarters of the EU. The EU being the largest market on the planet, the market that we , through the UK Tory and Labour parties are about to leave, in an act of unmitigated folly and self harm

Yes , only 13 days to go before we reach the official leave date of the 29th March., That is unless the remaining 27 sane members will allow an eleventh hour postponement to madness to allow the UK government a few more Months of idiocy, just as the last few months have been. The word in Brussels ( and no doubt many other parts of the world) is that UK democracy is a laughing stock. The Mother of all parliaments has been rumbled, they are quite simply a bunch of clowns in a Circus called Westminster.

So, what does this mean to us hers in Scotland? Let me start with what it should mean. It should mean the best possible opportunity to commit to a campaign once more for a free and independent Scotland within the EU. A family of nations we would be welcomed into with open arms, in place of the sad and dysfunctional English Government. Yes, English government, because that is what they are. Anyone who has been watching the black comedy unfold during the week past on the Westminster parliament will realize just what I mean, with Scotland’s needs being constantly sidelined ,along with our 35 SNP representatives as they tried to introduce amendments to highlight Scotland’s position and reluctance to leave the EU. Yes this should have been the final straw that would break the Camel’s back and should have led to an announcement that Scotland intended going its own way with a referendum to finalize the will of the people of Scotland to leave the rotting corps of the UK to fertilize the Green fields of England.

Yes, that is what should have happened , but no , yet again, all we got from Nicola Sturgeon was sound bites to keep the personality cult members quiet and yet again social media was full of the ” Nicola has a cunning plan” brigade. A bunch of no hoppers who can not stand having their little bubbles burst, and cling to the hope that their glorious leader will eventually find a ” cunning plan” Well folks , let me tell you something for sure, remember all these times over the last four and a half years that you called me names like ,Unionist, shit stirrer and many more that I would not print here, when I said that there was no cunning plan, every time Nicola marched you up to the top of the hill, only to be marched down again. Every time you thought you were about to be led into a new campaign and I cautioned against such high hopes. Every time I urged the SNP to at least start to prepare for a future campaign. When in 2016 I called the Nicola’s answer to Brexit, a ” road map to unionism” Well here we are four and a half years from the last referendum and it is blatantly obvious that there has never been a creatable plan let alone a cunning plan, and, more importantly , it is blatantly obvious that the efforts of the SNP parliamentarians, since the EU referendum in 2016 have been aimed at saving the UK union rather than what we sent them down there for in the first place and that was to get us out of this poisonous and grossly unfair union that is the United kingdom. Of all the SNP members of Parliament down there ,I think there is only one with a pair of balls and that is Angus Mc Neil from the Island of Barra. He seems the only one who will put his head over the parapet of the castle of Sturgeon and Murrel, to say it as it is, and that is we are wasting valuable time whilst the enemy are dispersed all over the battlefield, in utter disarray ,immersed in complete chaos, whilst Nicola fiddles and Westminster burns. Well Nicola, it is not a fiddle player we need at the moment, we need a leader and a road map to independence. I fear there is more than meets the eye to Nicolas tardiness regarding preparation for a future referendum and I suspect it has its roots in the Alex Salmond case. I feel there is a tinderbox there awaiting ignition, only time will tell, but watch this space.

Ok , Labour and once more Corbyn is seen to be a prevaricating wimp and a strong brexiteer despite his party being mainly in favor of remaining in the EU. it was quite disturbing watching the majority of Labour MP’s abstaining on the motion to allow a people’s vote and not difficult to see why, in all this government chaos Labour are still lagging behind in the polls.

Donald, and not doing too well in the popularity stakes with it being discovered that his quotes are being used on literature produced by a far right extremist terrorist group that the New Zealand mass murderer was a member of. It has also been found that Kim Jung has started re-building nuclear testing facilities because of the mistrust he has regarding the overtures by Donald and the gangster like attitude of Pompeo and company.

Ok so enough of politics, and on to the weekend and a couple ( or more) of pints in that den of political intrigue and convivial company, Mennies .

I wish all my friend , wherever you might be on this fragile planet of ours a great weekend and I raise my glass to you.

Slainte .

Remember, Never be afraid to say what you honestly believe is the right thing to say, and never be afraid of listening to what someone else honestly believes is the right thing to say. Invariably , the actual right thing is somewhere in between.


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