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Saturday 23 March 2019

Brexit, May ,Corbin, Sturgeon, Donald.

So another week almost to a close and an interesting week it has been, both for a business point of view and from a political angle as well.

Business wise we are becoming busier by the day, both in the Coach hire side of the business and the vehicle repair and bodywork side also. So never a dull moment and always something new. There is however the ever-present Specter of Brexit and from what I can gather from business owners in general, we are the exception rather than the rule as far as future prospects are concerned and there is great uncertainty and, indeed concern that the UK will either crash out of the EU or be left with an unsatisfactory halfway house of an arrangement.

Which brings me on to the week past in politics with Theresa May holding out her begging bowl to the 27 EU leaders asking for an extension to the leaving date of the 29th March and I do mean this March, the very month that we are in. After three years of so-called negotiation, we actually find that there is no agreement suitable to the British parliament as to the leaving arrangements for exiting the largest market on the planet. A truly incredible position for any government to put a country into. Yes, the credibility of the UK and in particular, the people who are supposed to be running the country, is now at the level of a banana republic and we, through the efforts of the Tory party are the laughing stock of the world.

Potentially we now only 6 days from the Armageddon of a no deal exit from the EU and the Army have set up a command post in the nuclear bunker below Whitehall, presumably to put in place the containment measures necessary in the event of civil unrest brought upon by possible food and medicine shortages together with mass unemployment, and all that needs to be done to avoid this is a single letter from the UK government to the EU cancelling section 50 which was triggered to put in place the worst example of self-flagellation in the history of the Universe, exit from the EU. The EU, showing a remarkable element of pity has extended by a few more weeks, this date of exit to allow some sort of rethink on this invidious situation.

There is a petition which went live on the British government web site two days ago to cancel Brexit in the manner I have just described which is sitting at over 4 million replies and rising by the second. As yet I have not even heard a single comment from this dysfunctional government, nor from the equally dysfunctional Labour opposition led by the hapless Jeremy Corbyn.

Ok, so that is the situation regarding Brexit, a betrayal of the British people by a group of incompetent liars, a situation that can only be fairly resolved by either canceling the section 50 or going back to the people and holding a second referendum now that there is more information regarding the consequences of Brexit than there was in 2016, and that conveniently brings me on to the situation regarding Scotland. Now, although the UK overall voted for Brexit by a small margin, Scotland voted by a very large margin to remain in the EU ( 62% to 38%) therefore the will of the Scottish people was made very clear and that was that we wished to have nothing to do with the narrow xenophobic attitude prevalent in England which had led to the situation of Scotland being potentially dragged out of the EU against its will. Now at present, we have an SNP led devolved government in Scotland, the first minister being Nicola Sturgeon who is also the leader of the SNP a party dedicated to attaining independence for Scotland. We had a referendum in 2014 where the result went against us, mainly through the campaign of disinformation and downright lies by both the British government and the British Labour party. Nicola Sturgeon was elected as leader of the SNP shortly after this and since her election, she has swept independence under the carpet apart from her regular endeavours at keeping the faithful happy by marching them up to the top of the hill and down again by way of pretending that another referendum was on the cards. The one thing she has never done was to, in any credible manner, prepare for another referendum by addressing the issues we lost the last referendum on. I have personally had my concerns regarding both her competence or her commitment to further the cause of independence from very early on in her leadership of the SNP.

Brexit seemed the prime opportunity to once more to at least prepare for another independence referendum, given that the Scottish people were about to be dragged out of the EU against our will. The utter chaos and incompetence that resulted in the Uk governments attempts at negotiation seemed like manna from heaven to the independence cause, but no. Nicola sturgeon deliberately refused to even attempt to form a case for independence on the back of this chaos although it was blatantly obvious that with an enemy in utter disarray, that this was the optimum time to get back on the campaign trail. No, Nicola seemed to be more intent on saving the Union of the UK as opposed to what should have been her main propose in life as leader of the SNP, and that was to further the cause of independence. She decided to produce the Scottish governments answer to Brexit in 2016 shortly after the referendum and I suspected that this would be her opportunity to grandstand as the saviour of the UK. The day before this report was to be published I wrote a blog and titled it ” A Road Map to Unionism” The day after I wrote the blog, the report was published. I was on a ship at the time and when I read it I couldn’t believe my eyes, as it was more or less exactly as I had predicted, it was indeed ” A road Map to Unionism” I wrote another blog that day and titled it ” I Told You So” I attach both blogs below.

I believe I have been right in my assessment of Nicola Sturgeon’s abilities or commitment to independence and the position we are in at the moment, with our adversaries all over the place and in utter confusion, and without even an attempt by the SNP to mount a cohesive campaign in preparation for a future independence referendum only serves to reinforce my opinion. It could be the case that the SNP will be forced into some sort of action because of the corner they have painted themselves into, but that will be like going off at half-cock and be less than effective.

I think that Nicola Sturgeons days as leader of the SNP are numbered and I feel that this imminent demise could be connected to the Alex Salmond case and Nicola Sturgeons involvement in what I believe was either a set up, or a massive cock up. ( set up being my favored theory) I also believe that Nicola has been preparing her exit strategy by setting up future sources of employment on a more global platform, quite possibly within the UN organization in its various initiatives concerning women’s rights.

If my suspicions are correct the she would be better gone, sooner than later. It would seem that at present there is only one SNP politician putting his head over the parapet and that is the MP for the western Isles, Angus Mc Neil. I suspect Alex Salmond is also in the background with Angus.

So on to Donald and the US. Much is now being made about the fact that ISIS is on the verge of collapse , in fact, just today could mark the end of their Caliphate dreams in the middle east and Donald is beating his chest about this. However, this defeat of ISIS has very little to do with the US, in fact, if it wasn’t for the efforts of both the US , the UK and Israel, they would have been defeated long ago. Make no mistake, the victors here are the democratic forces of Syria, the Kurds and Russia, The manipulated mainstream media will try to convince you this is not the case. Mean while Daft Donald is attempting to legitimize his masters in Israel’s claim to sovereignty of the occupied territory in the Gollan heights area of Syria. This is illegal under international law and Trump is no better than the gangster government of Israel for even thinking of this.

So enough of politics and hopefully a relaxing evening in Mennies. I was here last night and ended up in deep conversation with a couple of friends about independence, one of them, John certainly keeps me on my toes and comes up with extremely interesting scenarios regarding the politics of Scotland especially in connection with businesses in an independent Scotland. Good banter and sometimes difficult to keep track of the quantity of alcohol being consumed.

So, to all my friends the World over, I raise my glass and wish you a pleasant and safe weekend enjoy yourself and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 🙂



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