One last letter to Nicola

Nicola, I have written to you several times without answer, but don’t worry I did not expect an answer as you are, I am sure, a very busy lady and don’t have time for a wee insignificant independence campaigner like me.

The thing is though Nicola, the reason I had cause to write to you was because of concerns I had regarding your performance in connection with what should have been your main purpose in life as leader of the party of independence, and actually most of what I said in my letters turned out to be more or less right on the button.

Quite honestly your performance in providing a road map to independence has been abysmal, and since you took over from your predecessor, the SNP have actively shunned the independence cause along with the wonderful grass roots groups who carried the last referendum campaign from 27% at the start to at least 45%. Latterly it has seemed as though your main purpose in life has been to save the UK.

But then, you know all of this stuff as it happened on your watch under your direction. I am sure you sit up all night anyway reading my blogs assiduously so you will be well aware of many of your shortcomings in regard to a move towards independence. You know, I have been in business for over half a century and if I had approached my businesses in the way you have approached independence, quite honestly, I would not be in business today.

We have had one excuse after the other, and missed one opportunity after the other, and the thing is that at no time during these missed opportunities have we been prepared for another referendum, because at no time have you as much as initiated a proper program of addressing the issues which we lost the last referendum on. I think the only action you have taken in this respect was to establish the Growth Commission report. A report that poses more problems than it solves and as far as currency goes actually suggests much the same as the policies we lost the last referendum on.

I have looked at your performance over the years and been mystified as to the ‘reasons’ you have not seized upon multiple God given opportunities, such as the pre election polling, indicating that we, independence supporters, were in for a massive landslide at the 2015 General election-spectacularly missing a golden opportunity, to use this result as a mandate for independence by making it clear that a majority for the SNP would be a majority for independence. If you had taken this route we would have been independent today. Margaret Thatcher ( you know , that lady whose dress style you seem to copy rather too well) made it very clear that if Scotland wished to be independent then all we had to do was deliver a majority of MP’s, mandated for Scottish independence, to Westminster.

The last straw was today when you made this much awaited statement on a possible future of the independence question. Here we are in the best possible position to take advantage of our adversaries utter confusion and you have handed them the get out of jail card, by firstly telling them that (according to you ) they have at all times, the upper hand, as all they have to do is say no to a section 30 agreement, something that not a single country on this planet has ever needed on their road to independence. A section 30 is an artificial construct to subdue the gullible and is absolutely unnecessary for a country to obtain in order to be independent. The other thing you have done, is to ensure that our adversaries have plenty of time to recover from this Brexit mess get themselves in good order and in plenty of time to set up a strong case to prevent Scotland becoming independent. This has to be deliberate because no one in their right mind would willingly assist their opponents in this way.

I would liken your speech today to Eisenhower sending a letter to the German High command, assuring them that we would put off D Day until he gave his permission and had all his forces suitably refreshed and in good order. Also enclosing a map of all the beaches to be assaulted in Normandy.

This brings me to the propose of this letter. After applying common logic to your pattern of behavior in connection with independence, it led me to the conclusion that something was not right, something was going on behind the scenes. Recently, the Alex Salmond case came into the public domain and indeed the court victory concerning the Judicial Review which was won by Salmond, and the resulting remarks made by the judge which showed that the witnesses could have been actually encouraged to pursue the complaints against the former first minister . It also would appear that this whole affair went back to before you became leader of the party and first minister and therefore all that went on in connection with this case happened before or during your time as leader and time when you had within your power the ability to pursue independence but did not. So I looked further into it, more so during the present chaos surrounding Brexit as I realised that with our adversities weakened and at such a disadvantage, that this was the right time to go for independence like no other….but it wasn’t happening.

The other concern I had, was that the controversy surrounding this case effectively takes the former first minister ( the only person I could see who would take advantage of the present chaos occasioned by the Brexit mess we are in) out of the equation.

So here is my question. Taking it that you have made several statements in connection with your contacts with the previous first minister and indeed to the content of these discussions, which may or may not have taken place in private and concerns being expresed regarding the identity of several of the complainants ( three in particular) who could have been politically close to both you and your husband, and could perhaps have been present at some of these meetings. Is there perhaps further information which could eventually come into the public domain and could possibly be very embarrassing, showing a certain lack of probity which could impact on your tenure as first minister and in so doing, affect the independence movement as far as a referendum campaign goes, quite possibly at a most inopportune moment.

I make no accusations and realise that these concerns could be unfounded, so all I am doing is giving you the opportunity to refute this, and perhaps explain why there is this continual procrastination in connection with the road to independence. If by some chance, this information is correct and could have implications concerning a referendum campaign, don’t you think you would do the independence cause a service by removing yourself from your positions and allowing the independence movement to continue on our road to independence. A road which could be made much shorter if a referendum was held before we leave the EU.


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