A Nautical Nomad

Bob Costello

17 April 2018 at 16:26 ·

A blast from the past, some of my wee travel blogs were done on Facebook so I decided to put them here on WordPress, as it is easier to look them up.

Day 5 of my trip (if I include the first night in Edinburgh) and getting into the complete difference from being back home with the hustle and bustle of business, (which Jamie is taking care of back home) to the comparative sedentary existence on board.
This bobbing up and down on the high seas can become addictive and relaxing at the same time. The NCL staff are nice and pretty helpful but the range of activities on board are not exactly mind-stretching and there is a lack any lectures or academic talks you get on other cruise lines such as Cunard, Holland America and Princess. These lines generally have good speakers on long-haul trips like transatlantic voyages, where there are multiple days at sea. There is only a certain amount of flower arranging, quizzes and tossing the bean bag that one can do without wanting to throw one’s self over-board.
However last night there was an interesting interlude in the banality of multiple days at sea cruising, as one of the entertainment activities was the 50s and 60s rock and Roll party and so I went to watch. The band was good and there were plenty of entertainments staff getting people on to the floor, all resplendent in their 50s/ 60s attire.
One of the young ladies came over and grabbed me and took me on to the floor at a pretty lively compilation of Rock around the clock, blue suede shoes, in the mood and more. The upshot was that I got the prize for the best rock and roll dancer AND, wait for it, “the most authentic 50s outfit”!!! The problem was that I did not realise I was wearing a bloody 50s outfit. So that’s it, soon as I get back home I am right down to Primark to get myself some decent designer gear.
Spent a wee while at the disco and had a late night snack of Nachos, the cheese topping of which looked as though it could have been made out of recycled carrier bags.
So, I think a walk on the deck is in order, clear the cobwebs. The decks were all sealed off yesterday because of the high winds. Let’s hope it is a bit better today.
So, have a good day folks
Captain Pugwash, somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean


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