The world this week from Mennies

Saturday 17 August 2019

Brexit,Wings over Scotland, and Donald Trump

Another week in and yet another busy week in business with the new property acquisition moving on apace and plans laid in place for further expansion moving on. all this of course depending on what happens when we leave the EU , whether by a crash out or an orderly falling of the edge of the cliff, Lemming-wise to oblivion. Whatever the case ,there are challenges ahead, of that there is no doubt.

This week has seen various moves to thwart Boris Johnson’s stated aim which is to leave the EU by the extended deadline of the 31st October regardless of whether there has been a deal or not meaning that it is either a case of a slow lingering death of cutting the throat of the nation by leaving it exposed to chaos and lack of trading partners with preferential trading terms.

There has ben an attempt by Caroline Lucas, leader of the greens and all things socialist, to set up a “Woman’s Cabinet” to save the Nation aided and abetted by that other champion of the road to unionism Nicola sturgeon and a few others. One slight problem with this Women’s cabinet of wisdom and fairness was that it consisted of an all white cast and excluded any colored Women. Whoops, the theory behind it also seemed to lack a basis in fact as the thought that the problem was men handling Brexit, obviously did not take into account the fact that it was a women who got us into this mess in the first place, Theresa May. Oh well quite possibly a plan B there someplace and thinking about it ,I have not heard much about it for a while now .

Corbin has been active this week after his conversion on the road to Damascus , with the threat to call a motion of no confidence on Boris the clown and instead install Joseph Grimaldi ( aka Corbin) in his place. The conversion was from staunchly resisting another EU referendum to embracing it .no doubt brought about by the many elections and polls lately showing that pro EU candidates generally came out on top. His other revelatory change of mind was on agreeing that the Scottish people should choose whether to have an independence referendum . Only problem there was that he forgot he had a Scottish branch of London Labour and didn’t tell them of the change of mind , instead letting John McDonnell his shadow chancellor blurt if out in an interview last Sunday , leaving the leader of the labour branch office in Scotland, Richard Lenard, fuming oh well nothing like showing these politicians in Scotland just how unimportant they are in the scale of things just like Boris the clown did two weeks ago when he chose to fill Scottish related cabinet positions with English politicians, mind you with mind the caliber of numbingly stupid MP’s like well known groper, Ross Thompson to choose from you cant really blame him.

There has been a great deal of activity regarding the announcement that the Blogger of Wings over Scotland Stuart Campbell, could put up a new party to contest only regional seats in the next Scottish elections, which will only take place if there has been no attempt by the SNP to call a referendum on independence.

The problem is that during the run up to the election in 2016 the SNP insisted that their supporters voted for them in both the constituency vote and the regional vote, Their reason for this are mysterious because it resulted in them loosing their overall majority and almost depriving us of an independence committed majority. It is a complicated voting system designed so that no single party can have overwhelming majorities in the Scottish parliament. It is called the De Hont system and it works. Now it means in practice that the first vote which is based on the first past the post system and called the constituency vote is calculated before the second vote which is called the regional vote and based through a formula around the seats won through the Constituency vote giving preference to smaller parties . Now if a party receives a large amount of constituency seats and they have also a large amount of votes cast for them in the regional vote then to a great extent these regional votes are wasted . That was what happened in 2011 and the SNP know this , therefore it beggars belief that they would encourage their supporters to make the same mistake again, but they did in 2016. Now what Campbell is suggesting is that he will only field candidates in the regional vote leaving the Constituency vote to the SNP. It makes perfect sense, unfortunately not to the SNP who have been sniping at this all week., They really have to get their act together and act soon on a referendum or commitment to use a General election ( which could be soon) to gain a simple mandate for independence or the chance could be lost indefinitely.

So. across the Atlantic and to our friend Donald Trump who is coiled like a python ( Monty Python) waiting to strike as soon as Britain leaves the EU with an offer to flood us with good old American delicacies, like chlorinated chicken whilst removing large swathes of the NHS in trading arrangements which ,if china is anything to go by will last at least a couple of weeks.

However , Donald has bigger things on his mind at present as he is thinking of “buying Greenland” yes I am not kidding . He probably realized that the population of fifty six and a half thousand would be relatively easy to over come using the massive and military machine at his disposal , which would be the normal method used, no doubt getting the CIA, first to encourage unrest among the locals for mistreatment of the Caribou and lemmings ( sorry that is Brexiteers isn’t it ) before sending in Americas finest to save the population. However in a fit of uncommon compassion he has decided to get ” his people” to look at the possibility of “buying” Greenland.

Now this might not be as daft as it seems at first sight, because it has been done before when in the late 19th century America bought Alaska from Russia and they bought it for the princely sum of $7.14 million , at todays prices this would be about £1 billion, cheap for a country with the assets of Alaska and I do not include Sarah Palin who is about as thick as a full set of Palings ( fence posts). Donald ,of course probably doesn’t realize that Greenland belongs to Denmark, the people who discovered America long before Columbus got lost and ended up on an island in the Bahamas, to just before his death still thinking he had reached Asia.

So if any Greenlanders are jumping up and down with excitement thinking that Donald is about to appear and make them all very wealthy I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was them, as he probably doesn’t even know where it is.

So to the best part of the weekend, a couple of pints in Mennies and a look back on the week past . I raise my glass to my many friends wherever on this fragile planet of ours you are .

The past , remember it, learn from it, but don’t dwell on it



2 thoughts on “The world this week from Mennies”

  1. “The past , remember it, learn from it, but don’t dwell on it” your quote, I do remember it, did learn from it, but do infrequently dwell on it. Good adage to live by, none the less.

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