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I Have felt I had to do a blog this week but when I thought of it, what could I say that would be new and indeed interesting to the people who read my blogs. My blogs consist of travel, General politics and in the main, issues which relate to a subject very close to my heart and that is the fight for the independence of my country Scotland. I decided to simply copy a link to a blog I did on the 6 June this year , it contains links to earlier blogs and indeed to the problems I and others have had with the SNP in trying to get a road map to independence, which is what I thought the SNP were there for .

Throughout the last 5 years since we lost a referendum on independence I have kept a close watch on how our chances were of another attempt to gain our independence and indeed of the performance of the SNP in relation to this task we had given them in successive elections. I am afraid the conclusion I have come to is that they are not up to the task, If you read through the blog a attach below and indeed the attachments contained within that blog you will see a trail of obstruction and incompetence on the part of the SNP and in particular the SNP in Dundee .

Dundee , you will remember was the Yes City , the City that turned in the highest percentage of votes for Yes in the country. I and others in the yes Bus team played a big part in that result and at the time I began to have my reservations regarding the commitment and abilities of the Dundee SNP politicians in regard to the cause of independence. My reservations are well documented in the blogs I have written since then and in deed in the one I have attached below . But it was the attitude of the local SNP after the referendum that gave me most cause for concern and indeed alarm .

Since Nicola sturgeon was crowned Queen of the SNP things have went from bad to worse. Her stated position was that elections were nothing to do with independence and were everything to do with showing that Scotland could be governed well UNDER THE UNION, yes her theory was that people who voted no could be persuaded to vote yes if it could be shown that they could be governed well UNDER THE BLOODY UNION. An act of the highest level of stupidity. Or was it, could it have been deliberate ?

I am not one for conspiracy theories , in fact I fight against them all the time but this whole situation and the amount of glaring opportunities for going for independence that have been wasted have made me to look for a logical explanation., An explanation of why after 5 years we are in effect no nearer independence than we were in 2014 and the small increase in voting intentions since have been down to the actions of the tory party and absolutely nothing to do with the SNP. Yes they have had 5 years and not a single initiative or act of preperation that could be said to take us any nearer independence.

So let us take a totally hypothetical plot where we have a country which controls a smaller country and that smaller country has vast natural resources, resources that financed the de industrialization and monetarism of the larger country. The smaller country has became fed up with the exploitation of the larger country and is beginning to realize that for many years the larger country has been keeping the smaller country down both by force of arms and a relentless misinformation program of indoctrination that the smaller country is subsidized, and there is a fear in the larger country that there could be a case for independence .

So what does the larger country do ? Well it gets its very able security services to infiltrate the smaller countries political system . Now at this point , if there is anyone out there who thinks this is fantasy then I would ask you to look at what happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria .

So what do you think the larger country would do? They would look for people in the political system and recruit them, especially up and coming stars and they would make them sleepers. If by chance these sleepers attained a position of notoriety they would start to work them behind the scenes to undermine the efforts of the people to go for independence . If by chance there was to be a figure head who would take the fight forward then he would have to be neutered and made ineffective. Leaving the chosen ones to string out the process for as long as possible, possibly to the point where people became disillusioned and fell away from the idea of independence or the rules could be changed to make it very difficult or impossible to actually gain that independence that the people so clearly want.

Now this may seem far fetched but I can assure you this kind of thing is going on in different countries all over the planet. What has happened over the last 5 years makes no sense to me and the situation at the moment where it looks as though Nicola Sturgeon will simply ask the British government once again for a section 30 alteration to schedule 5 of the Scotland act 1998, an action she has already been told in parliament that will be refused again., thereby wasting a god given opportunity to use an almost certain mandate in the forthcoming general election. She has blocked a motion by Angus McNeil to have this debated at the party conference . The party of independence being prevented by the leader of the party of independence from discussing a way forward to independence. This is an incredible situation and must be reversed by the membership.

We are in very troubling times and I for one do not get a good feeling. I attach a blog I wrote in June of this year which contains attachments to previous blogs which formed my thinking to date.



I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

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