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. Saturday 29th May 2021.


Nicola Sturgeon Covid

Nicola Sturgeon, Gender recognition

Nicola Sturgeon, Independence.


Well another week in and another visits to Mennies, which was very welcome after an insanely busy week. We like most businesses’ have had a difficult time over the last year and a half, but being a private business and without the vast resources of governments we have to make decisions regarding our future, based on hard facts and a realistic view of what the future holds. All this based on hard realistic experience.

We have managed to do this based on provision’s put in place many years ago and expanded upon when our coach/bus side of the business basically ceased to function 14 Months ago and we now have an extremely active MOT station and vehicle repair facility which has now outstripped the original business.

Nicola Sturgeon Covid.

Now why do I bring this up in a mainly political blog, you might very well ask? Well recent revelations together with issues I and others have been warning about, have found their way into the light of day in the form of Dominic Cummings and this very clearly shows how both the UK government and the Scottish Government did not have in place sufficient ministerial capability to see the wood for the trees. Quite simply, as far as the Scottish government are concerned, the people in ministerial and advisory positions are not there because of ability or experience but because if their closeness or manipulability to Nicola sturgeon. That together with their sexual orientation

Now let me be clear, I have absolutely no time for that snake in the grass Cummings, but because of the existence of the laws of liable and defamation of character, I have no reason to believe that his testimony to the committee was anything but accurate.

Now his revelations that Johnston is a compete idiot came as no surprise to anyone with more than a couple of active brain cells, but the important information as far as I and the people of Scotland are concerned is the fact that Nicola Sturgeon calmly went along with this deception. She did not wish to rock the boat of her precious Union. She did not close the border when infection rates were getting out of hand in England , and when people like myself suggested that she should, the sniveling sycophants in the Nicola cult said she had no power to do it. Well that was pathetic nonsense , she did in effect do that in Scotland by closing off local authority boundaries, and as far as I know there is not a single local authority that straddles the border with England. She did not stop air travel into Scotland or set up quarantine facilities until it was far too late and that only because her mentor Johnston was about to do it. When the disease was rampant in India she allowed over a million entries from India into the country. She seeded care homes with infected patients, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths. She failed to look at Asia where the disease started to see just how it was progressing, when places like New Zealand did, difference is that the woman in charge there did know what she was doing, and surrounded herself with advisors who also knew what they were doing . Sturgeon surrounded herself with yes men and women whose only qualification it would seem was that they are either gay, transgender or useful to Sturgeon in respect of muting the only true voice of independence . that is no way to run a country like Scotland unless your motivation is other than independence, which I believe is the case in with Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon, Gender recognition.

Ok, so there has been a lot of twitter discussion lately regarding the pending gender recognition act. When I say pending I draw attention to the recent announcement that Sturgeon has formed an agreement with the greens to more or less run a coalition. This will in all probability mean that there will be one or more probably two Greens in the Scottish government. That is two Greens more than any of you voted for to be part of the government. That means that the gender recognition act which is very close to the hearts if both the greens and Nicola Sturgeon will pass without question.

Now lately you might have seen a lot of concern regarding the sex education curriculum in Scottish schools. This includes the teaching of pornography and questionable sexual preferences, such as anal sex. That is bad enough until you understand that there is also a move to remove the criminality of what has been until now underage sex.

Right, so where is this leading me, firstly anal sex ,apart from the unpleasant connotations when mentioned in child abuse, is dangerous and an easier way to contract with HIV. So, who could possibly benefit from normalising this, together with the move to remove criminality of what has been up to now underage sex? Yup, you got it, abusers of the young and innocent. They bring in pornography, they normalise anal sex and they remove the criminality of sex with adolescents, what on earth could possibly go wrong?

Now, as if this was not bad enough, children are being actively encouraged to question their gender and having suggestions made as to possible remedies if they find it confusing. Remedies include puberty blockers, which can lead to health complications in later life together with mental health issues. It would seem that there is active gender engineering underway as a policy of the present Scottish government

Make no mistake, this is where we are going with Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvey , are you happy to leave your children in their care?

If any if you are still wondering at the vicious response from Sturgeon to the set up of Alba, you might like to consider two things., Alex Salmond was 100% for independence and against gender reform in its present form.

Nicola Sturgeon, Independence.

Now I have harped on about this before, in fact I have been warning about it since 2015 but I am of the honest opinion that Nicola sturgeon has not been remis, she has not been incompetent, she has not been naïve, she has not been a gradualist, no she has been cold and calculating in her efforts to delay independence for as long as possible. I will tell you something else. I think it would be the worst thing that could happen for Scotland if Nicola Sturgeon should ever decide to actually hold a referendum.

The one thing she would have up her sleeve is to include a question on devolution max probably with a confusion of result computations that would make if very unlikely that a proper result would be clear.

You will have noticed that the unionist establishment have become rather uneasy of late regarding independence, but I would suggest it is nothing to do with the SNP results at the recent election and more to do with the steady rise of Alba and a man in charge who knows what he is doing. I have a feeling they have factored in the scenario where Sturgeon will be forced to resign and with her goes the safe pair of hands for the union.

We have had the visit to Scotland of Prince William, (to love bomb scotland into submission) who you will noticed only had meetings with unionists starting of with Nicola Sturgeon, followed a few days later by Gordon Brown who they dug up from a graveyard in Kirkcaldy especially for the occasion. God only knows how they could have thought that a visit from a member of the royal family would be helpful to stop people voting for independence.

So there you have it , my musings last night as I sat in Mennies . You could be forgiven for thinking that I do not like Nicola sturgeon, you would be correct.

People say that it is a pity that the yes movement seem split at the moment and they would be right. I would say there is one woman who is responsible for this and hopefully before long once all the information that was prevented from seeing the light of day by the Scottish Government at recent court actions and inquires is made public, it will become abundantly clear just where responsibility lies. Until then think on this. All through Scottish history, our greatest heroes ,Wallace and Bruce to name two, first had to defeat the Scots before they started on the real enemy. As to when we will once again face the real enemy, who knows and as Bob Dylan once said “the answer my friend is blown in the wind, the answer is blown in the wind”

To all my friends the World over, have a good Saturday evening
PS, sorry it is all about Scotland tonight



I have been in business for well over half a century but I learn something new every day. My politics are the middle of the road. I believe that the far-right and far-left are equally harmful. Jim Murphy ( at that time, leader of the Scottish Labour party) asked me if I called myself a socialist. I said, "no Jim, I am not a socialist, I am a capitalist, but a capitalist with a social conscience.

2 thoughts on “The World this week from Mennies”

  1. Great blog and a completely correct summation of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. The SG working with the Greens terrifies me and I only hope something or some-one will come along to stop the destruction of Scotland by ‘Big Pharma’ and the money which powers the cult of gender ideology. I am so glad Alba came along when it did because I know at least there are others who have a similar hope for our nation. In the meantime this appalling government can do immense damage to the lives of women and children, all for the sake of a tiny minority of people.

    1. My hope is that the evidence that the Scot Gov suppressed at both court cases and both enquiries will be produced in the actions that Salmond is taking against Leslie evens and the Scot Gov

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